Infographic of the Portrait of the Family Companies in Brazil

family businesses in Brazil
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Family businesses make 99% of Brazilian business, being based on our economy and culture! We took advantage of a super legal survey of PricewaterhouseCoopers and put together this infographic with the most relevant data that we found.

This infographic is from 2014, but some things in it are still very current. Most of the companies that year were worried about the workforce, which does not seem to have changed much. Many companies considered financial as a priority investment area. Family businesses find financial management very complex. But in our opinion, all they need is a good tool and good cash flow control.

The infographic also shows a certain optimism of the companies due to the promising scenario in which Brazil was at the time. This situation has changed and today we will notice a much greater concern with contingency and restraint.

Portrait of Family Companies in Brazil

Do you own or work in a family business? It would be a pleasure to read the comments on your challenges, goals and main concerns!

Excel Spreadsheets


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