Employee Vacations: What You Can and Can not

Employee Vacation
Employee Vacation
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Employee vacations are one of the most common topics in the world of work, but also one of the most complex. We will try to address the most relevant legal points for employers, who need to be aware of their duties.

In Brazil, paid leave is a right and a duty of employees: the right to enjoy an annual period without work, but remunerated, and duty not to work in such period.

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Employee holidays are considered to be public order occupational health and safety and therefore are irrevocable by the worker. The most that can be there is the "sale" of 20 days of vacations and the enjoyment of 10 days, but not the waiver of such options. In other words, the employee can not not take vacations or sell up to 20 maximum days if he can.

Employee Vacations: What You Can and Can not


Employee vacations are acquired by the employee with his attendance at work in a period of 12 months, taking as a data base your date of admission. Each month worked or fraction of a month equal to or greater than 15 days, the worker acquires 1 / 12 from proportional vacation, which may have to be paid upon termination, if not for just cause.

For a full-time employee, the number of vacation days purchased is proportional to absences unjustified (read: unjustified for the law) of the employee, being prohibited any other discounts:

Vacation days Unjustified absences
30 5 or less
24 6 to 14
18 15 to 23
12 24 to 32
0 more than 32

For an employee on a part-time basis, proportionality gives a relation to the journey and not to unexcused absences. If they exceed 7, the employee is only entitled to the half of the acquired vacation:

Vacation days Weekly Week
18 22 to 25 hours
16 20 to 22 hours
14 15 to 20 hours
12 10 to 15 hours
10 5 to 10 hours
8 5 or less hours


Employee Vacations: What You Can and Can not

Justified absences

A CLT considers justified faults, that is, that the following faults do not count for the purposes of vacation acquisition:

  • up to 2 days, due to the death of the spouse, ascendant, descendant, brother or person living under the economic dependence of the worker,
  • up to 3 consecutive days due to marriage
  • 1 day, for the birth of the child and the week of this
  • 1 day every 12 months of work to donate blood voluntarily
  • up to 2 days, consecutive or not, for enlistment or election transfer
  • to attend compulsory military activities as a reservist
  • to perform vestibular tests
  • to appear in court
  • to participate in an international event as representative of the union
  • due to maternity leave or abortion
  • accident or illness, duly certified by the INSS, up to a maximum of 6 months (more than 6 months is a chance of loss of vacation)
  • not deducted from the salary, that is, paid by the employer
  • due to the preventive suspension to respond to administrative inquiry or preventive detention, if unpunished or acquitted
  • on days where there was no service, up to the maximum of 30 days (more than 30 days, paid period counts as vacation, being owed by the employer, however, the additional third)

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Once acquired, employee holidays must be taken, as a rule, one time on consecutive days within the 12 months following the acquisition, under penalty of being paid in double. The moment of the concession is at the discretion of the employer, but the concession must be communicated in writing to the employee with the minimum advance of 30 days, upon receipt of the employee. The period of vacation should also be noted employee's CTPS and employee records.

The lowest of 18 years has right to take vacations along with your school holidays and family member can enjoy the holidays at the same time if they wish and if it does not harm the business interest.

The beginning of vacations can not Saturday, Sunday, holiday or weekly rest day (ie, rest during the week, when working on a Sunday or a holiday), and payment must be done up to 2 days before of the beginning of the holiday, under penalty of being paid in double.

As an exception, individual vacations can be split into, maximum, 2 periods, where at least one of them must be 10 days running. You can not employees under the age of 18 and those over 50 years of age should be split up.

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Remuneration of Employees' holidays

Employee leave shall be remunerated on the basis of todas the installments of salary nature usually paid to the employee, according to the amounts in the month of the concession, but 1/3 as additional. The employee thus receives 4 / 3 of his remuneration, at least legally guaranteed. Nothing prevents the contract of employment or collective standard from increasing the additional, but it can not be reduced, given the nature of public policy standard of vacation.

Example: An employee receives minimum wage (R $ 724,00), plus transportation and meal voucher. When you take a vacation, you should receive $ 965,34 (724 x 4 / 3) because the laws that regulate the transportation voucher and the meal voucher, if the company participates in the PAT (Food Workers' Program), provide that these are not of a salary nature and thus do not form the basis for calculating holidays. Note that, in the case of the meal voucher, that the supply of food to the worker is, as a rule, considered to be salary (salary-utility), not being only if provided under the PAT.

Employee Vacation - Human Resource Worksheet Package

Employee vacation allowance ("sale of holidays")

Vacation allowance, known on a day-to-day basis as holiday sales, is only possible for full-time employees. By CLT, the employee has right by law to receive a third of the vacations acquired in cash, instead of enjoying them. Such entitlement shall be required up to 15 days before the end of the vesting period. The payment, as an indemnification, does not integrate the remuneration of the employee for labor purposes.

In addition to the allowance authorized by the law itself, the CLT allows employees and employers to agree the allowance for an additional 10 days of vacation through a clause in the contract, collective rule (collective bargaining agreement or agreement) or business regulation, totaling, with the allowance cool one max possible 20 days possibly subscribed ("sold") and 10 days necessarily enjoyed.


Employee Vacations: What You Can and Can not

Loss of employee vacations

The employee can only lose the right to vacation if any of the following during the purchasing period:

  • leave work and not readmitted within 60 days
  • enjoy paid leave for more than 30 days, even if discontinuous
  • enjoy paid leave for more than 30 days due to partial or total shutdown of company services
  • receive accident aid or INSS sickness insurance for more than 6 months
  • missing more than 32 days

It is the role of every manager and employee to know the rules of the employment relationship. This avoids confusion and creates a fair and motivating work environment. If you have questions, comment below. If you want a spreadsheet for employee registration and control, including employee holidays, click here.

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  1. If the company stops due to a fire ... can you discount these days on the employee's vacation?

  2. Hi Ana,

    Were your vacations overdue or were you entitled to vacation? These are very different situations. Now, in general, the employer has the right to set when the holidays will be taken and those dates can be changed with up to 30 days in advance.


  3. Hello,
    My boss warned me that I would give up my holiday due on 19 in October, 27 in March. One week after I scheduled, she told me she could only leave on 23 in April. So, I asked why: she said that the larger boss wanted it that way. Then she requested on my portal for departure 23 day of March. But, I already had a combined appointment for the end of April, and asked to change at the portal, she said she could not because the paper was already signed, and had been sent. Even so, I tried to switch to the portal the same day. Time, if it had already been approved, and the paper sent with my signature and the head, I think that even if it were not really possible to change, the system would reject, prevailing the first approved petition. But, to my surprise, rh canceled all orders, including the first without notice. As the boss had said that even trying to exchange, the first request would prevail, as it would not be approved by the manager. I stayed 1 full month planning the beginning of my vacations, and marking the appointments for such days, but I suspected when my money did not enter, because the same always enters 5 days before. obs: the whole month was asking the boss to check with rh, since we do not have direct contact with him. To my surprise, I will not be able to go on vacation, because so-and-so has canceled everything on rh. My boss states that nothing can do, and that vacation for me, only after July now, because mothers' month is to sell. She then proposed to take 10 days in April, however my portal does not let me ask. It's as if I've missed my vacation. Is this right? Do I have to take it out only when you want? Can I cancel a holiday so that I have a signed paper saying that the same after it has been approved and sent, and confirmed, can not be canceled?

  4. Hi Daniela,

    Unjustified faults can actually result in loss of vacation. Anyway, I suggest you check your situation with your union, okay?


  5. Good afternoon!
    I'm pregnant and early in my pregnancy was very difficult (due to nausea), most of my absences were untidy and so I received 70,00 for payment and I was cut off the VR for 2 months. Now that I'm almost on leave, HR informed me that I have no vacation rights. Is this right ?
    I work 6 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday, and only now they had the idea of ​​leaving me working from Monday to Friday, this included the reduction of my salary and my VR as well.
    What should I do in this case?

  6. Hi, Fia,

    He should receive the salary of the next 30 days in advance + 1 / 3 of that amount within two days before taking the vacation. Therefore, at the end of July he does not receive the salary, because it has already been advanced to him, okay?


  7. Hi Rosimeire,

    Apparently, you will receive the 10 days sold on the next payment, but it is worth checking the correct calculations with the person in charge of your company.


  8. (Good morning !, I would like to know the following, my son works in a liquor distributor, and scheduled his vacation for July, our doubt is;
    the third of the vacation he receives along with the payment of June? before leaving if he holidays ?? (the payment of it is every day 30)
    and next 30 of the month of July he receives normal salary ?? (mes that he will be on vacation)
    some people told him, and, (I also called the accounting office) that next month there is no payment ,,, nothing is received ,,, but it is not paid holidays, my husband works in the city and receives !! I know several people who receive,
    How can you not have payment next month? Is not that a rule for everyone?
    I await, rsp.

