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How the Entrepreneur Portal (MEI) works

Entrepreneur Portal - MEI - Individual Microentrepreneur

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The Entrepreneur Portal

O portal of the entrepreneur, portal of the MEI or portal of the individual microentrepreneur was created so that the MEIs be able to solve everything in the same place. In addition to the fact that microentrepreneurs have access to the latest relevant news and detailed legislation, they are also able to hire services without much bureaucracy and solve a range of issues.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

To help you, we've prepared this article listing several ways to get help on the portal:

1) Open a MEI

The first steps to formalize the company must necessarily be given in the portal of the entrepreneur. It is there that the beginning of the the opening of the MEI begins: http://www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br/temas/quero-ser/formalize-se/formalize-se

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Formalization as MEI - Individual Microentrepreneur

It is quite easy to open a MEI. We even prepared a complete tutorial to teach you the step-by-step process. Check it out here how to open a MEI.

2) Change the cadastral data

To change the registration as an individual microentrepreneur, the process also begins in the portal:

change mei registration


You will need to have the CNPJ number, your CPF and the National Simple Access Code. If you do not have the latter, you can generate a new farm website.

3) Issue DAS-MEI

O DAS-MEI is the monthly payment card that every individual microentrepreneur must honor. It is a simplified collection of taxes and charges. Its great advantage is that the value is always fixed and revolves around R $ 50, depending on the activity performed.

To remember the composition of the monthly value of the MEI, just read our article on the topic. In the Entrepreneur portal, to issue the DAS tab, you must access:


But ... be careful not to pay the same ticket twice!

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

4) Discharge in the MEI

When an MEI registration is no longer in use, because the entrepreneur is no longer exercising the activity in question, it is necessary to disregard the MEI registration. This will prevent the non-payment of the monthly card from accumulating outstanding debts.

O process of the MEI it must also be started on the portal and it is necessary to have the same data mentioned in the contractual amendment: CNPJ number, CPF of the person responsible and the Access Code to Simples Nacional.


5) Issue MEI Certificate (CCMEI)

CCMEI is a personal and non-transferable record that corresponds to the company's constitution. It is issued by the portal of the entrepreneur after the formalization of the MEI, registration with the CNPJ and the Board of Trade. It has a number of components:

  • identification of MEI;
  • current status of the Individual Microentrepreneur status and respective date;
  • registration numbers, operating license and licenses, if any;
  • company's adress;
  • additional information;
  • data proving the validity of the Permit of Permit and Provisional Operation, including the Term of Science and Responsibility with effect of License Permit and Provisional Operation;
  • information about its purpose and acceptance.


6) DASN-SIMEI Annual Declaration

The annual declaration of the MEI, DASN-MEI or DASN-SIMEI, must be submitted every year by the MEIs to the Internal Revenue Service. The statement should include the total gross revenue of the previous calendar year, detailing what is subject to ICMS, and information regarding hiring of employees, if any.

The Declaration should be made on the website of the Federal Revenue Service (RFB), but you can access the correct section through the portal of the entrepreneur:


Billing Control Sheet for MEI

7) Place the DAS-MEI in automatic debit

In order not to forget to pay the DAS-MEI and accumulate outstanding debits, you can place the payment of the card in automatic debit. You can do this through the mei portal:


8) Parceling MEI debits

If your DAS-MEI is not in automatic debit and you are not remembering to pay the bills, you are accumulating a debt with the Internal Revenue Service. But to mitigate the problem, this accumulated debt can be parceled out.

The conventional installment may have up to 60 installments and minimum value of the installment of R $ 50. To start the process, use the portal of the entrepreneur:


9) Issue necessary negative certificates for the MEI

To show that your company is up to date with all tax, social security and labor obligations, you can issue negative certificates. Formerly the process was a bit laborious, but currently, all certificates can be issued through the portal of the entrepreneur. To do this, just go to the correct section:

  • http://www.tst.jus.br/certidao
  • https://www.sifge.caixa.gov.br/Cidadao/Crf/FgeCfSCriteriosPesquisa.asp

10) Access to free accounting support

All MEI has access to free accounting support through the Counters of Good:

National Network of Socially Responsible Accountants that Provide Free to the MEIs the Support provided in the Complementary Law LC 123 / 06.

Through this network, the individual micro-entrepreneur can have help creating your record, asking questions and downloading an application to do it all in the palm of your hand. Access to this network of accountants can be done through the portal of the entrepreneur, in the lateral menu on the left.

Billing Control Sheet for MEI

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  1. Hi Maria, you will not have no, as MEI you become a legal person (with CNPJ) and with that, the company in which you work will have less costs. It pays to understand exactly what you will lose in this process.

  2. Hi good night
    I work as a saleswoman.
    But my employer is wanting to get in
    What should I do? Will I have the same rights when I sign the wallet?

  3. Hi, Nivalda, is everything okay? I do not know who from Sebrae informed you, but as far as I know, from the moment you start working, you need to be formalized. This formalization may be simple depending on your activity, it is worth checking if you can be MEI. And about the fine, I believe you have to ask who checked your establishment, I would not know how to report it

  4. Good evening. I have a wardrobe store at 4 months but before I was informed by the sebrae that I would have 6meses p formalizar.Mas the inspection has been downloaded and I have been notified that I have to register my funcionaria.Como I will have to pay fine p account of this? Thank you

  5. Hi Elcione, I'm not sure, it's worth sending a direct message through the portal of the entrepreneur

  6. Hi, Cleberson, is everything okay? Let's do it by steps:
    1 - You can work alone without problems, there is no need to have employees like MEI
    2 - You can work as a CLT and have a MEI without problems
    3 - MEI does not have the same rights as CLT. In the case of MEI you become a service provider and issue invoices so, as CLT you have benefits and discounts that are part of this modality

  7. And how will I have the same rights as if I were working under CLT?

  8. Good morning I opened a mei in case I am as owner. Would you like to know if I can work alone or do I have to be a civil servant? What if I go to work under what?

  9. Hi Paulo, it's worth talking to your accountant / accounting firm to understand what's open and next necessary steps

  10. I really liked knowing the portal, but I have a doubt, I already have a company, open it now is suspended because the market is so low activity, so I stopped paying the accountant and I need to activate things what should I do?


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