Team management for marketing agencies: 5 habits of success

Team management for marketing agencies: 5 habits of success
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Few things are as important in the advertising market as team management for advertising agencies marketing. This is because the sector is highly dependent on the creative capacities of its actors.

Unlike robotic manufacturing industries, such as automotive, for example, the advertising industry depends almost exclusively on the personal performance of its workers.

Therefore, the happier and more motivated the advertisers are, the better the campaigns and strategies they will carry out.

Considering, however, that 56% of all workers in Brazil feel dissatisfied, it is safe to say that the scenario does not look encouraging.

If you want to change this situation and make a good team management for marketing agencies, check out the following 5 successful habits that will help in this work!

1. Establish consistent team management goals for marketing agencies

Working with goals is one of the most rudimentary concepts possible to take care of a team's motivation and productivity. In fact, it is the basis of all Game Theory.

However, it is essential that the goals established in the team management for marketing agencies are consistent with the market context.

It is useless, for example, to establish that the goal for 2020 will be to grow the client portfolio by 20% if the trend is for the market to invest less in advertising in the year (not what will happen, but just an example) ).

At the same time, there is no point in establishing that a project or campaign needs to generate X leads if there is no budget or conditions to do so.

No team feels motivated or engaged with work when it needs to deal with goals that are impossible to achieve or that are not consistent with the function performed.

2. Invest in technology, training and new knowledge for the team

Good team management for marketing agencies requires that the company is constantly evolving and looking for new technologies.

Therefore, a leader needs to encourage and invest in new courses, work models, sales and marketing spreadsheets, knowledge and technologies so that the team is motivated and engaged in work.

It is not uncommon to find, for example, a digital agency that works with highly old and ineffective methods. This removes the main talents from your team and makes it more difficult to engage employees in each project.

Team management for marketing agencies: 5 habits of success

3. Listen to employees' suggestions and recognize good work

One of the main habits of success of a good leader is to make employees feel heard and recognized for the work they do within the company.

In the marketing sector, then, which is a very creative area, it is essential that leaders know how to listen to the suggestions of their employees.

This is because, in most cases, there is usually no “right answer”. In addition, as it is an extremely creative area, it is essential that the team is always exercising creativity.

Therefore, it is important to create a collaborative environment and, for that, it is essential that your team members feel that they are heard by the leaders and recognized for the good work they do.

4. Hire employees who are compatible personalities

There are times in the life of a team leader when it is necessary to go to the market to recruit new employees. The reasons for this are diverse: perhaps the digital agency he grew up and now it is necessary to assemble a bigger team, maybe his art director went to work abroad and a replacement is needed.

In any case, it may be necessary to hire someone for the team and this has a direct impact on the team management for marketing agency.

Hiring a good employee for your team has a lot to do with his technical ability, of course, but also very much related to his personality. There is little point in having an absolutely capable professional, but who does not work well with the rest of the team.

Therefore, conduct a thorough selection and recruitment process, taking into account many aspects and dynamics to understand which of the available candidates will have a better fit with your team.

5. Know how to mediate the inevitable conflicts generated by project stress

One of the main secrets of good team management for marketing agencies is knowing how to deal with the inevitable conflicts that will appear within the team.

As it is an extremely creative area, with a lot of vanity, stress and collaboration, it is absolutely normal for there to be discussions and conflicts within the team.

However, it is essential that a good leader knows how to mediate these conflicts in order to take what is most productive for the functioning of the team and the execution of projects. After all, a spark born of friction can help fuel the fire of success, but it can also generate a fire that destroys what it finds along the way.

These are the main habits of success in team management for marketing agencies. Whoever grows them will have an easier time getting the best out of their advertising team.

So, which of these habits are already common to you and which ones will you still have to cultivate? Tell us in the comments below!

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