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What is an Organization Chart?

Briefly, the chart is a chart that represents the organizational structure of a company. These organizational chart models will represent the hierarchical relationships or division of sectors and positions that exist in that organization.

The most important role of the organization chart is to make it clear to employees and stakeholders exactly where they are within the structure of the company and with which areas or people they relate directly.

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Meaning of Components

Now that you have understood what it is, it pays to understand all the components that can appear in one. This will help you to understand the organizational structures that lie ahead and also to build the one of your company, if you are interested:

Organizational Chart Models - Meaning of Organization Chart Items

See the meanings of each item:

  • Lines of Communication - are continuous lines that interconnect positions or areas of the company. This line indicates that there is a direct hierarchy between these departments
  • Units of work, position or area - are the little boxes. In them you will write who is being represented
  • Hierarchy - I will show how it works for each case when we present the organization chart models, but in general the hierarchy line works from top to bottom, from left to right or from the inside out.
  • Horizontal Division of Labor - Charges or areas on a same line indicates that it has a similar hierarchical level.

Human Resource Worksheet Package - Organizational Models

Organizational Models

If you are thinking of developing your company's organizational chart it is important that you know the major models that exist. Know that there is no right or wrong, what makes the most sense for your reality or taste will be correct.

1. Vertical, Classic or Functional Organization Chart

This is the most well-known format and they usually appear in searches on the Google and the like. It represents the company hierarchy in a clear way, since from top to bottom you have the main positions going up to the least important ones.

Organizational Charts - Classic or Vertical Organization Chart

See that the arrows go from top to bottom (top - down). What differentiates the vertical from the functional organization chart is the type of name that appears in the boxes. If the areas appear, it is the classic vertical. If (as in our example) the functions appear, it will be the functional.

Organizational Models

2. Horizontal Organogram

This type of organizational chart is identical to the vertical, the only difference is that instead of the most important positions hierarchically speaking, they are more to the left and as it grows to the right, one arrives at the positions and more operational areas

Organogram Models - Horizontal Organogram

Note that in the horizontal organizational model, the arrows go from left to right.

3. Circular or Radial Organogram

In the circular organization hierarchy, the hierarchy is more divided and, although there is a logic of the areas that have more responsibility (more to the center) to those that have less (at the ends), it is tried to emphasize the work in group and proximity of the areas.

Organizational Chart Models - Circular Organizational Chart

4. Linear Responsibility Organization (OLR)

Unlike the other types that I have shown so far, the Linear Responsibility Organization Chart (OLR) shows the relationship that exists between key activities or processes of the company with who is responsible for each one of them.

Organizational Chart Templates - Linear Responsibilities Chart (OLR)

See that the legend helps in this differentiation of who will do what.

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5. Matrix Organization Chart

This model is very useful for representing temporary units where more than one area will act. It is very common to be used in consultancies or companies that carry out major projects.

Organizational Patterns - Datum Organization Chart

In the example given, the bulk and line areas are connected to all other areas. The name matrix organization chart is given by the similarity with the structure of a matrix.

6. To relax

Now that I've talked about the most important organizational chart models, there's a joke made with those from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle. Each one shows, in a stereotyped way, how each of these companies works:

Organizational Charts - Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google

Organizational Models

How to make an organization chart in Excel

If you want to do yours right now, you will find it easier than you think. Just use the Excel and some of its features. I'll show you step by step right now for you to create different organizational chart templates:

1. Insert SmartArt

To do this, go to the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, the second button on the right:

Organizational Charts - How to do in excel - Insert tab

When you click on this option opens the Smart Art window

Organizational Charts - How to do in excel - smart art hierarchy

2. Choose type

Just go to the hierarchy option and choose the one that interests you the most. In my case, I picked up the vertical organization chart. Note that when you choose the desired option, it automatically appears in Excel for you to use.

Organizational Charts - How to do in excel - vertical organization chart

Here, you can edit what appears written inside the boxes or enable the Text Panel option (inside the extra Design tab).

3. Edit

Finally, if you want, still in the Design tab, you can modify the diagram's colors, font size, font colors and various other details to stay the way you want. In my case, in a few clicks I got this result

Organizational Charts - How to do in excel - smart art edited org chart

After that, you can leave it in Excel itself or copy and paste it to another file. If you do not understand the structure of Smart Art, take a picture of your screen and copy and paste to the other file.