  9. Good Morning ! I took 20 days of vacations and received about R $ 1133,00 (my salary is R $ 740 with INSS discounts, voucher and etc ...). The other 10 days sold and would like to know if I already received the amount included in the $ 1133,00 or if I will receive these 10 days on my next payday?

  10. OK!
    Many thanks for responding!
    But you're right on the first answer.
    I have read the article and others related to it.
    Holidays will only be excluded from counting the holidays when it is less than 30 days. That is, the minimum period of vacation.
    In my case, it will be 30 days running like you already said!
    In any case, you were not mistaken, I who, without going into the matter in depth, induced you to think otherwise.
    I was wrong!
    Grateful for the attention!

    Your blog is great!
    I downloaded some e-books and I loved it!
    As I do not use Excell, I applied your tips to LibreOffice Calc, and despite the extreme difference, I made some adaptations and managed to improve my spreadsheets!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a clear and objective way!

  11. In my work want to give me only 20 holiday days, can I get the other 10 days in another month?

  12. Hi Elaine,

    By law, you have to take your entire vacation. There are exceptions as explained above in the post where you can “sell” 10 days of them. Anyway, the company should have paid you only the proportional amount for those 12 days. You need to get information to regularize your situation with the same employer.


  13. Hi Diego,

    Holidays can be closed on weekends, yes. In addition, they can be taken in no more than two blocks with not less than 10 days. However, you took a vacation before you even completed a year of company. This could not be counted as vacation by CLT. I think it's important for you to get in touch with your union or a lawyer about that too.


  14. Thanks for answering.
    But, regarding Article 6 of the 132 Convention of the ILO
    Would it not imply the full duration of my vacation?
    Right now, grateful for your response!

  15. Hello I have a question I received 30 days of holidays plus 1 / 3 more so I rested 12 days
    18 days remain that the company owes me how it is these days in
    they have to give me money if I do not take rest
    I get the days worked plus these 18 days out is this

  16. Hello
    I'm in doubt about my vacation, could you help me?
    I was admitted to 18 / 02 / 2014 with 44 hours a week Saturday and Sunday paid rest, I took 12 days between 12 / 06 / 14 to 23 / 0614, then I was given 12 days between 24 / 12 / 2014 to 04 / 01 / 2015 started on Wednesday and closed on Sunday, 2 periods were advised less than a week in advance.
    Can holidays be closed on weekends?
    How often can vacations be divided?
    Can holidays be granted as stings (12,13,14…. Days at a time)?

  17. I'm going to do 1 year now end of March until when should I take vacations, that is can I take up a day before doing 2 years in the company?

  18. I took just cause for lack I took three absences 2013 one day 3 September 2014 just cause February 2015 what can I do having holiday break more I would not want to negotiate

  19. Hi Hudson,

    If your mother's house is in her name, your ex-wife has no claim on it. However, I advise you to seek help from a lawyer, as we do not really master marriage matters here on the blog.


  20. Hi Gustavo,

    Holidays are counted on calendar days including weekends and holidays, yes. However, it can not start on weekends and holidays and the 04 / 04 / 2015 day seems to be a Saturday.


  21. Hi Fernanda,

    It depends on whether you will resign with or without cause. But vacations do not have any kind of relevance for dismissal.


  22. Good morning
    My mother has two houses and left my wife, I, and our daughter who has 5 years to live in one of them. Now after 3 years we have been together in this house we decided to separate, but my wife does not want to leave saying that also has right in the house, does she really have any right? And can I ask her to leave the house because she has a house somewhere else? (She has a house on her mother's lot)

  23. Does the holiday count include holidays or Sundays?
    Well, it's not a business day, right?
    I will enjoy my holidays (30 days) from the day 4 / 4 / 15
    Only this day is a Saturday and in addition there will be two holidays in my vacation period
    What will be the correct day of my return?
    From now on, I am grateful for the attention and the excellent article!

  24. Good afternoon!

    I have employees on vacation, and I intend to fire the employee after his return. Being that I am in doubt, because they “say” that there is a LAW, which prohibits this type of act. Does that check? Is it true that you can only dismiss him after 30 days of his return?

    Thank you very much in advance;

  25. Hi Clenilda,

    This is not right, as vacations must be advised in advance and paid accordingly. You must seek the union or a labor lawyer to assist you in this situation.


  26. Hi Emilly,

    Until two days before taking the holidays, you will receive the proportional salary in this period + 1 / 3 of that amount, okay?


  27. Good evening.

    I signed a contract with 1 on January 2, I did not go on vacation, on 26 the company started a change of building, I worked on the change, but in February I did not work, I only did some services that my boss sent as I went even go to the mail queue for him. The month of January he paid me, but until February 11 of March did not pay, he sent the accountant to hit my vacation, I was told by a colleague (I have not returned to work because my sector is not ready, I do not have nothing to do with the time he spends to get the sector ready, when he calls me, I do what he says, he does not pay the errands and he did not let me know that I'm on vacation. What's right and what's wrong?

  28. My vacation won in 25 / 10 / 14, the company wants to give me a vacation next month. Can I refuse? What happens if I refuse? Is that in 2 months I will leave the company and would not like to take the vacation next month.

  29. Oii, in the company where I work, in December we took 10 days of vacations and we received for them, now in March I get the rest, how will the value that I have to work? My salary is 1.120,00

  30. I'm in doubt. I'm going on vacation 16 / 03 / 2015 to 15 / 04 / 2015. I would like to know, if I have the right to receive the salary of the month of February normally, plus the holiday values.

  31. good afternoon!!! I went on holiday 09 / 02 / 15 day and my manager said that I have to go back 09 / 03 / 15 is correct ????

  32. Good Morning! I have a question, I was admitted to 02 / 09 / 13 and I went away for help with the disease (disc herniation in the lumbar, where I did surgery) in 08 / 08 / 14 I stayed away until 20 / 02 / 15, where I was discharged, I entered with a request for reconsideration since 1 hernia in the lumbar returned and my doctor asked for leave for another 120 days, since I am still in treatment and I can not stay mto time sitting or standing and work sitting in a computer for more 9 hrs, my new (19 / 03 / 02 to 09 / 13 / 08), if the INSS does not reconsider and remove me and I return to work, if it is dismissed without just cause, I lose the right to receive the proportional vacation ? Thank you in advance for your attention. Att Daniela

  33. Hello Antonio,

    Actually, the job has nothing to do with overtime. If your workday is 8 hours, any work above that should be paid as overtime. I think you can try to talk to them about it, but it does not seem fair what's happening at all.


  34. Hi Fernanda,

    One thing is tied to the other. You only get the extra vacation when you have the right to enjoy them. So you really will not get anything.


  35. I have been working 27 for years in a company, in which I started as an Office Boy, then I was promoted to Axiliar as a warehouse, where I worked for 06 for years, after that I was promoted to technical supervisor, which I am working on until now.
    The company with the intention of not paying me overtime, I appointed the Technical Manager only on my business cards not giving the promotion in the wallet, now so claiming that I have a trust position and so I will no longer earn overtime. Doubt, can this be done this way without there being any compensation at my salary ??
    Because they just arrived with this imposition and it was like this, or I accept or personal the accounts and I leave, should I do this ??

  36. Hello, everything is fine. I call Fernanda work in a company and I missed too much. I missed the holidays… I also lose the right to receive… .the value of the holidays or just the days of enjoyment….

  37. Good night! I did an internship however in the last month that was February I only worked from the 1st to the 18th and in that interval the 16th and 17th was a holiday… When receiving the proportional salary these 2 days were discounted, it is correct to discount the holidays even if it is a scholarship. internship ?

    Att ikaro guerra

  38. Hi!
    I took a vacation from 26 / 01 / 2015 to 15 / 02 / 2015.
    On my salary receipt came the discounted 06 vacation days for 01 / 2015 and 15 holiday days for 02 / 2015, which should be discounted in 02 / 2015.
    On the 02 / 2015 salary receipt would not the correct one be received for the full month instead of 15 days, since it was paid and discounted in the month 01 / 2015?

  39. Good Morning!
    Did the employee work on Sunday, can his first vacation be on Monday? the second being its fixed clearance on a 6 × 1 scale?
    I await

  40. Hi Luan,

    In fact, the communication should have been made in writing. Anyway, if you had any damage with the date change, the company should reimburse you, okay?


  41. Hello the company told me that I would leave on vacation on 06 / 03 / 2015 without any further confirmation by phone. Today 5 / 03 / 2015 is canceling my holidays until the second order. This can be done ?

  42. Hi Leandro,

    There is no order to be followed. You sell the 10 days and get paid for them and take the holidays when you agree with the employer.


  43. Let's suppose my holidays are 05 / 03 day in the wallet, but I'll sell 10 days, will those 10 days start 06 days or 20 days hence? (first shot the holidays or first work the 10 days to then go on vacation?).

  44. Hi Priscila,

    In fact, when you take the holidays out of the period of enjoyment, you should get doubled by them, however your situation seems to be much more erratic than that. I suggest you consult your union or even a labor lawyer, okay?


