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Design Thinking: What is it and how to use it?

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Design thinking, as well as many other terms out there, is fashionable in the entrepreneurial world. As an engineer, you can imagine how far I've gone from this subject academically. Today I can say that, although living daily closer to this world, the concept itself is still a bit foggy. That is why today I called the professional on the subject, Heloísa Moura, to answer the question: "What is design thinking?". Go Heloisa !!!

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking Flowchart
Flowchart of Design Thinking

How to have a brilliant idea to start a new business? As implement a good idea and turn it into a business of millions of dollars or dollars? How to reposition an existing business and bring it closer to the real needs and aspirations of the end customer? How to enhance the experience of this customer and make it more rewarding and memorable while considering the business perspective and all stakeholders or stakeholders involved?

The way to innovation always started by innovators. But even the geniuses of creation are capable of generating ideas without relevance to people and the market. In the absence of a process centered on the discovery of people's uncon- nected needs to identify business opportunities, in generating ideas capable of adding value to the market, and in its rapid, iterative and incremental development - innovation remains for the few illuminated.

Design thinking offers a systematic path to innovation - whether incremental or radical - and to the creation of successful businesses. The term was created in order to differentiate the design view associated with the surface, shape or appearance of things, that of its design approach and the particular way of thinking, questioning, knowing and acting. Its definition, synonymous with a strategic approach to design, has been popularized by IDEO - renowned American design firm - through David Kelley as a form of creative action tailored to business purposes.

design thinking process diagram

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Such a strategic approach or a particular way of thinking, questioning, knowing and acting is: centered on the human being, systemic, multimodal, participative, adaptable, focused on action, informed by multiple disciplines and concerned with sustainability, among other characteristics. And it is associated with a process and set of methods that can guide the creation of new successful businesses or reposition existing ones.

design thinking meeting

What's up? Have doubts? Ask around here she answers!

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  1. For anyone who is a fish out of water on the subject, I recommend the book “Design Thinking: a powerful methodology to decree the end of old ideas”, by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO!

  2. Hello I'm interested in signing up, how can I do it? It will be May 23 day. Send email to whom?

  3. Dear,

    in short: design thinking always starts with people. A typical project is organized into three main stages - contextual immersion, co-creation and prototyping. In the first, there is the identification of relevant stakeholders and immersion in the context in which they act to identify patterns of behavior, needs (especially those that are not articulated), motivations and aspirations. Some of the methods used are: quick ethnography and contextual interview. These data are then combined with market data in order to generate: personas or archetypes of stakeholders, guiding criteria for the design of business solutions, and areas of opportunity for innovation. A set of methods of analysis and synthesis support the identification of these patterns and translation of the findings into action strategies. Based on these elements, workshops are held with representative stakeholders to collaboratively create business solutions. From the generated ideas, prototypes and incremental tests are developed for iterative improvement or pivoting of them. Well, that was the summary of the summary. Show up at the lecture! It is free and in person. May 23rd (Wednesday - not Thursday as written on the blog), from 05:4 pm to 5:19 pm at Casa Luz Consultoria, in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

  4. Hi Jose, it's by e-commerce itself. Checkout as if you were buying the product! Thank you for your interest, see you here.

  5. It got vague too. Where will this lecture be, online? Presential? How much? ... This post could be better explained.

  6. In my opinion it was very vague. Especially in “'design thinking' offers a systematic path to innovation”, I think it would be nice to say how Design thinking works or at least mention an example.


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