BIG DATA: Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Strategic Planning

BIG DATA: Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Strategic Planning
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BIG DATA is one of the innovations of Artificial Intelligence that should be used as a strategic planning tool.

By the middle of 2006 when I was already building my own reports using the SAP BW system, I already thought I could create reports based on information from various sectors of the company. Reports that helped build the future strategic planning of the new retail units.

Strategic planning is built upon information that is collected in the company, in the market in which it operates, and in the society in which it lives.

The quality of the data obtained is vital for the construction of future scenarios to be efficient and qualified. Learn more about how to set up a strategic planning.

The BIG DATA allied to Artificial Intelligence

The BIG DATA allied to Artificial Intelligence is a great tool for Data Analysis in general, it generates data, interprets the data and presents results in information. But is it enough to aid strategic planning? No!

In general, companies do not have a specific department for data collection, interpretation and analysis. SIM (Marketing Information System) where companies hired specific professionals to carry out this work, today these professionals are directly integrated with the development of software and data engineering. For this there are 3 profiles of professionals required to set up a good AI department in your company, they are a Data Engineer to organize the flow and the ideal structure, a Data Scientist to analyze the information and a Software Engineer to create tools who use the information and make it available to the various sectors of the company.

BIG DATA: Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Strategic Planning

Artificial intelligence provides companies with many possibilities, and I can certainly write more 100 pages about this new technology, but the big focus for strategic planning is called BIG DATA!

BIG DATA is the main artificial intelligence tool that must be used in the construction of strategic planning.

Using a BIG DATA system to increase your ability to analyze information is the basis of an efficient scenario building. Companies that create a specific department of innovation and development using artificial intelligence are certainly one step ahead of competitors, however it is not mandatory for you to create a specific department to work on artificial intelligence, it is ideal, but not mandatory.

How to use Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Planning

The key to using Artificial Intelligence as a strategic planning tool is the ability of the CEO to analyze the information received by a BIG DATA system and to transform this information into future scenarios.

The concept of simply collecting data will no longer suffice, "Data Lakes" created in recent years have become a major unknown as data that is not transformed into information becomes obsolete. A new concept opens this year of 2018 the need to maintain a "Data flow", that is, collecting and analyzing data quickly that can build quality information to the strategic operational department.

A system of "Data flow" obligatorily to use an efficient BIG DATA system, but also due to the need to build agile methodologies to maintain the "Flow" always constant and efficient. know more about methodologies.

One of the terms I found in the research for this subject and that caught my attention was the term "Data Curator" a professional who must understand the data and also the technologies that involve this collection and use of data from artificial intelligence.

BIG DATA: Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Strategic Planning

This new professional who develops will be the right arm of the CEO and CDO (Digital Executive Director), being my fundamental vision for the "Information" collected from "Data" captured by BIG DATA are truly effective in strategic operational planning and the creation of future scenarios.

It is undeniable that the way to build strategic planning is changing, artificial intelligence increasingly takes a leading role in this new scenario. Artificial intelligence will soon be the main tool of strategic planning. See also how to develop a SWOT Analysis.

The use of BIG DATAS combined with new methodologies and innovative professionals trained in artificial intelligence and agile methodologies is already a reality, it is up to us professionals who create "Strategy" to show to the managers and shareholders of the companies that the technologies of the future are more present in the day to day of the companies of what they imagine.

Artificial intelligence will change the future of companies, for it is necessary that they are today analyzed as tools of strategic planning.

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