  45. Good Afternoon!
    The employer where I work has not given me my vacation and is already selling the second, I wonder if it is true at the expiration of 2 holidays I have the right to receive by the value of 3.
    I'm waiting!
    Priscila A.

  46. Hello Leandro, this post has already helped a lot in the decisions that I need to make.
    Thank you!

    Big hug!

  47. Oi
    Can you help me
    Maybe I have surgery in the spine and in the face of this situation my employer suggested that I do the surgery during my vacation, is that correct?

  48. There is no difference, since the basis of calculation was the month of December. If you have ever worked in January, then yes you would receive the new salary proportionately.


  49. Good morning, Leandro,

    I'm still in doubt. I receive on the 5 working day for the month to the previous month. Even though I was on vacation in January, I would receive the salary difference that would be paid on the 5 day of February.


  50. Hi Jose,

    As it seems, 15 days of vacation were taken instead of 10, right? You should get it right. Well you should have gone back to work 2 day, if it were really only 10 days.


  51. Good afternoon my friends, is as follows, I work in a company that determined to stop in December of 2014, about 10 days, that is, we worked until the 20 day of December and we enjoy holidays the remaining 10, it happens that, for calendar reasons , we only started working on Monday 05 / 01 / 2015, and by the end of January, we only received 25 working days, as if we had not worked the same 5 day of January, I complained and said that it would have to receive the 26 days remaining work but the company denies and says that it is well thus, I ask if they can help me, are they right? Thank you for any attention. Thank you very much
    José Frazão

  52. Thank you very much, but the company already deposited the money of the vacations last night even !!!

    Hugs !!

  53. Hi Aparecida,

    The January salary usually refers to the month of December, so the new minimum wage would not yet apply. You should start getting the new value from February onwards.


  54. Good afternoon!

    I get the minimum wage and took vacations on Jan / 2015, my question is: should January have received the minimum wage difference?



  55. Leandro Borges, good afternoon.

    My question is as follows, go on vacation in 19 / 01 / 2015 and returned in 18 / 02 / 2015, I will receive the salary now in the beginning of March / 2015 for 11 days worked. I received the information that the calculation for payment is over 30 days, so should receive 13 days worked. Given that the calculation for monthly payment is over 30 days, even when the month is 31 days. Is it right???? Thanks.

  56. I took thirty days of vacation, but the company had to interrupt my vacation for 05 five days, Doubt these five days can be compensated in double since I was on vacation

  57. Thank you!

    It was a month straight. They did not discount the termination. I believe they will discount the salary that will be paid sixth.
    He believed that termination had to pay for everything, but that was not the case with this company.

    Once again, thank you!
    On 03/03/2015 09:00, “Disqus” wrote:

  58. Hi Vivian,

    Holidays are counted on calendar days, regardless of weekends or holidays. Therefore, the calculation of payments is made according to this premise.


  59. Hi Erica,

    In this case, everything can be agreed in the termination of the contract itself, including payment proportional to the days worked, if you have not closed a calendar month.


  60. for those who work 6 by 2… if I take a holiday in the month that contains holidays… for example during my holidays there are two holidays in this case of my doubt… do they have to pay for the holidays during the holidays?

  61. Good afternoon, and if company does not pay the holidays in this period of 02 days before the start of the holiday, does it like to report ?? I'm going on vacation on 04 / 03 and have not yet deposited the importance of my vacation.

  62. good afternoon,

    In the carnival was settled between company and employee that the second and Tuesday carnival would be of rest discounted on vacation, however was in the experience period and the company dismissed the employee, can the company discount on payment or contract recess?


  63. Hi Paul,

    In fact, vacations are counted in 30 days running. Since February is a month of 28 days only, you should go back to work on 04 / 03 / 2015 day.


  64. Hi Vitor,

    What happens is that the company has the right to decide WHEN the employee is going to take the holidays and this ends, therefore, also including the definition of HOW. Therefore, they can really decide unilaterally on your vacation. Of course, everything should be talked about in order to maintain a good relationship among all.


  65. I took day trips 02 / 02 / 2015 my supervisor informed me that I would have to go back 02 / 03 / 2015 day; Is this true?

  66. Hello, Leandro.
    My question is about this specific part of the legislation you mention in the text.
    “As an exception, individual holidays can be divided into a maximum of 2 periods, at least one of which must be 10 calendar days. Holidays for children under 18 and over 50 cannot be split ”

    The company where I work says that I cannot split my vacation, although at first I was told that I could take 10 days and then the remaining 20. Everything was scheduled until I received the news that it would not be possible, as the law does not allow it. I have already researched this issue and I know that the legislation allows the installment payment of holidays only in “exceptional cases”, but it is not clear about which cases these would be. Anyway, I know that this is a very common practice in the market, even by large and multinational companies, so it is a little difficult to understand why a small company could not do that. How does this question really work? It turns out that in the end it comes down to company policy or an employee / employer agreement?



  68. Good morning Dear, does not the employee also lose days for unjustified absences also loses the cash value, for these faults? And would you like to know if it is discounted in the salary (788,00) and the holiday received (1 / 3 262,66)?

  69. I was on vacation on 15 from January to 15 in February,
    end of January I just received real 50 and on February 15 I did not
    I was still on vacation and at the end of February I only received
    181 real, these discounts are correct because I believe this is wrong ??
    but I got my feris right….

  70. I was on holiday 15 from January to 15 February, and at the end of January I only received real 50 and on February 15 I did not receive it because I was still on vacation and at the end of February I only received real 181, these Discounts are correct because I believe this is wrong ?? but my feris I received right.

  71. I have 22 faults to this day, only that when I did a year of company on the 25 / 11 / 14 day, I had 18 faults. I would like to know if the faults that will be counted are the 18 faults, or if it continues counting my faults, which in case they are already in 22 failing until the day the company decides to give me my vacation.

  72. Anderson,

    The vacation days you got were for the past year. Therefore, you should use the year's absences to step to calculate how many days you will be entitled, okay?


  73. Good afternoon people?? Well, I'd like to ask a question: I completed 1 business year on the last day 25 / 11 / 14. I know by the law the company has until 1 year and 11 months in the case to give me my vacation, which in case, they have until the day 25 / 10 / 15. Well, my doubt and know if my unexcused absences count until the day they gave me my vacation or if it was already closed the cycle of faults when I completed 1 year of company?

  74. Good afternoon.
    I worked for an 3 company for years. But I only enjoyed 2 vacations. 1 year and a half after my entry I took the first vacation and after 1 a year and a half I took the second. In the recession, I was sent away after my return from holidays. I will be entitled to 1 expired holidays, in the amount of the recess? Thank you

  75. Plus I get doubled in every vacation period? how 1ª had to be 18 / 02 / 2014 and the 2 ° period of expired fairs 18 / 02 / 2015?

  76. Good morning,

    in the company in which I work 18 / 02 day completed 2 years and no holidays, I wanted to know your I receive double referring to 2 vacations that won without taking them out and without receiving?
    my salary and $ 1100,00

  77. I had confidence until March 2014 and was demoted. I went back to the previous function. My vacation period expired in July 2014 but I will take out in March 2015. Doubt: is the holiday hit by the current or proportional salary?

  78. Hi. I would like to know how long a company can NOT give vacations to their employee?

  79. Hello I came back from vacation, I know I do not receive this month, but how is the correct overtime made during this month that I do not receive?

  80. I understand. You should have received compensation for the 12 vacation days, yes. At the next salary, you will receive the proportional of the days worked, okay?


  81. Thiago.
    Hello I have a doubt I have 17 years, I was admitted to the company 17 / 02 / 2014 and in December we took 12 days of collective vacations, in which I did not have any type of remuneration, and now 9 of March I will take the rest, I get 5 day salary, and day 20 down payment, how much should I receive, and how will it be discounted the next month being my salary is R $ 971,00, are there any irregularities there? Thanks in advance

  82. My holidays are due on 18 in April. Can I go on vacation from 10 in April?

  83. Good Morning ! I took a collective vacation in December the end of it was January 5 the rest of the days worked in December was paid on February 5 this is right? There is no satisfaction whatsoever… I thank you and I look forward to it.

  84. Hi good afternoon !!!
    I wanted to ask the dear ones for help !!
    I am a domestic maid I took a vacation from the day 05 / 012015 until 0122015 I get every day 25 one day before leaving on vacation receive the vacation, third of the vacation and salary. I would like to know how much I should receive now 25 February. Thank you

  85. every month we receive payment on 5 day and it is valid on 20 day, only that I noticed my holidays on the 2 day of February, you have the right to take the voucher even when leaving holidays at the beginning of the month

    In 20 February 2015 14: 58, Disqus wrote:

  86. Good evening, I'm in doubt about something and need help to explain myself. I'll give an explo: suppose I get 1.500, then I took a whole month from 17 day from December to 17 day January, (then I get paid 5 day and 20 day) 20 day I do not receive anything there, 5 day fevereuro received only the days worked of January (from 17 day of January to 31 day of January) arrives day 20 received only the valley. I always get 5 and I get 900 and 20 day I get 600. Was not it for me to receive 15? Or at least 750 and not 600 ?? Is this right or wrong ??

