How Maternity License for MEI Works

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Is MEI entitled to maternity leave?

Female entrepreneurs or female employees registered under the individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) are entitled to a number of social security benefits, including maternity wages. This is one of the excellent reasons for entrepreneurs to leave the informal sector and join the MEI.

The maternity pay is paid directly by the INSS for 120 days and it is necessary to have at least 10 months of social security contribution to be eligible for the benefit.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

Differences between Employer and Employee

For the entrepreneurs: because they are their own employers, they do not need to take official maternity leave. In addition, they must continue to contribute to the DAS-MEI throughout the period, stating that they have the active benefit, since this excludes the social security contribution.

For employees: these will be entitled to maternity leave of 120 days. During this period, the employer (MEI) may hire another person to replace it.

How to Apply for Maternity Wage

The requisition of the maternity salary must be made directly with the Social Security website phone number 135.

The necessary documents are: RG, CPF, Workbook, cards and proof of payment of INSS.

Already the value of the benefit will vary according to the contribution made in the last 15 months and will be calculated by the pension plan at the moment of the request.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

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  1. I am imei I stopped paying I am pregnant I was in the professional he activated and he is entitled the maternity salary

  2. Hi Fabiane, the proof of payment is the very payment of your taxes. The mechanically authenticated ticket or an online receipt will already serve as proof

  3. Hi Luciano, I believe not, but it's worth getting some expert on the subject

  4. Claudia, I'm glad to have helped and wish all the best for your child =]

  5. Thank you very much for your attention, Rafael Ávila.
    May God continue to enlighten you always in the name of Jesus.
    Even you quoting not being a specialist but gave me a north of which I can prepare for when my baby is born.
    Since I'm a single mother and I do not have anyone else for me.

  6. Hi Cláudia, I am not an expert on the subject, but it seems to me that the aid is only paid after your child (a) is born, for the period of 120 days, as long as you have contributed for at least 10 months. This is a part of the text on our blog that may interest you - For women entrepreneurs: because they are their own employers, they do not need to take official maternity leave. In addition, they must continue to contribute to the DAS-MEI over the period, stating that they have an active benefit, as this excludes the social security contribution. Anyway, I recommend talking to a specialist

  7. I'm Claudia, I've been Mei since last year but I'm going to update Mei because I've found out I'm pregnant.
    The amount I pay is the minimum, what amount will the aid still be pregnant and after my BB is born? Please.

  8. Hi Vanusa, if I am not mistaken you have to have paid 10 months to have the right but it is worth contacting the INSS to be sure of your rights

  9. Hello I'm mei and I got pregnant and now that my son has 1 year and 9 months I discovered that I was entitled to maternity salary how do I get my right

  10. My name is 2017 year vanusa
    I opened an imei and paid 3 months November December and January.
    Month of February March I could not pay and now will win the month of April .. I discovered that I am pregnant will I be able to receive maternity salary ?? I paying these late and paying until when I win baby?

  11. Hi Rogerio, I suggest you look for an accountant or labor lawyer who is more familiar with the rules that involve being involved in the CLT regime on one side and opening a business on the other.

  12. Dear Leandro,
    My wife is an employee of a company, she already pays the INSS at most.
    She is pregnant and wants to formalize an MEI. How does the issue of maternity leave? Will she receive the INSS ceiling? Do you still pay for social security through MEI, even if there is no billing?


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