How to Advertise on the Internet

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Advertising on the internet encompasses dozens of possible strategies that will vary according to your type of business, your budget for this type of advertisement and also the team's maturity / knowledge about digital marketing. Advertising on the internet encompasses dozens of possible strategies that will range from according to your type of business, your budget for that type of advertisement and also the team's maturity / knowledge about digital marketing.

This post is not intended to completely exhaust the subject, but rather to be an introductory guide for those who are looking for the best way to get started and get acquainted. So I'll list below the main ways to advertise on the internet, starting from the simplest and fastest to the most complex and expensive!

1. Register on Google My Business: This is one of the simplest and fastest ways. Particularly important for retailers, registering your business on Google My Business places you literally on the map and allows your business to be more easily searchable.

2. Register Product / Service in the Free Market, OLX, etc: A second option also relatively fast and one that can generate sales for your business is to advertise on already ready and famous sites of buying / selling services and products like Free Market, OLX and many others. So you can start advertising over the internet without having your own website and need to generate all access to your products on your own.

3. Social networks: Another step that does not necessarily involve financial expenses and will allow you to advertise on the internet your company is the creation of corporate accounts in major social networks and the creation of informative and promotional content for the respective channels. Currently, the most famous and used networks in Brazil are Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!

4. Site: The next option and the first step of major commitment to internet ad strategies is to create a website for your business. There are some pre-made options on the internet for both simple websites and virtual stores. Some of the most famous Xtech, Vtex e Shopfy. Despite fairly affordable prices, setting up a website already involves some kind of financial investment.

5. blog: A next step and usually associated with creating a website is to develop a blog marketing content marketing strategy. Creating blog posts is a very effective yet relatively inexpensive way of getting your audience to your site and generating sales online. These posts typically have free content of interest to your customers and complement the understanding and desire for your product / service!

6. Segmented Ads: Lastly, the last great way to advertise on the internet and which demands more commitment and investment is the creation of paid ads. This can be done in many ways, however the main ones are:

  • Search engines (Google, BING, etc.): Both allow you to pay to appear in search related to your product or service and is a quick way to achieve results online.
  • Sending Emails: The best way is to send emails to a database that you have created yourself. However, there are sites that talk to the same audience and charge to fire an email with your product. Ex: soccer blog -> sports products.
  • Buying Banners: Just like sending e-mail, some websites have a media-kit in which you can pay to insert banners advertising your website. It is always important to do this with sites that relate to the same audience.
  • Publi-posts: Equally with the above topics, this strategy consists of buying post on social networks, youtube and / or blogs of influencers in your area of ​​expertise.


I hope this post helps you start advertising on the internet. If you have questions and would like more information about any of these topics, leave a comment!

Excel Spreadsheets


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