How to open a MEI? See detailed step-by-step

how to open a mei
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What is MEI?

MEI is the acronym for Microeteacher Individual. It is a natural person who wants to act as a company, in order to have the benefits of a legal entity, such as issuing NF's and having special lines of credit. Read more in the post on the advantages of being become MEI. After discovering these advantages, you decide that you want to become one. But where to start, how to make an MEI registration?

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

How to open a MEI?

With the decision made to open a MEI, now you just need to register and create your CNPJ. This process takes no more than 10 minutes, if you have all your documents separate.
To get started you must access the Contact Us |. In addition to creating your MEI register, you can also issue DAS Payment Guidelines (the mandatory tax that must be paid every month), make the Annual Income Statement and change your data. One tip: add this link to your favorites so you never miss it. It will be very useful in your MEI life.

Step by Step on how to open a MEI

1 - Getting Started

After accessing the Contact Us |, you must click this green button:

How to Open a Mei
Before starting your registration, have your main documents: Identity, CPF, IR Receipt (if applicable), voter's title and proof of residence.

How to apply to the MEI

The first information you will enter is your CPF and your date of birth. After entering this data the system will ask for one more document number:
1) If you are exempt from IR or not to declare: Title of Elector
2) If you declare the IR: IR receipt number

After entering this data, you will be taken to a new registration screen.

2 Step - General Information

How to open MEI

Because of your CPF and your voter registration or IR information, your primary data should already be filled at the top of the screen. Check to see if they are correct and go to the registration screen below:

Here you will need to enter some other personal information, such as the ID number of your Identity Card and some contact information such as a phone number (you can enter your cell phone number) or email.

In this same section of the register is necessary to register a name Fantasia for your company and insert the Capital Stock.

  • Fantasy name: It is the popular brand name or facade name. It is the name you will publicly give to your business. Example: If you sell candy the facade name of your business will be XYZ Doceria.
  • Share capital: Every company must establish a Social Capital in its opening, and the amount the partners invested to start the business. The MEI is not required to have share capital, so you can enter any value in this field. The good practice is to record at least the upfront costs to get your business up and running.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

Step 3 - Business Activities (CNAE)

After entering the capital and the name of fantasy, it is time to select the activities of your CNPJ.

How to choose the cnae of my MEI

In short, CNAE is a way of classifying your productive activity of your business, that is, what your company actually does. In the MEI registration you will need to choose both your Primary CNAE and secondary CNAE's.
Not all codes are accepted for opening an MEI. You can check the complete list of accepted CNAE's by clicking here.

By choosing the main activity you can choose up to 15 other secondary activities. However, there is no problem in choosing only one or two, the important thing is to define well the space of your business.

Note that as you complete this section of activities, the Object Description is automatically created with the description of each of the CNAE's. After completing this section, make sure that the Description item represents exactly the activities you intend to carry out with your company.

After checking the Object Description, you must choose your Forms of Action, that is, how and where you will operate as a company. You can select more than one option as Forms. Let's look at some examples:

  • Business Consultant without office (Home-Office): Door to door, mobile or mobile stations and Internet
  • Ecommerce with physical store: Fixed Location and Internet
  • Food Truck: Door to Door, mobile stations or by ambulantes

4 Step - Location

With the CNAE Registration done, it is time to inform your Business Address.

Address MEI

When entering the CEP, the main information must appear automatically, with only insert number, complement and reference point. This registration is important because it will be issued to you Permit of Permit and Provisional Operation, lasting up to 180 days. After this deadline you will need to issue the definitive permit in the municipality of your municipality.
If you provide services and do not have an office working from your home, you can use your home address as your business address without any problems.

residential and commercial address at MEI

After registering your business address, you will need to register your home address. If you have used your residential address as a commercial, there is an option that you select and the registration immediately replicates the information, using the same address for both records.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

5 Step - Declarations

Have all the information been filled in? Now it's time to review to see if everything is correct before submitting information for registration.

MEI Statements
After this review, and before clicking confirm, you need to check three checkboxes, which show that you have agreed to declare three facts. Are they:

1) Declaration of Clearance: By checking this field you declare that you are not prevented from exercising activity as an entrepreneur and that you do not have another CNPJ. You can check in this post who is prevented from being an entrepreneur, according to Brazilian law.

2) Declaration by the option of the National Simple and Term of Science of the effect of the Provisional Permit: By checking this field you declare that you are aware of the National Simples and have decided to opt for it (you can check the cited articles of this law here) and also declares that its Permit, in spite of being provisional, meets all the legal requirements demanded by the State and by the municipality of the Municipality. This statement is important because if any type of inspection appears next to your business, you can not claim that you were not aware of what should have been done to suit the requirements.

3) Statement of Framework as Microenterprise (ME): By ticking this field you declare that it fits under Microenterprise conditions. Here is the link to the complete law.

Certificate of the Individual Microentrepreneur Condition

After marking the options of the declaration, you can click on continue and that's it!

Your screen will show your Certificate of the Individual Microentrepreneur Condition. This document contains:

  • His CNPJ, which is your registration as a legal entity. It is the corporate CPF.
  • His NIRE (Identification Number of the Companies Registry). NIRE is a record, also mandatory, that must be made and approved by the Commercial Board of your State. This number is also automatically issued once you formalize as MEI. Except for a bureaucracy on your way!

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

I already took my MEI. And now?

After opening an MEI over the internet you will still need to do some things. Are they:

1) Obtain your definitive permit: In the main cities this definitive permit can be obtained online but in order to have the correct information you must inform yourself in the Municipality of your municipality.

2) Invoice Issue: MEI is not obliged to issue invoices for individual clients, only obliged to do so when its client is a legal entity. To issue Tax Notes, the MEI must also seek the City Hall of its Municipality and inform itself of how it can register to issue NF's. An easy option is for Microentrepreneurs to issue electronic invoices. At the site of the Secretary of Finance you can check in which states this mode is already available.

3) Always remember to keep track of your income and expenses. The Entrepreneur Portal itself provided a template to record these monthly movements. Each year the MEI must submit a billing report, the DASN-SIMEI (Annual Income Statement) by the Portal.

4) Every month it is necessary to pay the MEI Simplified Collection Document (DAS-MEI). You can either issue all the tickets at once or pay from month to month. To get the DAS tickets only access the Entrepreneur Portal.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

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