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Remarketing and Retargeting: What is it and how to use it?


O digital marketing industry allows you to combine the most diverse technological innovations with your marketing initiatives. One of these new features that technology makes possible is remarketing.

Imagine you have a clothing store in a mall. Hundreds of people pass by daily, checking out the most diverse pieces that you have exposed for sale. Some even get several clothes to see the details better, others get to try and see if the clothes look good. Some of these people will buy, but the vast majority will leave for later.

Remarketing and Retargeting: What is it and how to use it? 1

Once they leave your store, however, it is quite complicated to ensure that your product will continue to be considered by the prospect. There are several other stimuli, and products, that will eventually make your clothes fall into oblivion.

Except for one detail or another, the same thing happens in virtual stores. The various customers will analyze the products and eventually will make a purchase or not. The difference is that in the virtual store, you have the technology to your advantage. And it will ensure your customers do not forget you through remarketing.

Are Retargeting and Remarketing the Same Thing?

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Retargeting is a synonym for Remarketing. That's when you record the information that the customer makes on your site: what products he viewed, what he has added to the cart, how much time has passed on each page, and based on that information, makes ads targeted to that same customer.

In the history of the physical clothing store, it is as if the customer, upon leaving the store, received several announcements of the products he became interested in as he continues to walk through the mall. This view is still an example of science fiction, which may even happen in a few years. But, on the other hand, this is already a very simple and easy to do in the online environment.

propaganda with augmented reality

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the name of Google's retargeting tool, a pioneer in making this type of advertisement on the internet, so it turned out to be synonymous with the strategy of targeting customers who have already visited your site.

With Remarketing you can make targeted ads to customers who have passed your site, including showing products they've already shown interest in, whether it's adding a cart or just spending time looking at more information about the product.


The technical part works more or less this way: the client, when entering your site, receives a cookie, which is a small file that is stored on his computer. So every time you visit your site, Google knows who it is, through that cookie, in addition to the pages they visited and how long they stayed in each of them.

Through this identification by the cookie (which is anonymous, that is, the site owner does not know who is the specific customer, only has registered the navigation data on your site) Google can, through its display network (a network of sites that provide ad space for Google to advertise advertisements through banners), make targeted ads, based on what it has visited on your site.

Remarketing in other platforms

Following Google's successful Remarketing, other media platforms also began using cookies to target their ads. Other media buying sites, such as Bing, already have retargeting tools. However Google's main remarketing competitor is Facebook.

According to Facebook's own data, 8 in each Brazilian 10 access the social network and, on average, spend there at least 22 minutes per day. This gives more or less 11 hours per month on the social network, being one of the websites that most people spend time on the web. Quite a thing, right?

retargeting facebook cookie

Now imagine if you could make specific ads on Facebook for customers who have already visited your site, where do they spend all that time? That's exactly what you do with retargeting ads on the Facebook ad tool.

How can I do Remarketing for my business?

If you want to start doing Remarketing now, you can use the two tools I mentioned earlier: Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

In both you will need to install a tag on your website and this tag will create the identification cookies.

Making Remarketing on Facebooks Ads

In Facebook Ads this tag that will create the cookies is called Pixel. If you already advertise on Facebook, just go to the manager of your ads, click on the top menu to see more options and choose the item Pixels.

facebook pixel for remarketing

After clicking on Pixels, just click on "Add Data Source" and follow the instructions to install Pixel on your site.

facebook pixel for remarketing 2

Making Remarketing in Google Adwords

In Google Adwords it's even simpler. First, click Shared Library in the options:

remarketing on google adwords

After doing this, click the "+" button and select Target Audience.

remarketing on google adwords 2

In Google Adwords, you can even set the pages your client has spent, so if you want to make campaigns based on more specific behaviors (customer passed the X, Y and Z page), this is the screen to configure this behavior.

Once you've created your audience, just create a Remarketing campaign using this new audience.

Can any business use Remarketing? Or is it exclusive to virtual stores?

By understanding the dynamics and how remarketing works, we use the example of the physical store and the virtual store, but in practice any type of business can use that digital marketing strategy, even if you do not sell products online. Want an example? You have a management consulting firm and a prospective client visits your page. He will read everything about your company, what services you provide and will leave to make the decision later, whether or not you hire their services.

If you did not get this customer's registration email or some other form of contact, what assurance do you have that he will actually come back and remember your business? There is a great chance that he will do a new search on Google and end up finding other companies, and he can close deals with them.

How remarketing works

Now imagine if you already use retargeting tools: Two days after the customer visits your site, he starts receiving targeted ads, whether on Facebook or other Google partner sites through the Display Network. Immediately, upon seeing your ad, the customer will remember your company and you will continue as a constant of attention in his head.

The example of the virtual store is much more palpable, since you can show the products that the customer added to the cart, or visited for a longer time on the site, but any type of business that has an online presence can already guarantee visibility with remarketing.

Are there other ways to do Remarketing?

There are yes, mainly using Artificial Intelligence solutions, but it is other companies that do this type of service as the Criteo, in Navegg and Adroll. All of them require a minimum of visitors on your site to start creating the campaigns (generally this minimum is 15 thousand visitors per month, which gives 500 more or less visits per day, but it is important to confirm with each one). There are also other Remarketing initiatives such as the Shopback does, where Remarketing is via email marketing, rather than banners spread with ads.

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