Digital Marketing: What It Is, Its Types And All About

After all, what is and what is digital marketing for?
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Digital marketing is a set of channels and strategies of marketing designed and optimized for the online environment, mobile devices and other media digital. Some well-known examples: sponsored links, SEO, email marketing and social marketing.

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A lot is talked about digital marketing these days, but you know what it means and what it does? How can you help your business? Get all your questions below.

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What is digital marketing?

The first thing you need to know about digital marketing is that it is not a science of its own. Digital marketing does not exist without marketing. There are specific strategies and actions for the online environment, but all part of concepts common to the offline environment. As marketing planning, branding, and research, much research.

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing or Virtual Marketing

Digital marketing is a set of marketing strategies who have adapted to work on the channels that have appeared on the internet. In other words, disclosure actions of companies that sell products and services over the internet and digital devices. In addition to broadening its relationship with customers, increasing loyalty and increasing reach of your brand.

Today, the Internet is already considered to be the world's largest source of information. Since winning that title, companies have begun to invest heavily in digital marketing and content. The reason for this phenomenon to have happened is quite simple. In the past, an advertiser would put an advertisement on the TV and hoped for revenue to grow. A digital advertiser knows exactly how many people he has impacted on a campaign. And all the steps users took on the site after being impacted.

O digital marketing industry is very easy to measure and therefore has much more controlled risks. Since its inception, we have experienced unprecedented media history. To become an attractive media, a channel needs a large audience. And this is where the development of online channels surpasses any other. The chart below, for example, shows how long it took some media to reach 50 millions of users:

Digital Marketing - evolution of media

The world is more connected and the speed of propagation of information is increasing. You can not get away from digital marketing.

Who should do digital marketing?

The answer to this question is quite easy: any advertiser. Be it small or large, retailer or service, producer of information or goods and services. Just go back to those concepts of marketing planning which I quoted at the beginning of the article and study the best ways.

I will exemplify my point of view on. Before, the world was less segmented. The surveys were more demographic, focused on large audiences. O public-bowel of a product were, for example, men, from AB class, from 20 to 30 years old, metropolis dwellers. Nowadays, these demographic data I've cited can compose a different public 15.

Television was and still is one of the great media. Think of a family watching television together. What was the advertiser's dream? That he could print a different commercial for each member of the family. So he could focus on the individual preferences of each. The internet allowed that. You can now put up a banner advertising a service on a health blog in senior citizenship.

Television is still one of the main media

For this reason, even though it is very small, a company can advertise its brand by first achieving the best levels of segmentation.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

What are the goals of digital marketing?

The goal will depend on the essence of the advertiser in question. He may be wanting to generate new customers, sign-ups to increase the mailing list, or site engagement. a ecommerce will digital marketing goals different from one software which sells subscriptions. The goals of a blog, for example, will be totally different.

To better understand the goals of digital marketing, you need to think about the concept of funnel ecommerce. Every sales process, no matter the essence of the business, works as a kind of funnel. That is, the company needs to get contacts and advance them for each step of the funnel. As there is a loss in each step, no matter the quality of the work, the diagram ends up in a funnel format. So the name given.

Here's an example of an online business funnel:

Ecommerce FunnelVisitors - users who browsed your site.

Leads - users who showed interest in some of your content, by registering.

Opportunities - users who showed some interest in making a purchase. You may have requested a demo version or budget, asked a question about the product or chatted with the attendants. At LUZ, we consider leads that have downloaded a demo version of our spreadsheets.

Sales - users who have become customers.

Usually your sales funnel will have a great objective, which is to capture customers, and intermediate objectives: increase visits traffic, acquisition of registrations and generation of opportunities.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

How to choose the right goal for digital marketing?

There is no single objective of digital marketing industry. Each company can vary its goals from person to person, campaign to campaign. In fact, a goal will depend more on the user itself, than on the company itself. The big balcony there is to know to read with some precision the stage in which the lead is.

The buyer's journey

When we make purchases on the internet or out of it, we have different stages of relationship with a product or service. First, we begin to realize that we need that supply. From there, we begin to consider the viable options for obtaining it. Finally, we have gathered the necessary factors to complete the purchase. This basic buying process is experienced by any potential customer, whether it be a college, a sports car, or a headset. It works something like this:

Awareness - "I think the living room in my house can look better. What can I do to improve it? "

Consideration - "My dining table is old. What are my options for reforming it or changing it? "

Decision - "I'm out of money to change it now, but I've met some interesting suppliers at good prices to renovate it. I'll close with XXXX! "

The name of this decision-making process is buyer's day:

Buyer's Day in Digital Marketing

The common mistake most companies make is to consider that any user browsing their sites is ready for the decision phase. Sometimes the user is not even aware that he has a problem, and the advertiser is sending out sales communications.

