Direct Marketing: What is it and how to do it?

Direct marketing
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O direct marketing is an advertising format in which companies make direct communications to their prospects focused on generating sales or transactions using various media: television, radio, newspaper, magazines, flyers, telephone, direct mail, email, text messaging, among others.

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What is Direct Marketing?
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What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing has always been and continues to be the type of marketing most used by companies. The name is quite self-explanatory because it is set in direct communications with the user, whether passive or active, with a focus on sales.

In short, direct marketing differs from other marketing actions by its much more commercial character than of planning. I spoke here in another article on marketing that the purpose of marketing a business is to make the commercial work less. Because it causes business opportunities to passively arrive, so salespeople do not have to go after each lead.

Direct marketing also makes this happen, but trying to replicate and massify (or not) business approaches. Turning them into programmatic actions.

Examples of direct marketing

As stated above, direct marketing occurs when the advertiser uses a media to simulate or actually make a business approach, always focusing on the transaction. In the example of the advertisement below, the advertiser presents and explains the product, talks about benefits and tries to make the transaction happen at the end of the commercial.

A Polishop is practically an entity in terms of direct marketing in Brazil. The above advertisement clearly focuses on stimulating a purchase. In addition to having several elements frequently present in direct marketing campaigns:

  • Phone and website always present on the screen and remembered in the audio at the end of the advertisement
  • "Call now and get this optional accessory for free"
  • "Order now and get tips on hairstyles" - Exclusive DVD

Another example of direct marketing occurs when a telephone company contacts you offering lower values ​​for you to switch businesses.

Some direct marketing formats

Direct marketing can occur on a variety of media with different ad formats. Some examples below:

  • Commercials on television, youtube and video platforms
  • Graphic banners with direct offers in newspapers, magazines, websites, social networks
  • Promotions announced via radio spots, on online music platforms or podcasts
  • Flyers and leaflets delivered on the street or via mailing list
  • Email marketing
  • Commercial or email approaches
  • Telemarketing or SMS Marketing

How has Direct Marketing been evolving?

The most important point you need to know about direct marketing is that your way of acting has changed a lot with the advent of new media. Mostly through online channels, the advertiser manages to gather much more information about the user before attempting a direct communication approach.

Think, for example, of a family room in 70 years. The advertiser had the only television in the house as the main media to reach that family daily. He had to choose a channel and make a communication for the whole family.

However, his dream was to show a toy advertisement for the youngest child, a makeup for the teen girl, a trip or a private pension for the adults.

The evolution of the media has allowed the advertiser to act in this way. The toy can be advertised on a channel of a popular youtuber. The makeup, in ads targeted to women from 15 to 20 years with interest in fashion on Facebook. Travel in specialized blogs about tourism. The private pension in a Google campaign for wanted terms linked to "personal finance."

targeted direct marketing

So, in the past, direct marketing was a lottery. You shot up and hoped to hit someone. Nowadays, the ability to gather information about the user, not only demographic but behavioral, along with the possibilities of segmentation has professionalized much more direct marketing strategies.

Tips on Direct Marketing

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With the constant evolution of the number of companies offering us more products and services, our mind is bombarded all day with advertisements. We can no longer assimilate all the buying information we receive daily.

Does that mean direct marketing died?

On the contrary, it means that you need to follow some more elaborate ways to get into this giant fight. Some tips follow below.

1) Know your user before approaching it

No one likes to get a call in the middle of the day to talk about a promotion they were not looking for. This is old direct marketing. The current should strive to be relevant. For this you should understand that every user follows a buying process. And in this process, there is the right time for direct marketing:

buyer's day with direct marketing

Direct marketing via a business approach should only be applied when the user has already gone through the other steps and is deciding what to buy. When you are in the stage of consciousness, you are still thinking whether you have a need or not.

Commercially approaching your user at this stage would try to sell a surgery to someone who thinks they have a discomfort in their belly. To use direct marketing strategies without knowing your right customer, search for media in which communication is passive: television, radio, newspapers, magazines, email marketing, etc. It is less invasive.

2) Combine other strategies with direct marketing

Thinking about the purchase flow from the previous example, there are several ways to keep in touch with users and let them tell you the right moment of the direct approach.

Here in LUZ, for example, our main direct marketing campaign is to offer a discount of $ 50 on first purchase. We did this because we realized that many people are not accustomed to buying spreadsheets. But after the purchase, they end up being loyal. We realize that it is a great initiative to reduce friction at the beginning of the relationship.

light first purchase

However, we can not call people asking if they are interested in a $ 50 discount to purchase business spreadsheets. What do we do then? Inbound marketing, or content marketing, coupled with direct marketing.

It is about producing content about management pains, trying to find people seeking awareness. On these pages, we offer an incentive for email registration. Later on, users receive an email, which is less intrusive, on the first purchase coupon.

3) Be Relevant

As I said, our minds today are bombarded by ads. If you send a direct marketing communication to people who do not consider your solution to be relevant, not only will it have zero efficiency but can have a negative impact. Remember, when marketing, you monitor sales, but you do not see if people are talking badly about you.

Nowadays, there are several ways to segment the people who will have contact with your action. Choose the audience well before you plan the campaign. Then, make a careful choice of the channels you will act on. If you opt for a mass channel, think of an action that can please even the people who will hardly become customers. Something funny or informational, for example.

Direct Marketing: What is it and how to do it? 1

4) Protect your price

I see many direct marketing actions that accumulate discounts over rebates. Advertiser bid with 20% OFF. When it stops working, it proceeds with 30%. He is doing nothing but devaluing the product and vitiating his customer base at ever-greater discounts.

Direct Marketing - The Boss Gone Crazy

Be creative in your actions. Try to make married sales, that is, offer two products together with a discount percentage. Always change the selection of products that are on sale. Promotions like 40% in the whole store or in the whole site end up falling into the example I gave in the last paragraph.

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