Order of Service: What it is and how to control it

Order of Service
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What is: The service order is a document to facilitate communication between the manager and his employee. A service order contains all the information necessary for the employee to understand the service that should be done.

An OS can serve both for in-house and external services for enterprise customers. In addition, because of its documentary nature, it also serves the manager when analyzing service history, as well as being an important piece of information about the average response time of a service


WhyAs stated above, in addition to the service order serving as a guarantee that the employee will do the service exactly the way the manager needs it to do when executing it with the client, the OS also helps when having data productivity and time of accomplishment of the service.

So the manager has another record of what is being done and can follow everything that has been done. Added to this is the fact that the Service Order is also a guarantee that the service was performed, since it is necessary that the provider and the customer sign at the end of the execution. This gives more assurance that everything is being done properly.

What should a Service Order (OS) comprise?

To talk a bit more than it should appear inside an OS, we will use our Service Order Worksheet as an example.

Looking from the side of the manager, it is important that an OS has the basic information to understand who will execute it. As some of this information will always be repeated over the orders, in our Worksheet we have already left some general pre-registers such as:

  • OS Call Reason
  • Who answered the call that originated OS
  • Who will run OS
  • What service will be performed

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In addition you can also record customer information such as phone, address, and so on.

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It is important that you have these records beforehand, because when you begin to make the orders, this information will always be repeated.


As previously mentioned, OSs have the essential information that communicates two things. For the manager are the information of the service performed in a client, and for the manager responsible it communicates what should be done. Some indispensable fields, besides those mentioned previously, in an OS are:

  • Date of OS issuance
  • Date of OS execution
  • The OS runtime
  • The total cost of this Service Order
  • The price paid for it (if applicable)

Order of Service: What is and how to control 1

For a better management of the activities it is also important that the manager knows:

  • If the Service Order was executed and the problem was solved
  • The status of the OS (if it was delayed or if it was completed on time, for example)
  • The response time from the date of issue to the date of execution

Order of Service: What is and how to control 2

With the registration of all the information in the OS it is easy for the manager to be able to analyze exactly the productivity of his team, through the information of the Orders of Service. We can measure the productivity of the team, for example, by analyzing the information of the called ones.

Order of Service: What is and how to control 3

With this information, you can generate complete Service Orders and print two copies of each OS, so that the customer has one retained and the manager stays with the other, thus ensuring that everything has been done as stipulated. Our Worksheet already comes with a ready-to-print OS template, in the template below.

Order of Service: What is and how to control 4If you need to track your work orders and do not have a tool for this, be sure to click here and test our 3.0 Service Order Sheet for free, which comes with OS ready printing, as well as generate charts and analysis information about your work order information


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