Understand the difference between trademark registration and patent registration

Understand the difference between trademark registration and patent
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Sometimes we hear about the Trade mark and patent registration, but for many it is still not possible to identify the difference between one and the other.

Both trademark registration and patent registration can be used in specific situations and in this article we will present the difference between these two registers.

Knowing what the specifications are and even, indications for each of these modalities, it is possible to make the right choice when it is needed.

Find out what brand registration is

Before understanding exactly what a trademark registration is and also, what is a patent record is necessary to understand about what we are dealing with when we talk about trademark and patent.

A brand is actually everything that our eyes can achieve and more than that, identify and process.

In this way we can identify that a brand can be considered as a logo, a name, a differentiated writing that concerns a particular company. This can be considered as a brand.

These visual elements will be used to identify and mainly to differentiate one company from another, being able to be of the same segment or not.

In this way the consumer and even the general public will be able to identify through a well-defined visual identity, which is the company that a commercial is dealing with or even a certain product, with the logo of the same.

From obtaining the trademark registration, it will be possible to guarantee full right and exclusivity of the use of a trademark, for the company that obtains that registration.

In this way, any use and even the reproduction of the image will be prohibited, in a way that is improper or that is not allowed by the company.

Therefore, it is necessary for a particular company to have its trademark registration so that it can be protected from any plagiarism or improper reproduction.

Not only for this reason, the registration can guarantee still judicial tranquility, so that no other person can want to obtain any right on the company or mark. Learn more in this article on who can register.

Understand Patent Registration

Let us now understand what a patent is and also how important it is to obtain patent registration for a company.

The relative is directly related to an invention that can be considered technological, being a product as well as a service.

In this case the technologies are not directly related to computing as many can imagine. The technology of a product can be presented for the simple fact of being able to improve the life of the people, not necessarily having to be linked to the computation.

Both the trademark registration and the patent registration, it is necessary that they be obtained from the INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property.

To obtain the patent registration will be necessary to meet the requirements of novelty, inventive step and industrial application. If you are not yet aware of what these requirements are about, you need to contact a company that has experience in performing these activities.

These records are primarily responsible for granting the claimant the rights of creation, so that no one else can appropriate an invention.

For companies that own a patent for a particular product, for example, even if another company develops the same model or something, it will be necessary for the company that does not have the patent registry to pay the rights to the company that owns the product. project.

Since these processes can take even longer than 5 years depending on the case, it is necessary to count on the help of a company that is expert in the accomplishment of this activity and thus, will be the main responsible for all the development of the process and mainly , obtaining the record.

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