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Influence marketing is what we call the set of strategies that aims to advertise a product / service through partnerships with people who are influential in a given market.

In other words, it consists of finding people who can add attributes of trust and quality by recommending them to their target audience.

In Brazil, the biggest examples we have of this type of marketing is around celebrities and, especially, around beauty products. Who has never heard that such a celebrity earned $ 50.000,00 to share such a product in their instagram profile? This is a perfect example of influence marketing. The celebrity she shared is probably famous for something like exemplary eating or being very beautiful. Therefore, it has the credibility to recommend products / services that are related to your expertise!

This is a classic example, but we see this in practically all areas such as computers, cars, cell phone, in fact, a multitude of products if you use influence marketing. However, we see recent growth, since the Internet has enabled the explosion and segmentation of this type of influence in the most diverse segments and channels.

How to Find Influencers

In general, the major influencers in each segment are those people who are in evidence and therefore are fairly easy to map. However, there are also other smaller ones that may be interesting and need a little more effort to be found. Here are some tips:

1. Facebook Groups: It's always a pleasure to be a part of every group in your industry, as some people have certainly been more active and can be a good start to an influential marketing strategy.
2. Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram: Looking for the most used terms in your market, you will surely find profiles that stand out by the number of followers and who are potential influencers.
3. Youtube Channels: Currently, influential Youtubers has become a reality for just about any type of industry. Just browse the site a bit to find out who is generating relevant content.
4. Analyze Your Own Posts: For those who already have a content marketing strategy in action, you have the option to review your posts and find out who is sharing them most successfully. This is an excellent indicator that this person is an influencer.

I found an Influencer. And now?

When finding an influencer, you should approach him politely and understand if he is willing to do this type of work. Although the vast majority work in this way, some end up making money in another way. Then you have to check the business model between two great options:

1. Payment by Sharing: This is the most common model because the risk of the sale is either not entirely with you and the influencer guarantees your income.
2. Payment by Conversion: This template happens when you already have an active affiliate program. This is also more interesting when the influencer believes in your product and wants to increase your return by earning a share of sales in the long run!

Enjoyed the post? Did you have any questions about leveraging influence marketing? Leave your comment that we will help!

Excel Spreadsheets


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