  87. I took vacations in the month February 2 day, I am entitled to, salary increase that is deposited every day 20 of the month, salary increase known as wage bill

  88. But I already took 10 holiday days before completing 1 year in December without receiving anything. Does it make any difference?

  89. Good morning, a full year in 02 / 03 / 15, but I'm only going to take a vacation in June. Should I receive it now in March or just when taking a vacation?

  90. I am a Frentista, I work all the week, and My weekly gap is every Thursday, My vacations can start day of Sunday.

  91. Hello I have a doubt in the company where we work collective vacations of 14 days and was not paid these days would like if we take collective vacations have to be paid? if yes, when does the payment have to be made before leaving or after when we enjoy the remaining 16 days ?.

  92. Hi… I went on vacation on February 2nd, I have 27 days to take a vacation, work from Monday to Saturday .. what day do I have to go back? By my accounts I would have to return on Sunday the 01st, but I don't work on Sunday ... would I have to anticipate and return on Saturday the 27th or on the 02nd day XNUMX?

  93. Hi Rafaela,

    It's OK? In fact, by law, you can not sell your entire vacation. The normal 10 days are, and in some exceptions, 20 days. You sell is the 1 / 3 on the holiday pay, proportional to the days sold, okay?


  94. Good afternoon. Please, take me out a question. I was going to sell my 30 days on vacation because I need the money, but if I sell 20 only, would I have 30% or not? Is 30% only for total sale of the holidays?

  95. Hi Dayane,

    This seems to be wrong, but it is something that can be easily fixed with a conversation. Anyway, did you take the holidays and get paid for it?


  96. but I already received the holidays in January, and in the sheets to sign I signed I had taken in 01 / 12 / 2014 to 31 / 12 / 2014 but I did not take it

  97. Hi Dayane,

    There is no date relationship between employee holidays. You must take them out immediately because they have already been won. Plus, you should get double for them.


  98. 25 / 11 / 2014, and until now I did not take a fair, a coworker also won her 13 / 01 / 2015 days, well, mine won before,
    she has the right to take the holidays before me?
    and that mine is already due to 3 months?

  99. Hi, Daiana

    The days of the attestation will not count as holidays, okay? You will have the opportunity to enjoy them at another time.


  100. Good Morning! I took a day off 04 / 02 / 15, but I underwent surgery on 14 / 02 / 15 day, and the doctor prescribed 30 days of medical certificate, what should I do? Do I continue on vacation or are vacation paralyzed?

  101. Good morning my name is Rosana I was and maternity leave and leave on vacation only I receive my fifteenth day and my vacation I took day twelve I wanted to know if I have no right to receive the fifteenth day.

  102. Good afternoon sirs.
    My question is: I completed 1 year of service, but my boss does not want to give me the vacation now, so, can I go to some agency to force him to take the vacation or does he have a “time” period as an addition?
    Since obrigado ha.

  103. Good morning,

    My boss gave me a group holiday, 12 days at the end of the year, but she did not pay me this proportional of the holidays, claiming that I was not obliged, that if she wanted to I could pay only when I took the rest of the vacation, she said it with based on the information that the accountant passed to her. Is she correct in stating this?
    Thanks for listening

  104. Hi. I have a doubt go on holiday 05 day of January and I came back 03 day of February. real 2270 gain
    I know that my vacation gave 2652,75 be right but I have no right to receive 4 day worked? when you come back from vacation

  105. Hi Israel

    There is no relationship between employee holidays. If both were within the period of enjoyment, it is up to the company to decide the best dates, okay?


  106. Hi Kamila,

    It is possible to miss vacation days for unjustified absences, yes. See above in the post the discount table to check, okay?


  107. Hi Mariane,

    The entry into the company does not influence the date of the vacation. Each one has his period of enjoyment and the company can organize it the way it is best, okay?


  108. Hello, my name is Israel, My friend joined the company where I work after me, and the same is going to take a vacation first that I

  109. Good evening, I'm in doubt, I went on maternity leave in October 2014, I had some absences and most of them justified with proof, and those that were not justified, were discounted in my October 2014 paycheck, in the case I paid my absences. I would have to return 2015 end of January to work, but I received my vacation in February, and I was discounted 8 days of my vacation, and the justification they gave me was that for as long as I have paid my absences they will automatically be discounted in my so I'll have to go back to work on 22 in February. I would like to know if this is correct?

  110. the company can put an employee's vacation in front of mine being that he came in after me? Can not I accept?

  111. Can the press pass an employee up front to get a vacation? Like if he came in after me and gets his vacation first? Can I not accept and complain?

  112. Exit from holidays 22 day of 12 I returned 12 of 01 to sell 10 days me a salary is 2.702,65 to receive this value and another one third only, and the ten days that sell how is it done? I did not have to receive the equivalent of ten days?

  113. Quit selling holidays for ten days, my salary is 2702,65, get that value plus a third of it. And the ten days you sell how does it work? I do not have to receive

  114. Fernanda.
    after the end of the holiday, does the next payment have any discount for vacations?

  115. Many thanks, Leandro. ma helped a lot, is that when we leave on vacation they do not explain anything,

  116. I even tried to talk. On the day of the collective vacation return, when the company office also returned (it is a factory), I asked about it and the employee responsible for HR simply said that I have no right, despite the Law saying otherwise (in my understanding of the text) cool). And look, there was damage. I wanted and really needed the 30 days (personal issues). Now, whether you need it or not, what matters is the Law, and it seems very clear to me. There is even the aspect of non-resignation: the employee, over 50 years old, MUST enjoy the 30 consecutive days of vacation. He can, at most, “sell” 1/3, also according to the Law. My question is whether I interpreted the Law correctly and, if so, if there is a penalty that should now be imposed on the company. Note: I don't want to “bill” on the case. I just want to be aware of everything that the legislation says about it. Thanks.

  117. Hi Paul,

    Actually, your situation is very specific. I would not know how to respond accurately, but it seems to me that there was not much prejudice. Did you want to get 30 days straight yourself? This seems to be something better settled with conversation.


  118. Hi Christiane,

    The employer can choose the day of your holiday, however, by the CLT, this has to be notified with 30 days in advance. So it is worth weighing whether you want to fight for it or not.


  119. Excuse me. There was an error. The Law I quoted is wrong. The correct one is 1535 / 77. A Decree-Law, in fact.

  120. Hello. I read several messages and I believe that there is no question about it. My case is simple. Until now I have researched the 1513 / 77 Law, which seems to give me reason. The company I worked on gave collective vacations of 14 days at the end of 2014. But even though I completed 50 years in July / 2014 (3 months before the end of the vesting period), I was denied the right to 30 holiday days as determined in this Act. Is there anything I do not know about or were I really entitled to 30 days? Plus: if I had my right curtailed, is there any administrative and / or pecuniary penalty that the company now owes me? Thank you.

  121. I took 20 days off, and now when I return, it was discounted in addition to the salary I get when I take a vacation 1 / 3, is the 1 / 3 discount correct? I found that the salary was discounted only in advance.

  122. Good afternoon

    I have 5 vacation days corresponding to 2014
    hj I get an email saying that I have to take this week out of the carnival (16 / 02 to 23 / 02)
    this is correct?
    Being that all will stay at home from Mon to Mon and she put just those days of vacations;

  123. Hello Leandro, good afternoon! Thank you for your answer… In my case, it happens that I want to take the 30 days off and the company wants to offer me 20 days + the allowance, so, I will have to expose my preference to them and try to reach an agreement…

  124. The proportional is right, but it is not for you to subtract one-third of that, but, yes, add 1 / 3. In fact, because you do not yet have a year at home, this will not impact your real vacation. At first, it's all right, Katia.


  125. Hi Marizia,

    Not right, no. You should have received everything up to 2 business days before taking the holidays. I suggest you talk to your employer to regularize your situation!


  126. leandro is it, even …… the company will pay the proportional to the work… .. i know that this is not right, …… i have a month of company and they will pay the proportional to what i worked q is 1 month… .. others who have more will be proportional eg salt 900/12 = 75,00 ()

    75X7 = (7 ex month) = 525,00
    525 / 1 / 3 = 175,00

    Are you understanding ????? they want to pay for the time worked as if it were the 13th salary… ..

    How do I have a month I will not receive anything
    if it were an advance of 10 days your accounts are cortissimas ,,,,

    what should we do????? justice???

  127. 01 / 06 I did not receive anything, only 11 / February day I was to receive my salary and the holidays until today 02 / XNUMX I have not yet received, I would like to know if this is right.

