Recruitment and selection of people

Recruitment and selection of people
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The recruitment and selection of people is a key part of the human resources department. They are sectors that are linked to one another and that aims to choose the best professional to fill a vacant position of the company.

Recruitment of people

Recruitment and selection of peopleRecruitment is the act of recruiting, enlisting, enrolling, recruiting people to make up the staff of a particular sector, when the need arises verified by the manager of the human resources area.

The recruitment of people aims to seek candidates for the vacancies available for immediate start, as well as for vacancies that may exist in the future.

Those responsible for recruitment have the mission to compose the list of candidates with the best and most qualified for the vacancy.

After making the decision to recruit, the person in charge should think about the candidate's desired profile and the skills needed to take on such a position. It is also necessary to define the mandatory requirements, as well as the desirable requirements, such as professional experience, academic training, training courses, among others that will guide the applications. The recruitment sector makes the opening and availability of the vacancy, receiving resumes in person or online.

Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment

Recruitment and selection of people

There are several forms of hiring, where the company can open a selective process within the company itself to give opportunity to employees who want a better job or who wish to change roles. This form of recruitment is known as internal because it happens only to employees who already work there. Usually we say that it is a company that has a career plan, because it offers opportunities for the employee who stands out, who performs well and consequently has an interest in the opportunities available, promoting their satisfaction and motivation.

External recruitment is already open for people who do not work in the company, that is, they are for people who have an interest in the open job and who seek a position in a certain company to be part of the staff of the same. By recruiting in this way, the company ends up having a greater range of options due to the variety of the number of candidates available to fill the vacancy.

There is also mixed recruitment, where the employee of the company as well as non-employees can apply and compete for open positions.

We can describe the recruiting process as a filter, which starts with a lot of people being phased out, until one gets the best of the filter: the best candidate to participate in a next step called selection.

Selecting people

Recruitment and selection of people

Selecting people is the next step to be taken after recruiting, which selects among the recruited candidates the most appropriate to fill the vacancy offered.

At this stage, candidates who are within the proposed profile are summoned for face-to-face and personal interview. In the interview the selector will actually check your experience, your skills, your profile and you can perform tests to try it and see what it is capable of.

The selection may contain tests of general and specific knowledge, where the candidate is submitted to tests of mathematics, Portuguese and specific subjects for the position. Here your level of theoretical knowledge is checked.

Candidates can also be submitted to group dynamics, and it is through them that the selector identifies the candidate's strengths and weaknesses in relation to their personality and professional ability, such as the leadership profile, the interpersonal comunication, the ease of working as a team, the creativity of the candidate, among others.

When the candidate is approved in the curricular phase, in the personal interview, in the theoretical tests applied and in the dynamics phase, he is subsequently submitted to the interview with the person in charge of the area that is making the vacancy available. At this point, it is time to argue in your favor, you must convince the manager that he really is the best choice, the best option to take the job and that in fact can bring benefits to the company, more than any other candidate competing.

After these steps are completed, the candidate receives the feedback (feedback) from the company, which informs him if he has been approved and contracted. Not all cases, but some companies call on the denial, thanks the application and informs that the curriculum will remain in the database of the same for a certain period.

Recruitment x Selection - Differences.

Recruitment and selection of people

Even though people think recruiting and selection is the same thing, we saw earlier that it is actually two phases.

The recruiting process is where it all begins. In this phase, the need for hiring is identified, the skills required and required to occupy the vacancy are surveyed, and it is also at this stage that recruitment of curricula by the recruiter takes place.

In the next phase that is that of the selection happens the complementation, the finalization of what was started in the previous phase of recruitment. This stage is where the "funnel", the "filter" occurs, where the candidates are reduced as they are submitted to the elimination stages of evaluation, thus leaving the most appropriate professional to fill the vacancy.


Both phases are linked to one another and are of paramount importance for the company to obtain a process of recruitment and selection Management.

I'm sure you've also gone through a recruiting and selection process to get a job. Tell us your experience as a candidate, leave your comment at the end of the post!

Recruitment and Selection Worksheets

Dashboard for recruitment and selection dashboard

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Performance scorecard package

This package consists of six spreadsheets that will assist you in the management of indicators, human resources dashboard, financial dashboard and dashboard of recruitment and selection.

Job and Wage Plan Worksheet

Containing up to 100 types of positions and salaries, with up to 200 employee registration, promotions registration and individual employee analysis, through this worksheet keep organized the positions and salary policies of your company.

Human Resource Sheets Package

This package includes essential tools for managing your entire Rh area, and complete management of your company's employees.

Excel Spreadsheets


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