Learn how to invest in sustainability for your business

Learn how to invest in sustainability for your business
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To understand the relationship of sustainability with companies, it is enough to consider that from the simplest activities in the day to day of the corporations to those that directly involve the natural resources, have a great social and environmental impact.

It is important to note that since the concept of sustainability addresses the premise of preserving natural resources, several sectors are impacted in order to promote awareness, innovation and adaptability of strategies. Therefore, knowing how to invest properly in this sector is of great importance.

Learn about sustainable business practices

When it comes to implementing sustainability in a company, it is valid to reflect that it is a comprehensive issue, not only relates to the enterprise link with campaigns, but with that value in the organizational culture. Among the practices that can be adopted are:

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1) Investment in recycling

In companies, there is a wide use of various materials, mainly cardboard and paper. In this context, the entrepreneur must consider that the purpose of these items may be more favorable for the environment and society as a whole.

There are different solutions when it comes to this issue, such as resorting to the services of paper and cardboard recycling and to direct acquisitions generally to materials that are recyclable beyond these.

2) Elimination of disposable cups

Another important point related to the materials used in the companies involves the use of disposable cups, which is obvious. Most used cups are plastic and reducing this type of waste is interesting due to the low recycling rates of the material, mainly due to incorrect disposal.

An interesting solution is the use of individual cups or bottles, which can even be customized. In this case, it is also interesting to enable more favorable forms for the consumption of water and other beverages, since the main difficulty is precisely hygiene after consumption.

The use of water should also be observed, for example, water cooler cleaning and practical options to avoid inconvenience to users, as well as avoid being used to fill bottles.

3) Employee Engagement

It is important to promote employee engagement, whether through informational materials, awareness-raising trainings. After all, it is the kind of knowledge that adds not only to professional life, but also to personal life.

4) More effective financial management

Sustainability is also related to the company's financial resources, being an important pillar for economic development. In this way, corporations need to look for ways to foster economic growth without compromising quality of life and the environment.

For this, it is possible to focus on the monitoring of applied equipment, electricity consumption, fuel, water reuse system and solid waste collection. They are processes that optimize the use of resources, with due control and economy.

The main failures of corporate sustainability

The image of the corporation in general is reinforced with corporate sustainability, however, there are some very common errors in the implementation of the measures, which predominantly includes factors such as:

  • Immediacy;
  • Misalignment;
  • Lack of measurement;
  • Absence of communication.

It is critical to be aware that some measures take time, especially to present factual, meaningful results, and wrong attitudes due to immediacy can severely compromise them.

An issue that can not be overlooked is the importance of aligning the concept of sustainability with the corporation values, because in this way, development can count on even more satisfactory results.

For example, if a company custom cardboard boxes, there is a need for alignment with services, such as encouraging reuse or modes of production that reduce environmental impact.

There is a great need to identify the results that the implemented measures generate, because as mentioned, there is also a financial impact, besides social and environmental. In this way, it is possible to identify where adjustments can be made.

Lack of communication can compromise results and solve this problem. It is possible to invest in awareness campaigns and from the first contact with the employee indicate that the corporation covers the concept of sustainability in the midst of its values.

In addition, it is imperative to observe that, regardless of the actions implemented, it is important to keep the engagement in each attitude, especially when considering the impact that the absence has on the employees.

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