33 Ways to View Ideas

Excel Spreadsheets

Whenever I prepare a powerpoint presentation or a pitch for investors, I'm thinking of the best ways to graphically display my ideas. In today's infographic we take advantage to illustrate 33 different way to illustrate ideas.

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Among the options, we can find excel graphics and more complex structures, such as timelines and word clouds. Each idea will be better represented by a type of illustration and it is up to the entrepreneur to choose the best one for themselves.

To use this infographic on your website or blog, just copy the code below and paste it into your html structure:

Excel Spreadsheets


  1. Hi Rafael, I still can not see, neither clicking on the image nor clicking on your link on April 27 day. Thanks!

  2. Hello Rafael, how do I view the infographic in your post? I could only see the code for html.


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