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Relationship Marketing (CRM): What is it and how to do it?

The Importance of Relationship Marketing for Your Business

O marketing of relationship is a set of techniques and strategies of inbound marketing to increase the reach of a brand by building a relationship with customers and prospects. Over time, the amount of advertising that a human being sees over a day only increases. Many brands have already realized that much more needs to be done in terms of marketing.

The time when brands were simply advertising producers has passed. Nowadays, users need to interact with marketing. Brands need to be part of people's everyday life if they want to be strong and, consequently, generate sales for the companies.

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What is Marketing?

Contrary to popular culture, the role of marketing is not just to sell more. At least not proactively. Marketing is a set of strategies focused on developing a brand and creating a link with the target audience, bringing a number of benefits to the company:

  • Achieve more sales possibilities, reactively (when the customer looks for the company and not the other way around)
  • Reduce friction in sales, slowing the trading cycle - customers rely more on well-known brands
  • Appear on more channels and establish more points of contact with the audience
  • Improve the company's pricing conditions. Or have you never seen products equal to others that are more expensive just by your brand?
  • generate brand equity, in general terms, increase the value of a company, through its brand

Learn All about marketing.

What is Relationship Marketing?

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The goal of relationship marketing is much more than generating sales or customers, but transforming prospects and clients in the brand's true advocates. I bet you've been through this. He met a solution, started tracking the company's postings, made a first purchase and enjoyed both the company and the product, which ended up becoming a frequent customer.

In the end, relationship marketing is not an exclusive type of marketing, separate from others. Its essence is its goal, that of creating a relationship with people. This can be via inbound marketing, via experience marketing, among other channels and strategies.

That is, many times a professional is using inbound strategies to do relationship marketing. He is left in doubt "am I doing an action of inbound marketing or relationship marketing?". This conflict is not necessary. He's doing both. Both complement each other.

Another important point in the definition is the distinction between prospects and clients. Relationship marketing applied to clients has specific name and literature. His name is CRM, Client Relationship Management - Customer Relationship Management. Their goals are to make more sales to the same customer and get them to refer more people, all through narrowing the relationship with the customer.

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Examples of Relationship Marketing

In the marketing world, there is no right or wrong. There are actually several ways to do the same thing, and what says whether you are right or wrong are the results you are getting. But I always recommend that everything be tested. Below, I am putting some ideas and relationship marketing actions.

1. Community building

Marketing has evolved a lot over the years. I used to say that we used to deal with target audiences, and it was based on demographics. Some 30 years ago, if I thought of young, upper-class men living in the metropolis, I would reach a few profiles and all very similar.

Today marketing needs to learn how to deal with tribes. Within the demographics that your business serves, what are the micro-segments that define your key potential customers? Segmentation is no longer merely demographic. It is based on different beliefs, feelings, fears and dreams.

Companies that discover their main personas, shape their communications to talk to them, and bring them together in communities, go far in front of the others in terms of marketing.

For this reason I often say that community building is the marketing of the future. It is completely in line with new trends.

Okay. But how to build a community?

Again there is no right or wrong. I, for example, participate in a Growth Hackers Community. They use their own platform that has a forum and where they themselves and the users themselves provide content, case studies, videos and much more. In fact, this is an important point of a community: the empowerment of users. They should be moderate, but need to feel free to share.

I've just shown one example, but there are many other simpler ones. In Rio de Janeiro, there is a company called Bazzah which is creating a community of fashion confections of the city itself. They organize small events, receive clients at their headquarters, foster a blog and groups in several different media.

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2. Forums and Groups

Forums and groups are embryos for building a community, but in a simpler way. Several companies keep one or more groups in whatsapp focused on a specific customer segment, for example. These groups could also be in other media, such as Facebook. The important thing is to have a space where the users themselves can interact with each other.

Computer and video game games are good examples of how creating forums and groups helps build a brand. In them users exchange information and tips, combine games and events and even make transactions of resources connected to the game.

In LUZ, we created a excel forum to keep the planners community together. We also have a entrepreneurs forum in which they exchange management tips and common challenges.

3. Recurring hearing

Another form of relationship marketing is to put together some kind of program that, through content production, begins to create a recurring audience that interacts with the company. The content can be a series of videos, a podcast or even textual.

The secret is that the program has a very well defined periodicity. For example, weekly, every Tuesday at 15 hours. For a while, we tried to do this on LUZ through our youtube channel, with lectures linked to management methods. Many users started appearing every week to compliment or comment on the videos.

Some companies are trying to create recurring audience through live broadcasts on Facebook, the famous live. I believe it's a great method for relationship marketing because people end up becoming frequent viewers, point to other people, and interact through comments.

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4. Personalized service

Recently, some companies in the world and few in Brazil, have started to become famous for treating customer service as strategic. In fact, service is a great opportunity to delight customers and start a relationship.

An example that I have already cited in other articles was from Nubank who, after a conversation about the subject in the service, sent a plush Pikachu to a customer. This is a character from the Japanese Pokemon drawing. The case has gained a lot of spontaneous media and I believe the customer has felt unique, very valued. If this is not relationship marketing, I do not know what it is. (I.e.

There are simpler actions to be taken through customer service. The great secret of this method is to keep the history of interactions with the client and to be able to initiate a new conversation aware of everything that has already happened with him to build the relationship from there.

5. Custom use experience

It follows the same logic of personalized service, but using the experience of use. When a company knows the key customers in terms of frequency and investment, it can think of custom actions for them so that their usage experience gets better.

A simple tip for ecommerces is to write a hand letter to some important customers and send along with the product.

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6. Spot actions based on dates

It is about taking advantage of special dates for customers and users and thinking about offers, gifts or just personalized messages. Some examples:

  • Birthday
  • First purchase anniversary
  • Anniversary of the company, if the client is a legal entity
  • Family members birthday
  • Time Without Going To The Store Or Without Visiting Ecommerce

The challenge in this case is knowing the right dates.

7. Loyalty Programs

A very traditional way of doing relationship marketing is to create loyalty programs and clubs of advantages. These are exclusive offers for special customer groups with specific rules for use and entry into the club or program.

Most airlines and credit card companies have programs in this regard.

How to implement relationship marketing in a company?

As I said earlier, relationship marketing is not about specific strategies. But rather a goal: to initiate a relationship with users and turn them into brand lawyers. So there are no magic formulas or great mysteries to implement relationship marketing in your company.

There are, in fact, two major challenges in the process:

  • Rooting relationship marketing in company culture.
  • Choose a CRM tool - customer relationship management.

For relationship marketing to work, the company's employees need to keep in mind that they should take every opportunity to start that relationship. And this will only work if the company places this as the fundamental point of its culture.

In addition, the company will need to have record of all customer interactions. For this, use is made of CRM software. To use a simpler tool without the need for large investments, I recommend that you test the CRM Worksheet from light.

CRM Worksheet

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