Office suite: The basics you need to know

Office suite: The basics you need to know
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You have probably participated in some selection process in which one of the requirements was to have knowledge of the Office Package, right? Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is quite simple: the professional market is increasingly competitive in Brazil and worldwide. Whoever wants to occupy a prominent position needs to have this differential.

It is precisely because of the widespread competition that companies demand knowledge, at least at the basic level, of the Office Package.

In addition, in the face of a totally technological and computerized society, companies end up looking for time optimization, and the knowledge of the Office Package is essential for the job market.

For some managers, this domain is considered a differential, since professionals are considered more productive and capable of handling more complex activities.

Therefore, it is very common for most candidates to present the domain of the Office Package in the curriculum, be it at the basic or advanced level. However, it is necessary to be aware of the fact: although many say that they know how to handle a program, it may not always be true.

Data from DNA Outplacement, an agency aimed at executives, show that 75% of Brazilians lie in their resumes. And the reasons? They are diverse!

Therefore, we prepared this post for you to understand the tools of the Office Package and what are the functions of each one of them. Are you curious? Follow!

Office Package Tools

Briefly, the Office Package is a “home” of software produced by the American company Microsoft. Among his programs, he works with useful tools for applying complex formulas in spreadsheets, producing and formatting texts and assembling graphic presentations on digital slides.

To help you understand more about these tools, we have separated the main functions of each of the main programs that make up the Office Suite. Come on?!

Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word, also known only as Word, is considered the most used program in the Office Package. Basically, it is a complete text editor that offers a great demand for functions, all relative.

It is the ideal tool for working with diverse texts, from simple notes to more complex content, such as an TCC.

It is important to understand how to adjust the margins, include a footer, pagination and even select typography, choosing its size and the space between lines.

With the proper mastery of this tool, you will be able to type even more complex texts, with hyperlinks, watermarks and other features capable of making your professional file more made.

For example: with a hyperlink you can insert a link, like wooden pergola with deck, taking you to another shortcut.

Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Powerpoint is graphics software that works directly with digital presentations. Do you know that training spent on your job? So, it was probably produced by PowerPoint. It aims to organize and transmit information in a clear and objective way.

The tool also allows the production of content quickly, with the use of very simple controls.

Yes, develop a good presentation, you need to understand how to distribute the information that will be covered within the slide. The program allows you to edit and configure text boxes, including images, videos, and sound clips. It is also possible to create an interactive presentation, with sounds and animated figures.

In this way, it is possible to create specific trainings, efficient and creative presentations, modifying the reactions and objectives that you intend to reach your audience or team.

Microsoft Office Excel

Fundamental to many corporations, Excel is crucial for setting goals, projections, statistics, probabilities and other numerical varieties. Dedicated to spreadsheets, the software allows you to develop mathematical calculations, organizing data and optimizing everyday tasks.

To use this tool, it is very important to know the equations and functions that can be developed in the program, as well as the ideal methods for plotting finding data and creating projections.

Anyone who thinks that the software only generates data is wrong, see? It also provides necessary information for you to be able to set your goals.

In addition, the use of formulas allows faster and more assertive corrections. In addition to generating statistics and optimizing information, Excel also creates graphs and dashboards.

For example: Your goal is to sell 100 products from truck load cover in the month. The dashboard calculates your goal and increases your “dash” with each canvas sold.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Finally, Outlook is one of the easiest to master programs in the Office suite. The software is an e-mail reader that organizes your inbox, allowing for an optimization of the time and separation of contents covered in the message.

The tool also allows the management of contacts, concentrating all the data and information of its employees in a single space, providing an improvement in the organization of their daily tasks, in addition to alarms to remind you of important appointments.

Outlook is essential for professional tasks, academic work, research, projections and other activities.

Show that you are an efficient professional!

Knowing how to use the Office Package shows that you are an updated professional and attuned to current tools. Each software has unique features so that you can solve your company's problems and also avoid each one of them.

This shows that you have the skills to perform tasks and are able to perform perfectly the activities that your position offers, showing efficiency and competence.

You can become almost one industrial robot, which optimizes tasks and acts accurately, quickly and effectively.

After that post, was it clear the importance of the Office Package for your resume and for a company? Tell us!

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