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Excel Spreadsheets

Some types of business have operations so specific that it makes sense to have a single system that facilitates data manipulation and results. In recent years we have received some applications for the management of gyms in excel. We recently put together the data we had and our knowledge to make that need a reality in our academy management worksheet.

This worksheet will allow the owner or manager of an academy to have beautiful overall control of their students and the outcome of the business without having to spend a lot on expensive software.

1. Student and Professional Registration

The first function that you will use in the worksheet is the enrollment of up to 500 students and 100 professionals.


This data will be the basis of all its operation.

Business Spreadsheets

2. Control of Revenues and Expenses

You'll be able to post all receipts and payments month after month. In addition, each group (Revenue or Expenses) will have up to 50 items as a sub-group to further drill down the analyzes.


3. Activity Scale

Then it is possible to register weekly the activities that the academy will offer its students in an agenda, as well as make the teachers' agenda.


See that this whole process helps in controlling the activities that will be carried out by your gym.

Business Spreadsheets

4. Payment Control of Monthly Payments

A full month-to-month student payment report will help you identify opportunities for sales and contact with good students who are moving away from the academy.


5. Financial and Student Dashboards

Finally, the worksheet will provide you with two dashboards that deepen and facilitate both the analysis of financial results throughout the year, as well as a detailed view of each student.


Enjoyed it? If you believe that a system of academies in excel and want to download the demo version of the spreadsheet, just go to the Management Worksheet for Academies!

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. I have a gym here in Sorocaba and I started using the Queslo software in my gym and I'm satisfied. I used Excel spreadsheets in the beginning but I did not adapt myself very well ...


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