Human Resource Worksheet Package - Organizational Models

3 Examples of Companies / Famous Organizations

Petrobras Organization Chart

Models of Organization Charts - Petrobras Organization Chart

Apple Organogram

Organizational Charts - Apple Chart

Organization chart of the Central Bank of Brazil

Models of Organization Charts - Organization Chart Central Bank of Brazil

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The essential

I believe we have already gone through the most important, but there are still some final topics that you cannot forget:

  1. The paper accepts anything, so it is important that you have a very good knowledge of the company before designing your organization chart.
  2. The more summarized it is, the easier it will be to understand what he wants to pass on
  3. Use a tool to draw your organization chart (Excel is an excellent choice)
  4. There is no right or wrong, what makes the most sense for your reality is what is

And you already have the organizational chart template of your company created? Do you believe that it represents the reality of what you do or is it time to change? Comment below and get all your questions answered.

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Excel Spreadsheets


  1. I need to put together a functional organization chart of the company with the following detail:

    The organization chart will only have the name and when hovering or clicking on an icon of the name I would like you to open a small window with a photo of the person and a description with the position.

    Can anybody help me..

  2. Hello, Rafael Ávila.
    I have a discussion with the people at the company where I am employed.
    They call the area, each unit of the organization chart.
    For example, financial area, human resources area, etc.
    I prefer to call it a financial unit, a human resources unit, etc.
    Area, would be a set of units, for example:
    the financial “area” would be composed of all the “units”: financial unit, credit recovery unit, accounting unit,…
    In my assessment, they are making a conceptual confusion - the unit represents each functional organism in the organization chart (Financial Management, Credit Recovery Management, Accounting Management, just as an example).
    How do you assess my position?
    Thank you and congratulations for the work.

  3. congratulations, I really liked the possibilities of setting up an organization chart, very cool, thanks.

  4. very good, I really liked to know the possibilities of setting up an organization chart,

  5. Good afternoon I really enjoyed seeing there are several types of organization charts.

  6. circular organization chart in the center the command village is larger and the sectors next to it have many respite

  7. Hi Jorge, thanks for the feedback. I'll answer in parts.

    1 - Siempre we are trying to improve the translation of the calculation tools and the blog, but we know that we have limitations, so if you can help to indicate errors when meeting,

    2 - This is the best option we found to show you what the calculation is, but without releasing the final content

  8. From what I can see you are a man of orchestra. I congratulate you for this wonderful undertaking via ONLINE.
    Very respectfully it would be interesting that you:
    1. It will structure the design and development of these applications (App) or specific solutions, practical and functional, adjusted to the norms, customs, idiosyncrasy, in the respective country where they are promoting, its wide portfolio of products and services, because the translation is not very good and tends to confuse people.
    2. It is frustrating when you drop the DEMO any internet spreadsheet and as you block certain sheets and lines or segments (rows and columns), the customer is hardly able to verify how simple the operability, dynamism and feedback each time introduces data or information, to be able to simulate in different scenarios.
    I suggest very respectfully that it would be preferable to design a simplified example that allows the client to see in real time all the options, alternatives and reports in different modalities that the application generates, being able to parameterize the client according to their real needs. This would be a tremendous strategy of generating a differentiated competitive advantage and lasting as long as possible.
    I look forward to your valuable concept.

  9. Thanks Joao, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I believe they are synonymous for the same type of organization chart

  10. Hello Rafael, I would like to know the difference between the Radial and Sectorial charts. I know you did not approach the industry on the Blog but I can not find clear answers about the difference between the two and I need to write a paper on some types of organizational charts. Congratulations on your work here on the blog.

  11. Hi Mabeli, you can use powerpoint to create this organization chart any way you like. It's even easier with PPT Smart Arts

  12. Good evening Rafaela!
    I would like a simple organization chart with the partner1 manages, partner 2 capitalist, the cooks, the waiters, the cashier.

  13. Hi Rafael.
    Do you suggest a site where you can create a matrix or radial organization chart? Excel only allows me to create basic models.

  14. Hi Eduardo, they were images on Google even if they exemplified the organization chart that I was explaining

  15. I'm doing an academic job and I need to put the org charts. I would like to know the source from which you took this information.

    Thank you

  16. I need to find real company organization chart:

  17. I do not understand what you meant Isabel, could you be a little more specific?

  18. can it just be a list? I received it on a form saying organization chart… but it's just a list… what do you think?

  19. Hi Fernanda, I did not understand what you are having difficulty finding. I can help, but for this I need to understand what you need =]

  20. Good afternoon Rafael

    I need help making a complete organizational chart of the updated model. I'm having a hard time finding. Can you help me? Thank you!


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