Start Management in Practice Your Employee stole you? It could be your fault!

Your Employee stole you? It could be your fault!


Could it be that if your employee acted with lack of character and made a swindle in the company, is it entirely his fault? It is important to understand that the human being is influenced and much by its environment. From Plato to more modern philosophers the existence of an inherent goodness or malice is discussed. In Psychology and Sociology several studies are done on the natural aspects of man's temperament.

In the end theories tend to point to the same place: There is no explicit good or bad, but social concepts of what is right and wrong and what will lead someone to break these socially accepted contracts as certain is the environment that the person is inserted. In human free will the nature of his acts will be the translation of all that he understands and passes on in his experience. What if, like a cocked rat, your employee has an instinctive reaction to being thrown against the wall?

In this post I will bring some tips and reflections on how you can better treat your employees and really create an integrated team that brings results, improving the work environment of it. It is important to understand that good HR practices impact the outcome. Here are 5 human resource tips:

5 Human Resource Tips for You to Apply Now

1) Treat and get to know your employees

It may be a half-hit tip but it is essential to treat your employees well. Incidentally, it is important to note that treating your employees well does not mean paying wages and benefits in the day and giving good day to arrive and good night to leave.

How much do you know about your employee? Do you have lunch with him? Do you know where he lives, the difficulties he goes through on a daily basis? What are the objectives of your employees? What prompted your employee to give up his own business to work for you?

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Do not treat your employees as machines or as numbers. They are people, just like you, with wishes and dreams. Find out what motivates them, get to know them for real.

Aside from the obvious benefit of turning the boss-employee relationship into a bond more like a friendship, you'll be able to understand what motivates your employee.

2) Develop your employees

Human beings are by nature skills for some skills while others need to be developed. Competency management is an important topic, and in short, finding out what the key skills and competencies of your employees are and developing them and taking advantage of them can help improve your bottom line.

It is good for your employee to know that he or she will be rewarded for developing and, in whatever way you can, help develop it. Nobody wants to stay stagnant for the rest of their lives. Invest in trainings and courses for your employees every time they bring good results.

Your Employee stole you? It could be your fault! 1

Large companies and multinationals are investing more and more in training and developing their employees' skills. The time has come for Small Business to think big and to think that way too. If you do not understand the theme very well, no problem: Here in the Blog of LUZ we have some posts on the subject, like these two: How to Evaluate the Competence of Your Employees e Competency Management. In addition, we have our Skills Performance Evaluation Worksheet which turned this theoretical method into a practical tool for doing this type of Competency Management.

3) You are not the owner of your employee


How Often Do Your Employees Make Extra Hours? How many times have you spent tasks that were impossible to complete in the time you need? Remember that you do not own your employee so do not exploit it. Have empathy, put yourself in the place of your collaborator and ask yourself: Am I overcharging him? If I were his place, as an employee, would you like the way I'm demanding the results?

If you go through several tasks that he can not accomplish because the deadline is tight, or if there are goals that are not being hit, is the problem really the employee? Is not it a bad management problem for you? If an employee does too many Extra Hours, will his or her tasks be garnered by a management error because of a poorly done process?

When we can not get the result we usually tend to take the simpler causes to explain the effects but does that fit the reality? Always make this kind of reflection, especially if, in the same position, you can not see any employee achieving the expected results.

4) Be fair in the remuneration of its employees

Many of your employees spend more time with you than with your own families. Some spend up to the hours of the weekends to work on your business. Nothing fairer than rewarding them justly, right?

Despite being the logical thought, many entrepreneurs still continue to pay below-fair salaries to their employees. Perhaps if there were no labor rights, some employees would be getting well below minimum wage compensation, even though they were working and producing. As we said in the previous tip, the entrepreneur does not own his employees and therefore should not regard the compensation given as a tenure contract. Remuneration really means how much the employee deserves for the result he delivers.

Let's give as an example the case of a businessman who takes a salary / pro-labore of R $ 15.000 and the employee of the company closest to him, almost a second in command, that takes a maximum of $ 2.000. As the employee who generates wealth for the entrepreneur, will you feel seeing that no matter how hard he tries his salary does not increase while the entrepreneur continues to increase his salary / pro-labore?

Your Employee stole you? It could be your fault! 2

This is why many companies Plan for jobs and wages, so it is easier to understand, both for the employee and for the businessman, what each position requires in terms of functions and what kind of remuneration is fair for one of these positions. This kind of alignment of expectations between Entrepreneur and Employee is essential for each one to understand their roles: The entrepreneur to understand what he should charge from his employee and the employee to understand how much he will earn to fulfill a certain function.

In addition, a Plan for jobs and wages also helps in the creation of a Career Plan which can motivate your employee to continue in your company since it will have a space for growth.

5) Feedbacks are important

Your employee needs to take warnings and be called attention every time he does something wrong, of course. But why not also praise when the good work is done?

A feedback policy is essential for businesses. No one wants to be left alone on the head and for most people to receive criticism of their work is essential for professional and personal growth.


For your team it may be important to also implement processes such as the 360 Degrees appraisal, which consists of the employee receiving evaluations on his work not only from the boss but from all the people around him who work directly with him. This type of feedback is essential so that the employee can understand their strengths and weaknesses and can correct any shortcomings in their work.

Finally, it is important to always leave the way clear so that he can also give feedback on his role as manager. Do not take criticism of your employees pejoratively and see it as a possibility to improve their skills as a leader and entrepreneur.

These were the tips we shared with some good HR practices. Experience has shown that good HR practices, when applied, often bring significant results in terms of results. With these good practices you will fail to treat your employees as trapped rats and will make room for the environment in which they are inserted to make them take the best of themselves.

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  1. Hi Marcus, surely you are correct (in the sense that theft / theft is a crime and should be punished as such) and the idea of ​​the text is not to be a bad joke or something but a provocation for you to reflect on the human resources policies your company has.

  2. Is this a joke? If the guy stole has to be arrested! If he does not receive well or is treated badly it is up to him to leave or seek his rights! One mistake doesn't justify the other and theft is a crime.

  3. Bruno the day you have a company, pay wages, taxes on schedule, give people the opportunity to beg you for a job to have an opportunity in the area of ​​work, who take you to your home, behind personal friends, you end up hiring , you invest in the employee for several years and suddenly the same forget all that steals your client, gun against you, is wrong, the correct would be the employee be partner and never forget that helped him there brings, if the company does not make profit I have been an employee and I have had several proposals to betray and sabotage the company that works and I have never done so by passing on to my managers, when I reached a level where the company could not pay my salary has come the time to say goodbye and go to new horizons and the partnership continues, because we will never know the day tomorrow and I know that today when I talk with these old patr oes would be hired again. Note that tracking employees is not illegal when they use company equipment, such as computers and mobile phones, or even when connecting to the company's wifi reminding them that companies should make it clear that monitoring exists.


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