After all, what is entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?
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Entrepreneurship is to have, not only the initiative to start, but also the ability to keep e sustain, changes existing structures. Creating new structures of work for themselves that can change people's lives, even subtly.

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Are they all entrepreneurs?

  • João Ricardo, 28 years, founded a technological startup. Introduces himself as an entrepreneur and CEO.
  • Claudia, 32 years, began to sell handmade breads. She is an entrepreneur and a small producer.
  • Gilberto, 30 years. He gives lectures, consultancies and produces digital courses trying to mentor entrepreneurs in different areas. It presents itself as a digital entrepreneur.
  • Rita, 45 years. It has a bakery. She is an entrepreneur, entrepreneur and entrepreneur.
  • Renata, 60 years old. He opened a franchise for a large retailer after retiring. Introduces himself as an entrepreneur.
  • Otávio, 33 years. Provides consulting in finance for companies. Appears as a consultant and entrepreneur.
  • Livia, 24 years. Consultant Natura. It presents itself as an entrepreneur.

After all, what is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is one of those terms that had everything to go right. It was created with the best of intentions. But from the moment it came into fashion, it developed through so many different paths, that today we can say that it lives an identity crisis.

Several terms derived from entrepreneurship: digital entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, intra-entrepreneurship, stage entrepreneurship, among others.

A LIGHT, even if it positions itself as an organization that supports the entrepreneur. We have our convictions of what to do, but we decided to do research on what is entrepreneurship in our networks and to extract the best answers.

We share with you from now on. I hope you enjoy!

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Definition of entrepreneurship

Before bringing the opinion of the public, we went to seek the definitions of entrepreneurship, in formal institutions that foment activity in Brazil and in dictionaries.

First, a little history ...

The term entrepreneurship derives from the French word entrepreneur. The term entrepreneur was first used in 1725 by the Irish economist Richard Cantillon.

Age of navigations formed many entrepreneurs

Initially, its objective was to differentiate the entrepreneur (project leader, risk taker) of the capitalist (financier, who worked the contract).

In the beginning, the entrepreneur figure was confused with the manager / manager, that is, the planner and executor of an enterprise. Gradually, the term entrepreneurship was gaining contours of innovation, creativity and it tried to detach its image from the manager. For this does not necessarily create an enterprise.

Dictionaries Entrepreneurship

Most online dictionaries use this definition: "1) Quality or character of the entrepreneur. 2) Attitude of those who, on their own initiative, carry out actions or idealize new methods with the purpose of developing and invigorating services, products or any activities of organization and administration. "
Sources: Aurelio's DictionaryPriberam, Infopedia

Other definitions:

Dice: "Ability to design new business or to idealize innovative or risky transformations in companies or companies. Vocation, aptitude or ability to deconstruct, manage and develop projects, activities or business. Meeting of knowledge and skills related to this capability. "

Portuguese dictionary: "Entrepreneur is the term used to identify the individual who starts an organization. Many like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have become famous for creating organizations that have made innovations in their industries. Despite this, the entrepreneur is not only the innovator, with many entrepreneurs creating companies in traditional sectors, such as the banker Amador Aguiar. At 2009, there were approximately 19 millions of people considered entrepreneurs in Brazil. "

Michaelis: "Quality or characteristic of entrepreneurs."

Wikipedia : "Entrepreneurship is the initiative process of implementing new business or changes in existing companies. It is a term often used in business and often relates to the creation of new companies or products, usually involving innovations and risks. "

Entrepreneurship according to development companies

"It's the willingness to identify problems and opportunities and invest resources and skills in building a business, project or movement that is capable of leveraging change and generating a positive impact."
Source: Endeavor Brazil

"In a more simplistic view, we can understand as an entrepreneur who initiates something new, who sees what no one sees, in short, the one who accomplishes before, the one who leaves the area of ​​dream, of desire, and departs for action."
Source: SEBRAE

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What is entrepreneurship, according to people

We have recently researched our networks asking entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs what entrepreneurship is. We separate the best contributions.

Contributions by friends of LUZ:

"Undertaking is - in essence - solving problems"
Douglas Pereira

"Do everything possible to put an idea into practice. It does not necessarily have to create a business in itself, but rather have a strong belief that something can exist and bring that belief to the real world. "
Diogo Silva

"Solve the problem of your target audience, simple as that. If they will call you entrepreneur, entrepreneur, visionary, it matters little. Drucker said, 'No matter what name you give it, go there and do it.'
Diego Del Barco

"Find your gifts and put to the service of the world!"
Mariana Santoro

"Believe in your idea.
Put the plans into practice, and if not be sure ...
Courage to try it again !!!! "
Cláudia Fazeh

"Challenge the status quo and even God if it be the case to go your way. Without being afraid to take risks, obvious (what in Brazil is more than heroism). Entrepreneurship is the work done with blood in the veins, glitter in the eyes, smile on the lips and much courage ... "
Carla Ghermandi

