Training and development plan: how to do it?

training and development plan
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The goal of a training and development plan is to achieve the goals of the organization by developing employee performance. The concept of training and people development is related to the process of acquiring knowledge specific to the position held, in order to promote the learning of technical skills or any other behavior that is beneficial to the company's daily life.

Training, in addition to promoting increased productivity, improves interpersonal relationships, qualifies employees, and promotes safety at work. According to Chiavenato, "training is a means to leverage job performance and develop people skills to become more productive, creative and innovative."

Development, however, has as its objective the strengthening of working groups, improving the capacity of each to achieve organizational objectives, followed by the development of personal, interpersonal and team skills. For Chiavenato, "each partner is willing to continue investing its resources to the extent that it obtains satisfactory returns and results from its investments."

Training Control Worksheet

There are a few types of trainingFor example, the in-service training which happens inside the work environment itself, with the intention of bringing the collaborator closer to his daily activities; O face-to-face training, whose presence of an instructor is responsible for training employees, according to a specific subject; O remote training, through the Internet, which decreases the chances of damages that can be of locomotion, distancing etc .; O caster training, which is a type of training in which one employee is relocated from one role to another.

How to create a training routine in the company

The best way to create good training is in the fact that there is always strategy, direction and knowledge of the stages that compose it.

The training should be based on data that is part of the context of the participants, using slides, graphs or any other resource that allows the presentation of productivity, or not.

Among the stages of training process, it is important to know that it is necessary to plan and follow all stages of the process, only then, the expected results can be achieved.

The steps in the order of execution should be:

  • diagnosis: survey of training needs to be met in the long and medium term;
  • training schedule: preparation of the program that will meet the needs diagnosed;
  • Implementation: implementation and conduction of the training program;
  • evaluation: check the results obtained with the training.

The main training objectives are:

  • prepare people for the immediate execution of the various tasks peculiar to the organization;
  • provide opportunities for continuous personal development, not only in the position currently occupied, but also in others that the individual may come to exercise.

In summary, the company must always be looking at its current situation and try to imagine its future situation in terms of charge plan. Thus preparing people to improve in their current positions and to be able to rise in the hierarchy if changes are needed. This process needs periodic revisions.

Training Control Worksheet

The steps of a training (step by step):

  1. setting goals and objectives
  2. create a plan of action
  3. necessary resources to carry out training
  4. take into account the characteristics and ways of being of each employee
  5. create, of course, training so that there can be agendas, resources and interest of employees
  6. make measurements and assessments in order to realize progress
  7. always give the team results of what was done, both positive and negative
  8. make use of the skills of each employee, especially in the activities of the company

Training Control Worksheet

If you want to implement a training and development plan in your company, we have a tool that can help you. This is the Training Control Worksheet. It will help you schedule, monitor attendance, and evaluate training.

Excel Spreadsheets



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