Work safety: how to use it in your business

Workplace safety
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Of course, each professional deals with certain risks according to their activity, be it posture, material handling or harmful environments. In this scenario, the work safety corresponds to a series of measures incorporated to reduce occupational accidents and diseases.

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It is important that both employees and employees are aware of the rules, especially to ensure safe working conditions and to act in accordance with the law.

Although there are differences according to the sectors, there are certain measures very common among companies, such as the performance of the admission examination and the dismissal. As the nomenclatures themselves indicate, they are carried out in the consolidation of the contract of a signed and suspended employee. These are legal requirements, proposed by Article 168 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

In the case of the admission examination, it is crucial for the employee's psychological and physical health conditions to be analyzed by a specialized doctor. After the necessary tests and inquiries, a admission medical certificate is issued and delivered to the company. In this way, the employer has knowledge if the employee is healthy to fulfill his duties.

Already the certificate in relation to the dismissal examination, is a document required for the termination of the contract is homologated. In addition, it ensures that the employee was in good condition during the detachment and avoids subsequent problems, mainly in the judicial scope.

The main aspects of PPE

Os PPE equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) are also examples of measures taken for the sake of safety. Employers should provide and control the PPE equipment free of charge and in good condition, besides being responsible for the periodic verification of the proper use of the items, after all, are mandatory and extremely important.

The employer must also be responsible for the orientation regarding use, storage and conservation, as well as the hygiene of the items and periodic maintenance to ensure their conservation. Among the various equipment applied, it is possible to mention:

  • Boots;
  • Masks;
  • Helmets;
  • Gloves;
  • Glasses;
  • Ear protectors.

The use of these items should only be used if the risks of the work environment can not be excluded and if collective protection measures are not sufficient or feasible. In the case of EPCS (Collective Protection Equipment), the elements are more geared towards the environment itself, such as protections of moving parts of equipment, acoustic insulation from high noise sources, safety signals, among other possibilities. In many cases, therefore, reconciling the two modalities is necessary.

In addition to the factors addressed, it is important to mention that the employee must also address certain issues, such as using PPE only for the appropriate purpose, informing the employer of any damage that would render the use of the item unfeasible and complying with the guidelines with discipline.

Get to know required work safety trainings

Training that involves work safety is essential for the awareness of employers and employees regarding the adequate compliance with current regulations. The trainings can be theoretical and / or practical according to each sector and type of subject addressed. Usually the trainings are given by SESMT (Specialized Services in Safety Engineering and in Occupational Medicine) of the company or by professionals specialized in the area.

One type of training applied is the CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Commission), which corresponds to a group of representatives and employees of the company properly prepared for the recognition of risks in the work environment, in addition to contributing to the awareness about the prevention of accidents.

Of course, there are more specific training courses, because as mentioned, each area has its own particularities. For example, industrial mountaineering companies they work with jobs in height, such as maintenance and cleaning of buildings. This technique requires that the employee be certified, after all, there is exposure to great risks and for this reason, the training covers several theoretical and practical aspects. Among the commonly needed safety equipment, items such as helmets, epi seat belt.

With the information presented throughout the text, it can be observed that not only training, as well as aspects related to the safety of work as a whole, are processes that prioritize appropriate conditions of employees' performance, prioritize the physical integrity and health of the collaborator, in addition to resulting in a team properly prepared to handle the activities in a conscious and safe way.

There are also work safety tools which can help the company to always have the records up to date in this area. In this way, it can be said that it is something that avoids problems for both employers and employees.

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