"Take that idea off the paper and take it day by day. wake up and sleep with that stop. and it has to be something that will improve one's life. "
André Guimarães

"It is acting proactively to provide solutions to the pains of others in a creative and accessible way. It's to sweat the shirt and believe what you're doing. "
Diogo Diniz

"Blood in the eyes. A mixture of courage, disappointment with the market and society and a lot of desire to change. "
Leonardo Xavier

"The art of solving problems that are worth solving and making money by doing so."
Fábio Seixas

"Breaking new market trends and investing in these new ideas with great courage and determination"
Milena Carvalho

"Want to change the current situation without caring about the bad situation and face any risk using creativity and resources at your disposal. With passion reach the goal "
First Name

"A mix of art and sport, which combines adrenaline, fear, satisfaction and achievement. You will have sleepless nights, a fucking fear at certain times, but that desire to win and overcome will motivate you to go forward and not give up. When you get there, you'll feel full like you've never felt it before. "
Lucas Almeida

"It's jumping off a cliff and learning to open the parachute in the middle of the fall"
Gill Diniz

"Or build an airplane :)"
Willian Cruz

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What is not entrepreneurship

In particular, I do not like to close the meaning of the term. As you could see in the previous section, I'd rather hear people's opinions.

Is this what you believe is entrepreneurship? So embrace, guard in the heart and go to the fight!

But there are some definitions that I have read and heard that, I can say, that ARE NOT ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Some common mistakes below, in my opinion:

1) Associate entrepreneurship merely with resilience and hard work.

"Entrepreneurship is fighting." "Entrepreneurship is never giving up." "Entrepreneurship is working 12 hours a day, not sleeping and being happy". Did you identify yourself? It does not mean that you are an entrepreneur. Just persistent, which is a beautiful trait for a successful entrepreneur. A lot of people work hard every day and not everyone is working.

Hard work is not always entrepreneurship

2) Associate entrepreneurship merely to fame.

Entrepreneurship was “gourmetized” and is in fashion. But if you wanted to ride this wave by creating a channel on youtube, a blog or becoming a digital influencer on social networks motivating entrepreneurs, you are not necessarily a digital entrepreneur. It's just really famous. Congratulations, by the way!

3) Entrepreneurship is to stop working for others' dreams and work for yours.

First, people's dreams are not necessarily limited to the professional realm. Second, many beautiful stories of entrepreneurship came from people who didn't even know what they wanted when they started. Third, because no one undertakes alone. Most successful entrepreneurs are known for overflowing their dreams, inspiring people and making them dream together.

Not every dream is connected to the professional
It is possible to help others in your dreams and to achieve yours.

4) Associate entrepreneurship only with large projects with the potential to change the world.

The bigger the project and the more able to change the world for the better, the more admired it should be. But this need not diminish the people who have managed to improve small areas or collective habits.

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Conclusion: what is entrepreneurship

As I said earlier, I do not like closing the concept of entrepreneurship. But I really like the definitions that contain these ingredients:

a) Creativity. Create new ways of doing things or rethink the way they are done.

b) Problem solving. It may be something that shortens the line at Ibitipoca bakeries or something that reduces hunger in Africa. It doesn't matter the size of the problems. Wanting to solve them is worthy of an entrepreneur.

c) Execution. It's no use having an incredible idea and not taking it off the paper. The creative has ideas. The entrepreneur may even create, but performing is essential.

d) Resilience. The entrepreneur picks up and continues to believe. Some are even considered crazy until they work out. Still have to hear "lucky."

e) Sustainability. Having megalomaniac ideas can be legal as long as they are sustainable. The entrepreneur creates and executes projects that not only suck resources from society. They have sustainable business models that can handle the changes they want to see in practice. Your idea is not cool until someone pays for it.

We of LUZ, we created the entrepreneur manifesto. It is well worth checking out and understanding our fuller vision of entrepreneurship.

Wanting to get into this boat, you'll need the best management tools. Count on us when the time comes!

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I hope you enjoyed the article! It would be really cool to see your preferred definition of entrepreneurship in the comments!

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  1. I love entrepreneur.
    Things do not always happen as we expected, but the passion for entrepreneurship that motivates us to move forward and pass through obstacles by learning from challenges.

    Great article, congratulations!

  2. Excellent contribution, very personalized but very connected to the living reality of the entrepreneur, creating and leading your ideas successfully. Warm greetings from Venezuela.

  3. I exactly agree with item 3.
    Entrepreneurship eh stop working for the dreams of others and work for yours.
    In addition, still helping others to fulfill their dreams.
    That's what entrepreneurship is for me.

  4. The entrepreneurial spirit is to fight for your dreams and not for those of others is to get ahead that longing that is the heart, is to imagine that dream and to plan to make reality the entrepreneurial spirit is to lie down to get up and walk each day with that dream. is to work hard to burn your eyelashes, because that spirit you have inside fights against everything else to get out and be real


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