The lead stage in the sales funnel

The most important thing for an advertiser who is choosing their digital marketing goals is to treat users at different stages in different ways. This distinction is also made on the basis of online marketing funnel, which I quoted earlier:

Funnel Mouth - the more in the mouth of the funnel a user is, the lower the chances of it converting into a sale. For this user, you should send awareness communications and think about the actions that would make it go from phase to funnel.

Funnel Background - the more in the bottom of the funnel, the sooner it will be to turn your client. You can now submit your products or services.

Digital Marketing Funnel

When creating an online campaign, you need to be aware of whether the target audience you are reaching with it is in the mouth or bottom of the funnel and think about the correct goals for it. For a user in the mouth of the funnel, you can aim the register, in order to be able to communicate with him more often. For a funnel fund user, you can target the conversion of a sale.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

Offering the Right Encouragement

The ideal to get a registration is to offer free products linked to the theme you want to sell. For example, at LIGHT we have compiled free ebooks linked to themes covered by our main spreadsheets. And we offer them for free, in exchange for email and little information, for funnel mouth users. From there, we show the advantages of using a ready-made spreadsheet. Until the lead is ready for the purchase.

SWOT Analysis Quick Guide
Example of lead registration bait

You can also test intermediate steps in your shopping funnel. Offering more free materials to extract more information from your records: position, age group, company, etc. By intersecting this information with your buyers buyers later on, you will know exactly how to offer the best possible mouthfeel content. Focusing on the pains and dreams of its main users.

I always like to cite an example that I have Google Ads (tool ads from words that users search on google). At the time I was part of an online flower shop that operated in Rio de Janeiro. The first step in structuring adwords campaigns was to separate funnel mouth words from funnel bottom ones. For example:

  • buy flowers online in rio de janeiro - is a low volume word but characterizes users in the decision phase. I can set up ads encouraging direct purchase
  • meaning of flowers - is a more open term. I may even have potential clients looking for it, but if I try a direct selling approach, my loss will be huge. Would not it be better to download a digital book with the meaning of flowers and try to make sales later, when the user shows me the right moment?

Types of digital marketing

There are several types of digital marketing. They consist of channel sets and strategies to perform better on them. We've summarized some groups here, explaining below how they work.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

WITHOUT (Search Engine Marketing - Marketing in Search Engines)

O search engine marketing is the set of strategies that can be done to improve the printing of your website in search engines. The main ones are the google and bing. When a user begins to show interest in a product, it usually goes deep in search of google. Imagine if you could show your site to the top keywords your audience is looking for. Yes, this is possible.

O SEM has two dimensions, the SEO and os sponsored links. The first is the organic side of search engines. In which the advertiser appears only because it delivers content relevant to a certain keyword and follows some rules. The second is known as pay-per-click (cost per click). In it the advertiser decides what words he wants to appear, creates ads and decides how much he will pay per click. That is, users who read the ad and clicked, deciding to know the site.

Showing the placement of each dimension in google, usually for each search, you will see something like this:

Search result in google

Urls that have the green symbol "Ad" on the front, represent sponsored links. The others are organic. Talking about each one ...

1. IF THE (Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Optimization)

As I mentioned earlier, the SEO is the organic component of search engine marketing. This means that if you do a good long-term job to understand what that search should return, in addition to gradually optimizing the content, you will not have to pay per click on your link.

Google is a company and although the search is free for users, it needs to deliver relevant content. In this way, it continues to be used and gets its revenues at the other end: advertisers. So a beautiful SEO strategy goes by picking the top keywords for your business and then producing the best content possible for them.

We have been through this recently in LUZ. In the old days, we tried to print our spreadsheets for open management. For example, show the business plan sheet for the term "business plan". Over time, we realized that this was impossible. For the simple fact that a user who searches for "business plan" does not expect to see a spreadsheet. He expects to see a definition or a step by step.

That way, we started to optimize the spreadsheet page for "business plan worksheet" or "excel business plan". And we created our own article with a step by step on how to make a business plan. In the old days, we had never passed the second page of search results (with the spreadsheet). Today, we have reached the fifth position (with the article) and we are in a clear evolution.

2. Sponsored links

It is the aspect in which you pay per visit coming from search engines. Although it seems simple, not quite. Remember that any search engine has the mission to deliver relevant content to its users. So do not just pay that you will show up for any user. There are some important points that google mainly follows before printing paid ads.

The first one refers to the way the platform works, the Google Ads. Imagine, for example, how many companies would like to print search ads for the term "financial consulting." If google shows everyone, it will only get paid ads and will not fulfill its mission of delivering relevant content. To get around this, google adwords works through a model similar to an auction. Whoever bid a higher maximum per click, has a greater chance of appearing.

But still, it's not a perfect auction. The chances of appearing in the result of a google search increase greatly depending on your quality index for that keyword. So, suppose a user searches for "buy tire for fiat palio". Let's say you buy that word and place an ad for it with the following heading "I am selling Fiat Palio 0km - IPVA paid".

