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Content Marketing Strategy


What is it: Owning or developing a content marketing strategy means that your company is developing posts, video, infographic, music, or other information formats in your marketing process.

Typically, these strategies are more associated with attracting the customer so that he or she knows your products or services while receiving information that will be useful for that particular "problem" for free.

However, with the growing use of content marketing strategies, today we also see many companies using that in the after-sales to increase customer satisfaction and decrease the need for service / support.

How to: There are several options and channels to develop a content marketing strategy for your business. My suggestion is to start with just your favorite (according to person preference and type of business) and gradually expand to other areas that make sense. I will quickly list below the most common modalities:

  1. Blog: This is a very common format, as it is well known, works mostly with text and helps in the SEO strategy of the business.
  2. Fanpage: In recent years, Facebook has become a great marketing and business platform. Well developed Fanpages are an excellent showcase.
  3. Youtube channel: For many businesses, presenting audio-visual content makes all the difference! Hence, it is also well-known of the use of video for content marketing strategies.
  4. Instagram / Twitter: Both social networks grow and become an option for companies that want to use content marketing strategies. Twitter for its agility and viralization ability. Instagram for the focus on images and simplicity of understanding and use.
  5. E-books: Although not a media or channel in itself, the creation of free e-books is one of the most common used in all channels mentioned above. With them, you typically "exchange" the book by e-mailing them and initiating communication via email marketing.
  6. Infographics: Like e-books, infographics are a type of content and not a media, but have their relevance for being visually attractive and also encourage sharing and linking.

Do you want to delve into any of these strategies? Leave your comment that we will help you!

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