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Improving the customer experience does not have to be complicated. Better customer experiences often result in your retention and consequently an increase in your customer base.

All you need to do is look at your business and your processes from the customer's perspective, to see your company as the customer sees it. There are three steps in this sales process: before, during and after customer interaction.

Before Sales

"Before" includes how these customers become aware about your business and the influences that drive them to come to you. Marketing and word of mouth advertising is a big part of this step. In today's world, advertising includes everything from traditional media to social media platforms like Facebook, blogs and Twitter. For retailers store signage, and point of sale advertising are still important.

During the Sale

The second step is "during". When customers come to you, they'll be asking themselves, "I like what I see here? Do not I feel safe? The environment is not only comfortable, but pleasant? Once inside, comfort includes everything from lighting, décor, temperature and cleaning, to how staff interact with customers. In the case of retail, the way the merchandise is displayed is also crucial.

After the Sale

The final step is "after" the sale. Determine a way to identify those customers who want you to inform them about future sales and promotions. Consider creating a newsletter with interesting subjects and also talk about your products as this will keep your name higher in the minds of your customers.

Then examine the part of your business that customers do not see. Studies have shown a direct relationship between employee morale and the level of customer service. The saying "happy employees make happy customers" is true. You should identify the skills you need in your employees and make sure that you are looking for them when you hire. In addition, determine the additional training and other resources your employees need to make their customers' experiences unforgettable.

And you: What have you done to improve your client's experience? Share with us!

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Excel Spreadsheets



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