  128. Hi Katia,

    I think you misunderstood the vacation calculation. In fact, it is the salary proportional + 1 / 3. I do not know the correct values ​​its would be something like $ 300 + $ 100.


  129. I took my vacation of the year in September, December had another so I stayed with a vacation that only won in 2016, I was dismissed this month of February, I have to return the value to the company?

  130. I have been working for a month and at first due to my calculations the company imposed q 10 days of taking a vacation… ..but I've been reading some things and I had a doubt…. they will pay the proportional to the worked but I knew that this was right for those who are fired or ask to leave a company…. the proportional to the worked is paid

    How is that possible? is it certain to pay proportional of the holidays still working ???? and I get 900 per month

    and they will pay 900 / 12 = 75,00
    75 divided by the third part 1 / 3 = 25,00

    so my 10 days of holidays will be worth 2,50 however each working day is 30 R $
    are holidays for 11 people… collective

    I await contact…

  131. Good morning, I'd like to know if the company can deduct the 6% of the transportation coupon from the employee who is on vacation without paying the transportation coupon.

  132. Hi Raissa,

    According to the CLT, if the deadline has expired, you should take the vacation as soon as possible and receive double the company for the period.


  133. Hi Rosa,

    Holidays can not start on Saturday and Sunday, but as they are counted on a running day, weekends in the middle of those days count, yes.


  134. Hi Paula,

    1 / 3 should not have been discounted at all, since it is your remuneration for the holidays, and the salary is correct. From what I looked for in normal vacations the INSS is discounted, yes, but I advise you to seek more information with a union or a labor lawyer.


  135. Hello Leandro.

    I worked in a company a few years ago and enjoy holidays normally, but in 2014 the company changed management and they did not mark my vacation that would be for the 08 / 2014 month. I would like to know if I can still enjoy them in the year of 2015 or the company should pay me in cash and mark a new holiday period for the current year or how I should proceed.

    Att Raissa

  136. My employer always gives me 10 holiday days at the end of the year counting 25 from December 1 from January to SAT and this gift is allowed.

  137. good would like to know out of collective vacation for 10 days the company paid me compensation of vacation and 1 / 3 so that qnd received my salary the month they discounted the 10 days paid including 1 / 3. this can and want to know tbm if they can discount the inss of these vacations because I was informed that a bill was approved that prohibits this discount

  138. Hello all well . I was deployed on 03 / 2 day, bad I have a doubt I have 2 and 9 months and they only paid me. 1532 would that be right? Yes 1 is missing and delays because it works and a callcenter .. It would correct this calculation ..

  139. Hello . I have the following doubts I missed about 32 days without justification, I was informed that I missed my vacation, the doubt is even having discounted all the faults of my payment I do not even receive the money of the holidays ???

  140. He documents those extra days on the vacation receipt. The question is, can the company do this? give more than 30 days of vacation and then discount it?

  141. "The beginning of the vacation cannot coincide with Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or weekly rest day" does this depend on the union or is it law? Another question, in the total of almost 9 years in the company, my employer added 10 more days of vacation, because when the return of the 30 days falls, for example, on a Saturday, he gives more in that year saying that the return is on Monday, so it was- adding up… This year he said I am entitled to only 20 days due to those supposedly more days. Can the employer do this ??

  142. Hello, I was in doubt, if the company wants to grant me 20 holiday days + 10 allowance, in thesis she has to ask me if I agree? Or would the rule be according to their availability?

  143. Hi Elaine,

    Being a medical emergency, I believe your employer has to accept this period as a departure rather than vacation. I suggest you seek your union or a labor lawyer to know how to proceed better.


  144. Hi Leandro Good afternoon, I'm in my holiday month only on the day 01 / 02 / 2015 Sunday I had an abortion unfortunately, it was already planned for me to take off from the 18 / 02 day. My husband took the average certificate for 10 days of rest that is winning today. I learned that he does not want me any more the vacation said that I do not want to know to work ,, that absurd !!! but if I want to be able to give me 15 days, does this have origin? Thank you for clearing my doubts.

  145. Good afternoon. I took a vacation and was only entitled to 18 days because I delivered a companion certificate but was not accepted. And my question is whether I am entitled to receive for 30 days or proportional to 18 days ... ??

  146. Good day work Sunday to Sunday and am glad one day a week, I returned from vacation sexta06 / 02 and Tuesday 10 / 02 would be my day off I can play normally or not?

  147. Hello I would like to take a doubt, joined the company day 06 | 10 | 2014 as the nursery where I work closes in January gave me day vacation 02 | 01 | 2015 to 02 | 02 | 2015 and paid me proportional to 3 months, however in February I received nothing from salary, I will only receive it in March. This is correct.

  148. Hi Kesia,

    It depends on how many days you took. Vacations are counted races, so if they are 30 days, this should be counted out right. Your company PD should have passed that on to you.


  149. Hello, I would like to know I'm a public official and I took my vacation day 02-02-15 back when? My question is 02-03-15 or 03-03-15 day. I do not want to lose a day.

  150. I was on vacation and I had to undergo surgery with a 10-day leave certificate these days… do my holidays count with the 10 days or do they add up to 10 +30?
    30 vacations to enjoy
    + 10 of surgery
    What's the rule?

  151. Hello good day!
    I took vacations in the period from 02 / 01 / 2015 to 01 / 02 / 2015, this month I am entitled to normal payment?

  152. Hello, I've made holidays in 02 / 01 / 2015 to 01 / 02 / 2015 and this month I get regular salary?

  153. Hi Jonathan,

    The food voucher is not mandatory in companies, so the employer can decide to take it out on vacation. This goes from case to case, but it does happen.


  154. Hi Alex,

    Your situation is erratic, as you should have received vacation pay up to 2 business days before your enjoyment. You should seek to regulate this with your employer or seek help from your union, okay?


  155. Good morning
    The company where I worked broke my vacation as follows: first the company gave me seven days of vacation followed by another three days of bank hours and then the other three days remaining of the vacation. In other words, I stayed 13 consecutive days at home but only the first seven and eleventh, second and third day were actually vacations.
    Can the company bank for hours in the middle of my ten days of vacation or would I have to have my remaining ten days and then add the hours bank?

  156. I work as an outsourced porter, I went on holiday 2 day, I received my payment in January and my holiday on 5 day, more when I asked my boss if I had the right to the food voucher paid with credits in the ALELO FOOD card he said no, and to everyone who asks do they say that I have a right to receive? Could you clarify this doubt, please. THANK YOU

  157. Good morning Leandro Borges would like to know
    if I do not have vacations due to absences that have not been justified, am I entitled to receive in cash? in case I lose in days and in cash?

  158. Good night
    I am on vacation for 5 days and received no payment or signed any documents…
    Clarify me please

  159. Dear good night I joined 04 / 12 / 14 day vacation and I returned by 03 / 01 / 15 my check check in January came to zero and with insufficient balance they said that the voucher discounts and health and dental plans and also that I had worked 02 days in December and 28 days were on vacation will be that this correct that obg

  160. Hi Deborah, I'm actually the empregadora.minha work is pregnant, and since it was reported the factory in August .. Until the day she worked 10 days added, was muito..dia complete 12 2 months she did not it will work, I'm not paying tBM .. But she came to say that does not go out because of the months it will get stability, you know .. last week she gave a inss guide for me to sign, and I took to make her sign a notification that she needed to justify those faults (I have some 5 warnings signed by her) But she did not justify and give no satisfaction. Pregnant employee takes advantage of the situation. I do not know what to do .. It is very complex the situation: /

  161. I took holidays in December, from 22 / 12 to 06 / 01. But the company deducted in January the holidays that I took, and is now discounting in February once again the holidays. I added the amount discounted in January and the amount that is being discounted now in February, gave the value I received on vacation .. Is that right? Because they're taking me for what they paid me on vacation.

  162. my employer gave me holidays on 28 / 11 / 2014 day to 28 / 12 / 2014 where 28 / 11 / 2014 is a Friday is it possible I work on the 5 / 2 scale?

  163. Hi Lu,

    In fact, he can only take vacations after a year of company. Therefore, these days can not be discounted from vacation. Anyway, the holiday value is salary + 1 / 3, okay?


  164. Really, you had not commented that it will only take 20 days. In this case, you will receive the proportional to 20 days + 1 / 3 and the other 10 days you will normally receive at the end of the month.


  165. Good night I have a doubt I'm already with holidays marked for 16 / 02 to 03 / 03 15 days, only that I have marked to withdraw the wisdom tooth on 11 / 02 day and the doctor already said that I need to stay from 3 to 4 days of Attested, can my vacation be canceled due to this certificate?

    Thank you, Rosangela Oliveira

  166. Hello I would like to know my husband receives 995,00, he started working in November, but will give the holiday in April how much he should receive.

  167. Hello the company wants to stop at the carnival and discount 2 days in my vacations. I do not agree with that. Is she acting correctly?

