MEI receives PIS?

Mei receives PIS, salary bonus?
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Does MEI receive PIS credit?

Um individual microentrepreneur who does not carry out other activities, is not entitled to receive PIS salary bonus for not having a signed contract. If he has a formal contract and the MEI as a secondary activity, can receive if it is framed in the rules of the Federal Savings Bank.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

According to the CEF, workers who meet the following points are entitled to the PIS salary bonus:

  • Registration in PIS / PASEP for at least 5 years
  • Have received from a PIS / PASEP taxpayer employer with average earnings of up to two minimum wages during the base year considered to calculate the benefit
  • Have exercised paid activity for at least 30 consecutive days in the base year of the determination
  • Have your data correctly provided by the employer in the RAIS (Annual Social Information Ratio) for the base year

Simplifying the rules, those who have been working for at least 5 years are entitled to the benefit. having received up to 2 minimum monthly wages (on average) and exercised remunerated activity for 30 consecutive days in the base year of PIS calculation.

In this way, the MEI will not be entitled to the PIS allowance. Unless you have divided your entrepreneurial roles with paid activity via a formal contract.

However, for this right to be effective, in the base year of calculation the average monthly income can not exceed two minimum wages. That is, if the salary was signed and the income as MEI exceeds this mark, there is no right to pay salary.

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  1. I am salaried with 1 salary in my wallet and in the middle I put a monthly income of 5, I am entitled to receive the PIs? please

  2. I am Mine and I work for a formal contract I want to know if I am entitled to receive thirteenth

  3. As we are not experts in labor law, I suggest that you seek a contactor or qualified professional


  5. Hi, I worked 3 for years with the signed portfolio and I made my mei in October of last year, do I have the right to pee or not?

  6. Hi Paulo, I'm not an expert on the subject and I suggest you talk to an accountant or attorney specializing in labor claims. Anyway, I seem to proceed what she said.

  7. Good evening, I worked in a store with a signed wallet in the year of 2017 until April of 2018, but I was to remove my peed this year and I could not because in the box I was told that the company did not inform my RAIS, I contacted the owner of the store and she told me that I am not entitled to receive PIS because it is MEI. Does it proceed? Can someone please help me?

  8. Hi Jocineia, unfortunately I do not know how to inform you, I suggest that you contact a professional in the area and that you specialize in this subject

  9. I'm pregnant and I'm going to open MEI now;…. until my baby is born I will not have made 10 months of contribution yet… can I expect to complete the 10 months before requesting assistance or will I not receive ????

  10. Hi Paloma, the MEI does not entitle you to PIS, so you will only be entitled to PIS (according to the definitions) in the period in which you worked with a formal contract

  11. Hi Diogo, I imagine you do not lose this right, but check it out with some expert on the subject

  12. Rafael, good evening.
    There's a PIS money order for me in September. Will I open MEI this week, will I lose the payment that was already due to be paid?

  13. I did the MEi this year and last year I worked c signed portfolio do I have Pee right this year?

  14. Hi Isilda, the MEI has no right to retirement for time of contribution (despite having other social security benefits). What you may be entitled to is age retirement if you have made 180 contributions (15 years)

  15. Oi Thalita, as explained in the post, at first MEI is not entitled to receive the PIS allowance. See the first paragraph of the post - “An individual microentrepreneur who does not perform other activities, is not entitled to receive PIS salary allowance for not having a formal contract. If he has a formal contract and MEI as a secondary activity, he can receive it if he is within the rules of Caixa Econômica Federal. ”

  16. I have a mei, but whoever used it was my mother, can I get the fertilizer?
    it has not been canceled, but is not being used.
    Will I be able to receive the payment?

  17. Please I want to cancel my cnpj… .I am working with a formal contract .. I need to receive my step…


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