Are you delivering relevant content to the user search in question? No. Then you will have to pay dearly to have some ad impression on that quest. Okay, let's improve the ad, then. Let's put the title thus "Fiat Palio - Tires and all accessories". Now maybe you show up. But it will not do anything to change if you try to get the user to a page that tries to sell the 0km car.

The quality rating of google adwords varies from 0 to 10. The more relevant the content of the ad and the experience on the page, the higher its index. The greater the chances of actually advertising your product. Formulate your campaigns with that in mind. Separate keywords that require different experiences.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

Media Display or Content Network

This online marketing, is nothing more than the display of banners or text ads on different websites on the internet. Think of the following logic ... There are several and you eat on the internet who know how to sell and deliver products, but do not know how to create content and engage audiences. There are also a number of blogs and content portals that know how to produce news and keep audiences engaged, but they do not sell anything.

Content sites need to grow, assemble teams, pay their office bills. For this, they make available advertising spaces on their sites, sell products from other advertisers, and combine the revenue model. This is usually in one of the formats below:

  • Fixed price - the site charges a fixed amount to keep a banner of yours exposed for a period of time
  • CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) - the site sets a value for every thousand banner impressions, meaning every time your banner is viewed a thousand times, you pay the combined CPM.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) - A value to pay per click on the ad is combined.
  • CPL (cost per lead) - a sum to be paid is added to each lead purchase from that banner.
  • CPA (cost per acquisition) - in which case the amount is paid at each customer acquisition, ie sale. It can be in the percentage sale format as well.

To start the media display, you can search for relevant content sites for your audience and request the media kit their. In it you will have access to the advertising spaces and remuneration formats. However, to optimize your work, I suggest you look for platforms that automate much of the work.

Google Adwords itself has a display network, that is, partner sites that have registered their advertising space on the platform. And recently we are getting a good experience with a platform called Voxus. On most platforms you can "draw" simpler banners easily, without needing to know anything about design.

Email Marketing

This type of digital marketing industry is a bit self-explanatory. It would be marketing through sending emails. There are two ways to do this:

  • creating, feeding and engaging a mailing list of its own (highly recommended);
  • and using third party databases (not recommended).

Just as I talked about google's mission, the mission of any email provider is to get their users to only receive desirable messages. So if you are signing up leads and they are accepting to receive your content by email, you are compacting with the mission of the providers. If you are submitting your content in the third-party email base, be very careful.

If you have a high rate of people complaining about receiving an email from you, the impact on your domain's reputation can be catastrophic. To the point where providers no longer deliver their email marketing from day to night. If you still want to send email on a third-party basis, opt for transparent communication. Please submit your domain name and submit your content as a partner content.

There are two ways of email marketing campaigns. The first is manual submission to your list, focusing on the sale of products or services or a special communication. This format is known as newsletter and generally follows a defined periodicity. The other way is to automatically submit from a user action on your site. This type of email is known as transactional and you will need a marketing automation to configure it.

At LUZ, for example, we send a sequence of automatic emails to everyone who downloads the demo version of our product. In my opinion, the best email marketing tool with automation is the Active Campaign. It has both the firing of newsletters and automatic emails.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

SMM (Social Media Marketing - Marketing in Social Networks)

It is difficult to social media marketing as a unique thing, since each of them has its particularities. Depending on your business, it will make sense to be very present in some and less in others. To find out the best social networks for your product, talk to your users to find out where they are. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are the best known.

However, if your product is connected to leisure, it does not make much sense to be in the linkedin, for example. Unless you have a specific goal in that network, how to promote your internal culture to hire professionals more easily.

It should also be noted that all these networks have a paid ad format. They need to monetize their models, and the best way to do that is via online advertising. The interesting thing about this format is that, because people share a lot of information with social networks, Marketing campaign can be highly segmented.

You can run an ad only for young people with higher education interested in sports in the city of Curitiba, on Facebook. Or another just for financial managers in the state of São Paulo in Linkedin, for example. With mine expertise, I always recommend that you organize fairly targeted small tests. From them, invest more in those who have potential and close those who have not.

Remarketing or Retargeting

This kind of digital marketing is a practice to bring back users who have already interacted with your site. It may be a more funnel-shaped or funnel-bottomed action.

An example of action of remarketing Funnel mouth would print an ad for users who have already visited your website or your blog. While funnel bottom can be exemplified by creating a campaign for users who added a product to the cart, but did not finalize the purchase.

There are many remarketing tools. In LUZ, at that moment, we are using the Criteo. It's easy to implement and simple enough to manage and get return.

How to monitor the actions of digital marketing?

Cada digital marketing tool that you choose to run a campaign will have a dashboard for tracking. You can also use the Google Analytics with its comprehensive but complex reports to centralize all information.

To simplify the management of ecommerce indicators, we have developed a spreadsheet ready for this control. Here you can track your site's main data and make decisions. Meet the scorecard management indicators for ecommerce.

Indicator Management Worksheet for Ecommerce

How have your experiences with digital marketing been? Tell us below in the comments and we will be happy to talk more!

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