  168. Just do not quite understand, the advance of March + the 1 / 3 of the holidays? in case I will sell 10 and take 20! so I get the value of the 20 days vacation + sale of 10 days? and the February salary? Hugs

  169. Hi Leonardo,

    What will happen is this:

    1) You will receive the February salary normally until 05 / 03 day.
    2) You will receive the March salary advance + 1 / 3 for your holiday

    Got it?


  170. Good Afternoon, I'll take vacations 02 / 03 day, I get the value of the holidays plus the salary related to February worked? in the case I leave 02 day I get the value of the vacation, is it my employer's obligation to pay the salary for February on the normal day of payment?

  171. Hello. I'm going to take 03 / 08 holidays on my company, which pays the salary on the last working day of the month. So, 31 / 07 day will I receive my salary (1000 for example) plus the value of holidays + 1 / 3 (r $ 1333)? That is, on 31 / 07 day I get $ 2333, and on 31 / 08 day nothing? Thank you in advance.

  172. Hi Francielle,

    In this case, the company is right, because you have up to one year to enjoy the holidays (05 / 08 / 2014) and it is the employer who decides the period, okay?


  173. Hi James,

    The concept of your calculation is correct, yes. I suggest that to make sure that the calculation was done correctly you should make that account on a worksheet or even work calculating sites.


  174. Hello,

    It's OK? Actually, this scale is very specific and I would not know exactly how it works. I suggest you get information from your union yourself, okay?


  175. Good Day,

    I would like to know if my company is correct, I need to take a vacation now at the end of February, I did a year's work on 05 / 08 / 2014 day. The company claimed that it can not advance my vacation in any way, and that is my right. You can only give me the vacation in June of this year What should I do?

  176. in relation to unemployment insurance how long to get the first time and how many installments?

  177. Good evening Aline, you can be fired for just cause. And still pay the company.

  178. Sonia, good morning! You must receive vacation proportional to the months worked.

  179. Good morning Isis, it's possible to be delayed yes! Since when do you make an agreement with this change with the company.

  180. Good morning Cristina! It really is not counted Saturday and Sunday, because you do not work these days, the correct one is the next business day. But for the best clarification, look for a labor lawyer at a labor office or others. These VCs pay nothing for the explanation.

  181. Hello !
    Could you please, how is the employee situation, which has more than 32 days of unjustified absences? My question is that if you lose your rest, you also lose your vacation pay? Sorry, but I'm too lazy on the subject. Thankful!

  182. Hello, the undertaking in which the month work closes day 25, ai worked until 10 / 01 / 15, then have half of the month to get, I took on vacation 12 / 01 / 15 until 02 / 02 / 15 (20 days), they will pay me everything now 06 / 02 / 15, disregarding that they had to pay me double due to the delay the correct one for me would receive:
    The 15 days worked + vacation (1 salary + 1 / 3) + the days 10 sold?
    For example if it was a salary of $ 1000 then it would be:
    R $ 500 (15 days worked) + R $ 1333 (vacation and 1 / 3) + R $ 333 (10 days sold) = R $ 2166?

  183. Hello, the undertaking in which the month work closes day 25, ai worked until 10 / 01 / 15, then have half of the month to get, I took on vacation 12 / 01 / 15 until 02 / 02 / 15 (20 days), will pay me everything now days 06 / 02 / 15, disregarding they had to pay me twice due to the delay correct for me to receive would be: the 15 working days + holidays (1 salary + 1 / 3) + the 10 days sold
    For example if it was a salary of $ 1000 then it would be:
    R $ 500 (15 days worked) + R $ 1333 (vacation and 1 / 3) + R $ 333 (10 days sold) = R $ 2166?

  184. Hello,

    I work during business hours, from Monday to Friday.

    I had a holiday balance exact 12 days, so I brought them out of 18 / 08 (Monday) and 29 / 08 (Friday), returning to work in 01 / 09 (Monday). Now the company wants to discount 04 days of my next vacation because they say I owed Saturday and Sunday + DSR. This is correct? How can they want to discount the weekend if they do not even work on those days?

  185. My vacation begins in the period of carnival, and during this period the employer gives all employees free time without taking vacations. Should my vacation be delayed?
    Thank you in advance.

  186. Good afternoon, I was fired missing 06 days to win my vacation, the company has obligation to pay me these 11 months and 24 days? In other words, I joined 01 / 02 / 2012, I was dismissed on 26 / 01 / 2015 day. Thank you!

  187. Of the afternoon. I ask for clarification. I'm maritime, work regime 7 7 days aboard and Rejoicing happens I'll take 15 days holiday, so far so good, the problem is going to fall on my day off, or will be taking only 7 diasde weekday. Be correct?

  188. Hi Thiago,

    It's OK? The faults begin to influence the holidays from 5. It's worth checking with them if it was just that calculation, okay?


    LAST DAY 30 / 01 / 2015, WAS INFORMED THAT BE ON VACATION DAY 01 / 02 / 2015, AND ONLY HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE THE DAY, 16 / 02 / 2015
    Is this correct?

  190. I do not understand in 130 article clt paragraph 1 says to be forbidden to deduct from the employee vacations period but if the employee has above 6 absences will be deducted from your vacations
    what I want to know and if you can discount the days and not run it ??

  191. Good morning!
    I will operate in the month of April and I had already enjoyed my holidays in December / 14, I will probably stay 15 days at home, so I will have to compensate in my vacations ???
    Thank you in advance.

  192. Hi Lucinalia,

    Did you receive your salary + 1 / 3 before you go on vacation? If this was done, in January you should only get even on the first day. The salary relative to February is paid only at the beginning of March itself.


  193. hi at the end of December I received my salary more my tenth and went on vacation on 02 January 2015 and now I'm day 02 February and so received 51,10 real and he said it so I will be entitled to a salary at the end of February this is correct

  194. Hi Luiz,

    You get hired CLT by the company and receive monthly, right? If that is the case, you could not even get paid work days. That is, this is being done in an irregular way with the law.


  195. Hi Clemilda,

    You can try to solve your situation directly, in this case they have to pay you double. If they did not want to settle amicably, you could contact union or get a labor lawyer, okay?


  196. Good evening!! holiday Sai 19 / 01 / 2015 24 .tirei days but .but transport received not worth the month in December paycheck cashed the valley and now in January again and that the company only go on vacation in the second half of each month. I want to know if it's cool they charge me the voucher the same month I take a vacation?

  197. EStou in the same situation, with an aggravated I went on holiday on the 05 of January I am returning to work without receiving the vacations and nor the cost help that is used for the transport, now what I do?

  198. Mr Leandro, can not be clearer. Sunday is 1005 working. What do I want to know how would get the rebates getting as daily R $ 180, but can not be clearer and can help me. Calculating this five days. So which ones I will have discounts that I only want to know.

  199. Hi Luiz,

    The only holiday day at the carnival is Wednesday, all others have normal record. Night time has 52min and 50 seconds, so you should use this as a base calculation in addition to the applicable nightly surcharge.


  200. Hi Natalia,

    By law, this is not possible. But if you have a good relationship with the employer, it is possible to make a verbal agreement even without the law, okay?


  201. Good afternoon.
    Next, I have compulsory vacations from 10 days from 19 day. Except that I have surgery to do and that will generate separation and is scheduled for 10 day. I want to know if I can ask to cancel the vacation.

    I thank you.

  202. I'm also in doubt, and I believe it's similar to Samanta's. Can I get 10 days ahead of my holiday before I get it right? What are the risks to the company?
    Thank you.

  203. Hello please, I will work 5 days in Carnival winning as diária.Mas left the portfolio because the company will be pediu.Quais discounts CTPS, which Please discounts virão.Trabalhei days 13 / 02, 14 / 02 / 15 / 02; 16 / 02 and day 21 / 02 nighttime. I do not know the timetable yet.

  204. Hi, Erika,

    The correct thing would be to have paid everything together, but this kind of situation can also be discussed and resolved amicably with the company, if it does not harm anyone, ok?


  205. Hi Edson,

    Under the law, the company should have paid you the 1 / 3 salary within two days prior to the vacation, so they are irregular with you. This can be resolved by talking or, if they did not want to pay you, by activating your union or a labor lawyer, okay?


  206. The company said it can pay for the two days when it will run the other days of vacations instead of 16, 18, but we rest 14? I thought it was strange, because then the company would lose two days, because on paper we rest 12 and in real we stay 14 at home.

  207. He left on 2 February 2015 and until today he does not receive anything referring to the ugly ones and the company said that he has no forecast to pay

  208. Hi, Erika,

    In fact, holidays are counted as running days regardless of whether they are holidays. That is, these days should have been paid, yes.


  209. Hi Vaah,

    Actually, the law does not always help 100%, but it does provide general security for work relationships. In this case, your employer is right, I'm sorry. (I.e.

    Good luck and congratulations on your wedding!


  210. Hi Mauricio,

    Unregistered months are usually treated as a verbal agreement between you and your employer. In this case, you are exchanging the support of the law for the relationship of trust between the two parties. I suggest you try to resolve this amicably with your employer.


