Start Management in Practice Plan of action: distribute tasks well and avoid failures in strategy

Plan of action: distribute tasks well and avoid failures in strategy

Action Plan Worksheet 5W2H

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What is and how to do strategic planning?

What is: The action plan is the listing of all the acts needed to reach a particular goal. In business terms, the action plan can divide responsibilities across sectors, unifying growth toward a specific goal.

Why do: Delegating tasks is a decision that every leader needs to take on a day-to-day basis and, on many occasions, needs to pass on to his or her leaders strategic actions of great importance to the company. Because they are activities of great importance, the task of distributing the tasks is a necessary risk that companies must take.


To mitigate the risks and keep your employees aligned with the values ​​and processes of your business, we elaborate important tips so that it continues to bear fruit and its leaders can, as well as developing new competencies and gaining autonomy over time.

Why delegate tasks

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First of all, delegating is not just command. In the dictionary, the term "delegate" involves the assignment, from one person to another, of a task or project so that it fulfills the act in place of another person. This is one of the most important skills for a successful leader.

When you delegate some activity, you not only transfer responsibility to another person, but also the obligation to be accountable for maintaining the established standards.

Benefits of delegation

  • Provide a new interaction between you and your people.
  • Achieve goals that need and require collective effort.
  • Enable team members to develop new skills.
  • Increase productivity and overall efficiency by making better use of organizational resources.

How to delegate roles to the right person

Once you have defined which functions require sponsorship in your company, you should choose the ideal person to fill the position or function, whether it is definitive or not.

There are companies that consider hiring new professionals to designate them for certain tasks. But to avoid flaws in the company's strategy, it is important that the person knows the job and has a profile suited to the role it will occupy.

Business Spreadsheets

When choosing this person, set performance standards and deadlines for accountability. Also, define the level of authority you are reviewing and what your expectations are for her work.

Distributing the tasks of the action plan: method 5W2H

Action Plan Worksheet 5W2H

The 5W2H method takes its name from English. His framework attempts to solve a given problem by answering seven basic questions:

1. What? (What)

It is the task itself. Fill in the problem to be solved.

2. Because? (Why)

Here it is interesting to point out the advantage that will be gained in performing the task.

3. As? (How)

One of the most important points of the method is here that you will point out the action that will probably complete the purpose of the task.

4. Who? (Who)

Who will accomplish the task. If the object of the action plan is a very broad goal and you have more than one person responsible for accomplishment, put the sector that will do it. If the task is minor, indicate the employee who will perform it.

5. When? (When)

This is the deadline for performing the gestures. It is interesting to have this topic divided between beginning and end to measure the efficiency and speed of the applied solution.

6. At where? (Onde)

This topic indicates the location where the task will be performed.

7. How much? (How much)

One of the most important steps is to evaluate the cost of actions. If you need to consume resources or use company capital, write down that area to assess the consequences.

Once you have created all of these categories, it is worth keeping a daily follow up through a progress tab. Applying 5W2H to a spreadsheet can make a company's daily life easier.

See how simple it is to apply 5W2H to list the actions of your company? You can purchase the Action Plan Worksheet 5W2H developed especially by to contribute to the planning of your business. Get this tool already and watch your business grow!


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