Start Management Concepts Strategy LUZ Spreadsheets at the RJ Entrepreneur Fair - 2015

LUZ Spreadsheets at the RJ Entrepreneur Fair - 2015


It is with great pride that we formalized a partnership with SEBRAE to participate in the Entrepreneur Fair in Rio de Janeiro 2015. The event promises a lot and LUZ will be present at different times:

Details of the 2015 Entrepreneur Fair

And below what we will do there:

1. Stand LIGHT Sheets

This is our booth model:

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Booth of LUZ spreadsheets at the entrepreneur fair of rj 2015

In addition to asking questions about LUZ, about management and Excel, we will have a practical activity where you can quickly fill one of our spreadsheets and have a report ready on time. Here's how to find us at the Fair:

Map of the Entrepreneur Fair - Location of LUZ Planillhas

2. Real Estate Management

The clinics will be consultancy groups in groups of up to 25 people with the theme “8 Tools for your company to come out of the Red”. The cool thing is that those who participate will win a special LUZ spreadsheet package. Check the dates (subject to change):

  • 12 / 11 - 14: 00
  • 13 / 11 - 14: 00
  • 14 / 11 - 14: 00
  • 15 / 11 - 14: 00

3. Speeches

In addition to the clinics, which are a bit more thorough, we will also have some lectures throughout the days of the Fair.

  • 12 / 11 - Thursday - Lecture: Learn how to price your product or service




  • 13 / 11 - Friday - Lecture: Find out if your business is worth




  • 14/11 - Saturday - Lecture: 8 Tools for your company to get out of the red


  • 15/11 - Sunday - Lecture: 8 Tools for your company to get out of the red




If you are planning to attend the fair, do not forget to visit our booth or attend one of our lectures or clinics. If you are a client, we would love to have a chat with you, just leave your name and email here in the comments to schedule a time.

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