  211. Hi Tamyres,

    As explained in the post, vacation pay must be made up to 2 business days before the start of enjoyment. Therefore, you should seek to regularize your situation with the employer, as this is your right.


  212. Good day.

    Sai collective vacation in peroxide 22 / 12 / 2014 will 04 / 01 / 2015, however the company only rolled 12 days and paid only twelve not remunerating 25 / 12 / 2014 and day 01 / 01 / 2015, is correct this procedure?

  213. Where is the doubt? I did not understand. I think she means going on a weekend vacation (coinciding with Saturday) and the holidays should only be counted from Monday, 08 in December. If you start counting from the 08 day it should come back on January 06, ie another holiday day.

  214. Hello, I joined the company on 12 / 09 / 2014 day,
    I'm going to be engaged on 20/08/2015, so I asked the manager if I could take a vacation in August 2015, I would miss a month to give it a year, and he said, I would only take it there in September 1, so I li is right ...
    But I thought it was too bad, the manager chose the date of my vacation, since I live doing hourly hours, and I go to work on days off, even on Sunday breaks… it's up to the hour bank days he chooses. very slutty, I didn't like that.

  215. work to 1 year and 2 months registered being over 3 months without registration the three months without reguistro how is this situation

  216. Hello good afternoon I wanted an information I was admitted 05 / 12 / 2013 my holiday scallop now 02 / 02 / 2015 in case today I'm already enjoying vacations I sold 10 days and took 20 I'll return day 23 / 02 / 2015 I have not yet received paid vacation what should I do? Does the company claim to have no holiday pay forecast?

  217. Hi Leandro Good afternoon,

    First I want to thank you for your goodwill and promptness in answering my question about 1 about a month ago, it was a great help.

    doubt is: I resigned from my last job and did not want to comply
    notice. I earned real 980, and it was deducted from my
    value of 1.191 by warning that I did not want to comply. THE
    DP official alleged that she had an average of overtime that is
    computed in the salary and so the discount would be real 1,191 and not
    of 980 that was my salary. This discount above the salary value
    proceeding or the correct discount would be the exact amount of the salary.

  218. Hi Leo,

    It is a bit difficult to speak accurately with this information, but there is a possibility that you will lose the holiday right for unjustified absences, okay?


  219. Hello, good morning, I just stayed on vacation, but I have a lot of absences and when I went to sign the holidays everything was fine on paper, only when I went to receive my money at the bank, it was only 282 reais, is that right? I called HR, they said that I will only take 12 days off because of my absences and discounted the money too, that's right because I signed a document saying something that was not fulfilled….

  220. Hi Janaina,

    He should have paid up to 2 business days before vacation enjoyment, plus you should have signed 30 days before the enjoyment. In this case, your situation is irregular and you can seek more information in your union or with a lawyer.


  221. Hi Tatiana,

    In fact, you should have taken the holidays completely. Your situation is pretty patchy and you should get a lawyer or your own union, okay?


  222. Hi Lisandro,

    You must receive the first 15 days of the month that you took the vacation by the fifth business day of the following month. The same will happen in the month of your return being paid early next month.


  223. Hi Fabia,

    The 10 days you will receive the cash payment and the other 20 days as normal salary. Yes, later you will receive your holiday + the normal salary that is worked in the month.


  224. Hi Karoline,

    The holiday notice must be made with 30 days in advance. Therefore, for you to change this at this time, you will have to file a complaint with your union to change the date by mutual agreement. However, this can be more laborious than the benefit of changing the date and it is worth reflecting if it is not worth enjoying them soon.


  225. Hello Adrian,

    In fact, you can not work on vacation. Therefore, you must have made a verbal agreement with the employer and in this case the suspension should not / could have been applied.


  226. My husband received the fair last year plus a third this year he is entitled to receive his fair

  227. Good morning

    I'm on vacation and the company I work will go on a collective vacation from the day 09 / 02 and I come back 11 / 02 day, can I take collective vacations together?

  228. Good night, you have a question for me. If I'm taking the holidays off and I'm missing an 1dia, is it okay for the company to punish me with suspension? Thanks in advance .

  229. 01 / 12 my holidays are scheduled for 15 / 11 / 4 I would spend to know if this is correct and how could I be doing the calculation of the sum of my holidays because I get real 2015 as a cook help me to clarify also how much will have to be discounted when I come back from vacation already thank you for the information.

  230. Good Morning!

    I have a friend who works as a nanny, she started in 10 / 03 / 14 and since her mistress went on holiday in Jan / 2015, she also went on vacation (in advance) in 19 / 01 / 15, missing 2 months for her to do one year. I would like to know if she has direct to a full salary plus 1 / 3 (aware of the discount of the inss). We calculate a value of 888,10 (with the salary of 724,00) to receive, already discounted the inss but the employer of her only paid 725,00, informing that she already cashed the inss and calculated in the current salary of 788,00. The amount is lower because she left 2 months before completing one year?

  231. I got my vacation in cash and I kept working, I have no right to take any day off at home?

  232. Good day.
    I left on vacation today 31 / 01 / 2015, Saturday, my boss did not pay me and neither gave me any paper so I could sign, he has a deadline to pay or should have paid on Saturday?

  233. I went on the last 15 vacation and all of my
    rights, but at the end of the month I received nothing. my question . at the end
    next month I'm going to get normal, because I'll be back to work only
    18 day of the next month, I got 30 days of holidays ??

  234. Good evening have a doubt if I sell 10 days of my holidays and continue working other 20 days as I will receive these days, I can work and then take the 20 days there only
    I get the 10 days in the next month

  235. The manager of the company I work said that the company is not obliged to accept the sale of 10 days of my holidays! Is that correct?

  236. Hello, I would like to take this great doubt! My holidays have expired since November / 2014 and hj put me on vacation without me knowing, I am obliged to accept or I have the right not to agree.

  237. Hi Daniel,

    It's OK? Apparently through my searches the holidays are lost after the 6 months. See more in this article CLN 133:

    Art. 133 - An employee who, during the acquisition period:

    I - leave the job and are not readmitted within 60 (sixty) days after leaving;
    II - stay on leave, with perceived wages, for more than 30 (thirty) days;
    III - stop working, with perceived salary, for more than 30 (thirty) days, due to partial or total stoppage of company services;
    IV - has received from Social Security benefits for work accidents or sickness benefits for more than 6 (six) months, although discontinued.

    Paragraph 1 - The interruption of the provision of services must be noted in the Work and Social Security Card.

    § 2 - The new acquisition period will start when the employee, after implementing any of the conditions provided for in this Art., Returns to the service.

    § 3 - For the purposes provided for in item III of this Art., The company shall communicate to the local agency of the Ministry of Labor, at least 15 (fifteen) days in advance, the dates of beginning and end of the total or partial stoppage of the company's services, and, in the same period, it will communicate, in the same terms, to the union representing the professional category, as well as post notice in the respective workplaces. (Added by Law No. 9.016, of 30-3-95, DOU 31/03/95)


  238. hello good afternoon… i'm daniel lima and what happened to me was q on the way to work i suffered an accident and i was 6 months of recovery and this is not a vacation for me because i stayed 4 months in bed and 2 months of physiotherapy am i entitled to vacation?

  239. Good afternoon!

    I would like to know if I am sent (I have worked 1 and 1 month) although without cause and without taking vacations, if I only receive 1 / 3 or a salary + 1 / 3.


  240. Hi Claudia,

    It's OK? According to my research, if the payment was delayed, you would be entitled to receive double, yes. On the salary, you must receive the proportional to the days worked, if any.


  241. Can a company give collective vacations to the same employee two consecutive years?

  242. Hello, I have a very simple question, I took a vacation day 02 / 01 / 15, so would I have to go back 01 / 02 day? which will be a Sunday, because I work on Sundays or 02 / 02 being that 02 day is my day off, would I go back 3 day? help me on this doubt

  243. Hi I made a year in the company day 1 / 11 / 14 leaves vacation 06 day / 01 / 2015 only received day 08 / 01. I have the right to receive double or not ?? Back to work day 05 / 02 I have the right to receive some part of the salary or not ??

  244. Hello, I would like to know if my vacation calculation is correct. I'm a cafeteria assistant for a wholesaler. Current salary was to $ 788,00. I had no shortage because my admission was from 05 / 11 / 2013 and I was given the holiday now in February from 01 / 02 / 2015 to 02 / 03 / 2015.

    Description ref vlr promos see discounts
    holiday months 28 735,47
    1 / 3 holiday month 245, 16
    117,42 holiday month month
    1 Media / 3 fer month 39,14
    52,53 next month
    1 / 3 vacation month 17,51 Mon
    Media holiday month Mon 8,39
    Med 1 / 3 fer month Mon 2,80
    adto 13 394,00 vacation pay
    97,47 vacation inss

    Total 1612,42- 97,47
    Net to receive: 1.514,95

    Is this correct for my vacation payment ???

