Complex Sales: What is the Coach's Influence as a Buying Influence?

role of coach as influence of purchase
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This article was written by the partner of LUZ Juracy Abbondanza, specialist in complex sales, responsible for Abbondanza Business Solutions.

In one complex sale, in order to be successful, the seller must continually identify and work on all purchasing influences - Economic, User, Logistics, Technical, Operational and Coach.

You need to be aware of your movements.

The first five always exist in the structure of the buying organization - sometimes a person takes more than one role - and they are easily identified.

The seller needs to know where they are and how to approach them. Gathering information, putting together approach strategies, meeting each other's expectations, and figuring out the path to closure depends only on your ability.

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Where to find COACH?

Before we go any further, it is good to clarify that we are not talking about Coach as the Coaching professional who works the personal and human side of each one, valuing and developing individual skills. In a Complex Sale the Coach's performance is specific and his role is to guide the seller to get the order.

Finding a Coach is different from pursuing any of the other influences.

The Coach's role is to be the GPS in the negotiation, to show the way to reach the destination.

role of the coach is to be the gps on saleIt will guide the salesperson in obtaining information that leads not only to closing but also to developing a relationship that results in customer satisfaction and ensures the completion of new business.

It can be inside or outside the organization!

The ideal situation is for the seller to develop the influence of economic buying as Coach, when the seller gets this in the beginning it greatly increases the likelihood of success in the sale.

The Coach figure may be a manager or a business associate of the seller himself, who has already done business with that account and knows the shortcuts; can be a consultant who knows the buyer well and wants to consolidate himself as a solution provider or a former employee.

customer prospecting worksheet

COACH needs to be developed!

All buying influences are important, but strategically the coach is the one that requires the most attention.

The Coach is the only buying influence that the seller needs to develop, unlike the other influences it does not yet exist - it is the seller who creates!

creating the coachTo have more chance of success in a complex sale is necessary to develop - and well! - A Coach.

There are 3 main features that should be considered in the Coach search process:

  1. The seller's credibility with that person;
  2. The credibility of that person with the purchasing company;
  3. There must be an important reason for this person to work for the seller to succeed in the negotiation.

Having credibility with the Coach may have been the result of some sale that has been well conducted by the seller and has had some gain, either directly or indirectly. In a new business with a customer base, a person who has made gains from a previous sale may be a good candidate for Coach.

This credibility can also be achieved in the development of negotiation, where the salesperson empathizes with the initiator of the contact - the person who called his company to participate in the process - and with professional and transparent attitudes, wins his trust.

Do not forget that the same person can assume more than a role, so any of the other buying influences can be developed as a Coach.

The credibility of COACH with the company is important in the sense that other influences respect their positions and advice. The salesperson will, with the guidance of the Coach, move more easily through the various levels of the organization.

A Coach who does not have credibility will not be a good connection with the other buying influences involved in the negotiation and may provide little useful information.

The Coach is interested in the success of the negotiation because automatically it will also be successful, it will be valued. There will always be a reason that will motivate you to collaborate, in order to make the company make the option for the proposed solution.

COACH should not give help, should guide!

Requesting Coaching is not asking for help to make the sale.

Who has to make the sale is the seller! It is he who knows the product or service. It is he who knows how the product or service will meet the expectations of the company.

The Coach will provide information and guidance that will quietly guide the seller into the sales process. When the seller asks for guidance he shows that he is in charge and it is he who will direct the process. Counseling is necessary only to get to the right people at the right time and in the right way.

When asking for help, the salesperson may begin to lose the Coach's confidence by showing insecurity, while asking for information and guidance consolidates his position as manager of the process and can still get spontaneous help.

If you win, it wins!

It is important to always keep in mind that the focus of the Coach is to make you - along with it - succeed in selling !!!

He will be happy to say ... You have reached your destination!

customer prospecting worksheet

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