How much does it cost to open an MEI?

How much does it cost to open an MEI?
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How much does it cost to open an MEI?

How much does it cost to open an MEI? To open an MEI there is no hidden cost or fee. The process is all free and can be carried out within the Contact Us |.

Any fee charged to you to register as a MEI is not a fee charged by law and therefore payment is not mandatory.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

What are the main costs of being MEI?

Although, to take your MEI, you have no costs, it does not mean that staying in this condition is free of charge. Being a Microentrepreneur you will have costs. For example, you need to pay a monthly amount to be MEI. This amount refers to the DAS, a collection document that serves as payment of tax by the Microentrepreneur.

MEI needs an accountant?

According to the Law governing this regime (128 2008 Complementary Law), the MEI is not required to hire an accounting firm. Even so, he needs to make an annual statement of his income so it is extremely important to keep a record of his financial transactions.

You can use a Cash Flow Worksheet to make this record of movements.

Just as you do not need, like MEI, to pay a monthly accountant, it is also not necessary for one to get your CNPJ like MEI. Only the registration in the Portal of the Entrepreneur already guarantees.

Nothing, however, prevents you from hiring an accountant, even to assist you in the event of any hiring on your part as a Microentrepreneur. Thus the accountant can assist in the calculation of labor obligations with his employee.

Costs to open your business

The only costs you will actually have when you take out your MEI are the costs to start the operation of your new business, ie your direct costs. This involves cost with raw material, packaging, manufacturing or the costs involved in providing your services.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

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  1. The Legislation is clear regarding the collection, the accounting company opting for the Simples Nacional Tax Regime cannot charge for the opening and for the first annual declaration of the MEI, however if the accounting company is not from the Simples Nacional there is no impediment to this collection.
    In the case in question, the companies that charge for opening the MEI in the vast majority are not accounting offices.

    The accounting office may charge monthly fees, with free attendance being only that related to registration, to the option referred to in art. 18-A of this Complementary Law and the first simplified annual declaration of the individual micro-enterprise, as provided for in § 22-B of LC 126/2006:

    "Art. 18. The amount due on a monthly basis by micro and small commercial businesses, opting for Simples Nacional, will be determined by applying the table in Annex I of this Complementary Law. …. § 22-B.

    Accounting services offices, individually or through their class representative entities, must:

    I - promote free attendance related to registration, to the option referred to in art. 18-A of this Complementary Law and the first simplified annual declaration of the individual micro-enterprise, being able, for this purpose, through its representative entities of class, to sign agreements and agreements with the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Municipalities, through of its related bodies;

    II - provide, in the form established by the Steering Committee, results of quantitative and qualitative research relating to micro and small companies opting for Simples Nacional they serve;

    III - promote events of fiscal, accounting and tax orientation for micro and small companies opting for Simples Nacional they serve. … ”

  2. When I did I was also charged 198.00 but through the links that Samanta posted I was redirected to Simei and then to the farm recipe and I already have my provisional license at no cost thanks

  3. I've seen that a lot of people here, like me, have fallen for this scam from mei signup sites that have to pay a fee. So I will leave here the steps of what I did in case anyone needs it.
    To issue mei, you really don't have to pay any registration fee and you need to do it through the government website
    If you have already started the process of opening a site that is charging you, enter the site Then go to “formalize yourself”, you fall on a page where there is a field to put the cpf, then you type the cpf, click the button to enter and then go to “I forgot my password”… then he will ask to send the password reset by email or phone that you registered there on that unofficial website ... after resetting the password, just log in and do the whole registration again.

    There's a password reset tutorial, which is what you'll need to do to get your free registration.

    What these sites do, as I understand it, is an initial signup with just your cpf, name, email and phone number. And then after you pay the fee, they finish the registration.

  4. Hi Danielle, you need to contact the company you paid for directly to see if it's possible

  5. Are doing it on their own, and are entering the particular site, the Government website to open Mei is , always see the GOV.BR option, if you enter the ORG site, it is private.
    The best option sometimes is to look for an accountant. Sometimes it's more expensive to do it. Because putting personal data on private websites is a BIG danger.

  6. Hi Mauricio, I imagine that if it's a boleto just do not pay that ticket will win. If not, please contact the company that charged you to ask for the cancellation of the route

  7. I registered with MEI and they charged me real 231,51 for my company to open.
    How do I cancel this payment since I searched and did not charge any fee to open MEI

  8. I believe that your MEI will not be implemented only through the portal in question.

  9. I just tried to open a MEI on the entrepreneur portal and they also charged me for 189,00. I looked at the reclamation here and this charge is undue, it is about private sites, it has to be done at, will not the payment of this ticket cause me problems, or will MEI not be effective?

  10. Hi Geane, as a freelance salesperson you can make the contribution to the INSS and, according to this contribution, will have your salary level. It is necessary to understand that the minimum contribution is about 105 real and the maximum reaches almost 1000. It is important to check with the responsible bodies how much you should contribute according to your expected salary as a retiree. Another observation is that the contributions you have already made in the past also influence this issue.

  11. I am also in doubt about the collection of this fee and if you can help me on another subject, it would be of great value: I am an Independent Salesperson and if you are interested in retiring with more than 1 salary, how would it be, or what would my monthly contribution be?

  12. It is Marcus, unfortunately it is part of the process following the usual step-by-step that we indicate here.

  13. Good afternoon,

    I registered the MEI in the portal of the entrepreneur and soon after I received in my email a guide in the amount of R $ 189.00 to make payment and release my registration, and knowing that it is free and I did not give a ball, but I do not know how to see if My MEI has been validated, do I receive any registration number? Where do I have to go?

  14. I opened this site of the portal of the entrepreneur and they charged me this value too

  15. Hi, good morning, I'm with a doubt I made my registration in the mei and I'm receiving a charge of 185,00 I need to pay, because the website says that the registration is free,

  16. this value is a lot of the accessory of the site, and no thanks for legislation, since the site is private.

  17. I do not remember this type of charge, but it is possible that some rule has changed and that the amount is being charged now. It is worth to always understand what this value refers to, if there is any other cheaper or free alternative and decide if you want to pay or not.

  18. really this entrepreneurial portal charges 185,00 on the card and 169,00. ticket
    I do not understand why it says that it's free.

  19. Hi Victor, can you be a little more specific? Who charged the price? This value was referring to what?


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