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O mapping processes is the design of the processes of a company through flowcharts. Normally, the activities of a process are connected by arrows and vary their positioning in the flow depending on those responsible. It is an essential management tool for those who want to gain productivity by eliminating bottlenecks.

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What is process mapping?

What is: Process management and mapping is a form of organization and control of all the key steps of running a business.

Why do: Mapping the processes of your company in an organized and effective way is very important for the organizational structure and a better business management. With it you can discover new insights for the maturation and evolution of your business through analysis that will identify, prioritize and understand problems. Such reviews are critical to implementing new key processes for your success.

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Improving management through process mapping

But how best to manage and make processes less bureaucratic and slow in flexible and effective? After all, we are dealing with very delicate issues such as setting a work routine for employees to reduce costs and execution time.

See these two figures that exemplify processes and how it can be mapped and improved:

print 01

The image above shows the steps of a common business process. Now, see below how it can be rearranged by increasing its effectiveness:

post 02

To do this professionally throughout the enterprise, you need to produce a questionnaire to serve as a basis and guide you through all departments and tasks performed, which will function as a checklist of process mapping. Here are some topics in it:

  • First start with the Steps, such as: what are the process inputs? What are the outputs? What are the goals? What are the problems? What are the metrics? What are the rules? What are the risks? Among others necessary.
  • Then is the justification: why and for what this process exists?
  • Then there are the places: where is it planned? Where does it run? Where is it evaluated?
  • Now is the time: when is it planned? When does it run?
  • It's the time of responsibility: who is the customer? Who performs? Who manages? Who provides?
  • And finally are the methods: how and how much is planned? How and how much does it run? How and how much is the process performance?

process mapping sheet

The special tools of the LIGHT guide you with a complete checklist and an editable and customized table that will calculate your company's maturity level (a coefficient that indicates the performance and effectiveness of your current processes) and will help with matrixes, tables and examples of 5 key steps for you own management and mapping of company processes, all explained well in our e-books:

1. Identification and prioritization of problems - with GUT Matrix Worksheet

gut matrix

2. Analysis of problems and their causes - with Ishikawa Diagram Worksheet

Quality Tools - Cause and Effect Diagram - Ishikawa in Excel

3. Definition of key processes - with Process Performance Sheet

Quality Tools - Process Performance in Excel

4. Mapping of processes - with Process Mapping Worksheet

Learn How to Do Process Management and Process Mapping 1

5. Process performance management - with the PDCA Cycle Worksheet

Quality Tools - PDCA Cycle in ExcelProcess Spreadsheet Package

Have you seen how process mapping can make all the difference to your business? LUZ developed the Process Management and Mapping Worksheets Package to help you with this task. Get these tools already and optimize your business!

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