Purchasing Influences: What are they and how do they each work?

Purchase Influences
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This article was written by the partner of LUZ Juracy Abbondanza, specialist in complex sales, responsible for Abbondanza Business Solutions.

Identifying the Influences of Purchase

A supportive complex sale requires the development of a good strategy so that the seller is clear what the goal is to achieve.

One of the fundamentals of a well-defined strategy is to know very well all of the clients involved and what role they play in the buying process.

This may seem obvious, but it hardly happens in a structured way.

It is very common for sellers to assume that their personal knowledge is enough to be successful and end up focusing only on trading tactics.

There may even be more than one buyer playing the same role. There may be situations where the final word will be given by a team. Not to mention that we can find people who participate in the process and assume no influence buying role.

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One thing is certain: when it comes to buying influences, the seller has to identify, know and work all of them

The main types of buying influence are:

  • Influence of economic purchase;
  • Influence of buying logistics;
  • Influence of technical purchase;
  • Influence of operating purchase;
  • Influence of buying coach.

Personal gains from each purchase Influence

Each has its own personal goals and expectations as to the outcome of the negotiation; then the salesperson, in order to achieve his goal, has to have the ability to convince them that his proposal brings benefits to the organization and to themselves.

As for the personal benefits these are not financial incentives, trips, prizes, or anything that may characterize an unethical attitude.

These benefits may be, for example, recognition of the top management of the company, which may result in promotion; if it is an innovative solution, the benefit will be the opening of a new job market that will bring a new career perspective; new knowledge will be acquired when there is an intense load of training to use the new tool, enriching the Curriculum Vitae of the professional; the user of your product will have their day-to-day activities facilitated so that they can direct the time gained for other tasks and so we can list a series of personal benefits that will inevitably result in motivation and good results for the company.

It is the seller's role to identify these benefits and make it clear to users what they can gain if their solution is chosen.

In the past, the dispute between IBM and HP in the sale of medium-sized computers was very fierce, and IT Managers who evaluated the acquisition or replacement of Corporate Hardware and Software were quite clear that they would not lose their jobs if whether it was IBM. HP salespeople, then, positioned themselves as follows: it is likely that if you choose IBM your job is guaranteed, but if you choose HP you will certainly be promoted!

IBM vs. HP - Different Placements for Buying Influences

This is to show a personal benefit to the buying influence.

The seller has to position himself clearly in the face of buying influences as well as the provider of personal benefits, and for this he has to know from the people involved what the yearnings and expectations of each one are.

This you get with involvement and research.

Identifying the influences of buying is a job that demands a lot of discipline and. It is necessary to know well the activity and importance of each one and to know how your positioning is, how they see you and your company in the buying process.

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Types of buying influence

A very important buying influence is the COACH

It is the Coach that will help in identifying, approaching and negotiating with each of the other buying influences.

It will guide your steps towards rapprochement with people who are exercising other roles and thus increase the chances of closing.

The figure of the Coach is you that will develop and it can be found in the customer itself, outside of it or even within your company, in cases of a new sale to a company that is already a customer.

It is crucial that the Coach has credibility with his client and you have credibility with him. The coach will only get involved and commit to the process if he finds reasons that leave him with his success.

Influence of economic purchase

The influence of economic buying is who gives the final word in the negotiation, is who has the "pen" and will release the resources for the acquisition. It will hardly say YES when all others say no, but there are likely to be cases where it will say NO when everyone else said YES. This is why the seller should closely monitor this influence.

Influence of Purchase User

Whatever your product / service someone, the customer, will make use of it and their role in the negotiation is to evaluate what benefits the change will bring to the company, what impact on the day to day. This is influence of buying user that you should not be left with any doubts as to the gains you will have using your solution.

Influence of Purchase Logistics

In retail sales, the influence of user buying will appear as influence of logistics purchasing. In this case there will not be direct use but this influence is that it will take your product / service to the end user. The concern here will be to know how it will be done supplying the points of sale, such as the packaging of the product, such as the presentation to the final customer, what the replacement speed, and so on.

Influence of Technical Purchase

The influence of technical buying will tell if your product / service meets the specifications set when deciding to acquire the solution to a particular problem. They do not decide on the yes because it is mandatory to meet the requested specifications, but they can veto your solution if they think that they do not answer any specific items.

Operational Purchase Influence

In retail we find the operating purchasing influences who also observe the technical specifications, but also evaluate the operational impact, such as ease of transportation and storage.

The importance of positioning

When defining a strategy for complex sale, buying influences are very important and it is crucial that the seller understands each of these roles, how important they are in the process, and identify - along with the coach - how to make the ideal approach.

One last, but not least, issue is be very clear how you are positioned with each of the buying influences. This means knowing how they feel about you and your proposal and how they evaluate your competitors.

Customer Prospecting Worksheet

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