    I do not have union discount, because I asked to cancel the contribution at the beginning of the year of 2014.

  245. My date of admission to the company is May 23. Can I ask that my holiday to which I am entitled end on the same date? that is on 23 in May? I explain that I always leave a company's expired loss for any eventuality. Second question, my holidays are already scheduled for 20 days in enjoyment, and 10 days paid, until that date before my scheduled vacation can I change the starting date of them. Thank you.

  246. Hi Ana,

    Since you will be working in this period, you should receive the benefits normally. However, although worth transport is a must, the food voucher is not. Therefore, the latter will be at the discretion of the employer.


  247. Good afternoon!

    I want to sell 1 / 3 from my holidays, in this period of 10 days that I sold, am I entitled to the transportation and food voucher?

  248. Good afternoon,
    I am a civil servant, 11 / 02 / 2015 day I do one year of appointment and I am on a group vacation since December, I would like to know what is the correct month to receive my 1 / 3?

  249. Hi Catiane,

    I'll try to answer in parts:

    1) You have to take your vacation before they win.
    2) It is the employer that sets the date of the vacation.
    3) Overtime is another type of payment that has nothing to do with vacation.


  250. Hello .. Good evening!!
    I work for a signed license and I took my holidays on 22 / 12 and returned on 22 / 01 day and received the value of the vacation as soon as it leaves. My question is: will I receive my normal salary in January? in the case concerning the previous month? and in February too? Help me I'm confused.

    Thanks, Guide

  251. good afternoon, i would like to know if i can be on vacation when the other one wins? because I have a vacation at the house, if I took it on the 10th of June, the other would expire on the 20th. And if I can refuse the holidays on the date that the company gives me? If overtime and holidays also count when calculating the amount I will receive? I would like to know with a little urgency ... Obg

  252. Hi Emili,

    In fact, you should have received the integral in the month of December. Moreover, this holiday advance should not have been discounted. I suggest you seek a labor lawyer to assist you in this case.


  253. Hi Alexandra,

    Actually, your situation seems to be erratic at all points you have raised. I suggest you get help from a labor lawyer in this case, okay?


  254. Ola
    I was registered in November of 2014. And on 20 / 12, they gave collective fairs to employees until 12 / 01.
    On my holiday sheet I only received 5 holidays days. And when I took my salary for the month of December they deducted the days that I did not work (which was supposed to be on vacation). I believe that the salary should be integral because I closed the month working, and now when it is to receive again they have warned that it will be paid only the days worked. Is this anticipated discount right? And the question of the holidays were paid only 5 days?
    I was registered in November, but I have been working since August in the company.

  255. Good afternoon, if you count the salary, I'll be back 7 on a Saturday.

  256. Hi Oliveira,

    It is not normal for vacations to be discounted, no. On the contrary, you get by them. It's a bit complicated to talk more about the situation, but I suggest you seek advice from a labor lawyer, okay?


  257. Hi Reccam,

    Apparently this is not right, since you scheduled and received the vacation you did not enjoy. I suggest you seek help from a labor lawyer to regularize your situation.



  259. Hi, I am certified 120 days since 5 / 1 my holidays expire dia10 / 2 I am entitled to receive the

  260. Dear,

    I am a teacher at a private technical education institution. In case, my vacation was paid on 27 in December. However, throughout January, I had to attend normally to apply tests, second-calls and recoveries. From there I was informed that, since I had already taken the holidays, I would no longer receive the salary of the following month. And only in another moment could I enjoy my vacation. It is worth remembering that I have not been notified in advance of this, nor have I signed anything by now. Help me, because it is confusing to understand that I took a vacation, but I worked the whole month and still I will not receive. And, yes, I've been working there for over a year.

  261. Hi, I have a question when you return from holidays. I got 30 days worked until 20.12.14 I got paid ten. referring to 20; days I received my vacation all the value I get even and the tenth tmb. qnd I return 20 day I'm entitled to what yet?

  262. Hello I have a doubt I'm going to take a vacation from 15 days start and 2312015 day Friday, the return is 0722015 on a Saturday but we do not work on Saturday but Monday to Friday, my return then and second day 0922015 my doubt is if I win this two days Saturday 7, Sunday 8. can this.

  263. According to my research, you should receive compensation and not overtime for working on vacation, other than your own vacation, of course. I suggest you seek a labor lawyer to assist you in this case.


  264. Hi Gustavo,

    Holidays must be paid two days before. In addition, you can usually only sell 10 holiday days. I suggest you seek a labor lawyer to advise you properly on the case, okay?


  265. Good evening.
    I'm a housekeeper, and I'm already there for a year and five months. On 26 / 08 / 2014 day, I asked about my vacation, and the employer told me that I would give in December 2014, only gave me 6 days in December and now in January gave me more 6 days, ie 12 holiday days, this without giving me no penny, today the employer gave me real 300, claiming that this was the money of my vacation, my salary is 900 real and not signed work, only q as far as I know the holidays is my salary more 1 / 3, in case the employer only gave me the 1 / 3 is said that the salary was the month of January that I am working. I did not understand anything, because I received my salary from January because I'm working. Or was the employer's accounts right?

  266. I have 18 for years. My holidays expired 1 day of the month of August of 2014, I took 15 days in the end of December of 2014 and the other 15 sold but I did not receive any paper to sign. I came back 5 day to work and I did not get my vacation, my boss said he still has another year to pay me but I already took my vacation, he should have paid me two days in advance before I go on vacation, right ?! Now what should I do? Thanks for listening!

  267. Yes, I worked on the holidays… And I only got 50% overtime, many told me that they have to pay 120%… Do you know how to tell me about that ??

  268. How many% does the firm have to pay me overtime, when I work on vacation… Is there a% in law to work on vacation ??? EXAMPLE: 50%, 70% and 120%

  269. Hi Daphnes,

    It really got a little confusing. In the end, you should pay for it 30 vacation days + the 15 days worked that got confused with vacation, okay?


  270. Good morning,
    My question is as follows:
    An employee received in July 2014 30 days of vacation, but stayed 15 days working, in the holerite she did not receive these days worked, because I was not warned that the same remained these 15 days working, now she took the remaining 15 days of 31 / 12 to 19 / 01 (due + 3 days of removal per marriage), these 15 days of it should I pay as if she had worked? Do not know if I was clear?

  271. Good Morning!

    My holidays are already marked, 27 days before I leave.
    but I did not sign vacation notice so far.

    The company can change the date of my vacation with less than 30 days for me to take off.

  272. if the boss says I have to take 15 days off after the expiration and 15 days later I am forced to agree to this?

  273. Hi Rafael,

    This is an unusual case because, theoretically, you have benefited from the cash advance. Can you tell me what went wrong in your vision?


  274. Two and a half years ago, the company was ticketing on vacation. In December of 2014, the manager informed that the company would no longer give the tickte from January of 2015. Is that correct?

  275. Two and a half years ago, the company was ticketing on vacation. In December of 2014, the manager informed that the company would no longer give the tickte from January of 2015. Is that correct?

  276. Good evening friends, I have a question, my employee's salary is 874,75 (RJ floor): my employee received 13 salary in November of December. Your vacation started on 02/01/2015 and I paid salary + vacation + allowance + “10 days sold”. What is the salary to be paid on 05 FEB 2015? On the website I calculate exactly that it will be only R $ 268,00 since it is about the 10 days worked in JAN 2015. If the table had taken 30 days of vacation she would not be entitled to a salary. Do you provide this information? thanks in advance.

  277. In May the company paid me vacations, but I only went on vacation in August.
    Rafael Pedro

    In 15 / 01 / 2015 14: 19, Disqus wrote:

    Leandro Borges wrote, in response to RAFAEL:

    Hi Rafael,

    Did not quite understand. Did you take your vacation in May or August? What did the company pay you in May?

    User's website: http://www.luz.vc/

    Link to comment: http://redirect.disqus.com/url?impression=364ef594-9cd2-11e4-ad35-002590f3bbfa&experiment=digests&behavior=click&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.luz.vc%2Frecursos-humanos-2%2Fferias-dos-funcionarios-o-que-pode-e-nao-pode%2F%23comment-1794097889%3AkaYYLx2dtEhrdaKyxhN8T4-gGKY&type=notification.post.registered&variant=active&event=email

  278. Hi Ana,

    Usually vacations should be taken at one time, but there is the possibility of being fractioned, yes. In this case, the best option is actually to talk to the employer.


  279. Hi Good afternoon I work in a shop from Monday to Saturday, I only have Sunday rest and this year I will take holidays 1 February day that will fall on Sunday. My vacation begins to be told 1 day falling Sunday or 2 day?

  280. Hello. I am public servant and would like to parcel out my holidays in 2 periods (15 days)
    HR has passed the information that will not be possible, but there are servers that have succeeded and in other years this was no problem.
    The holiday statute article follows:
    Article 90 - After each 12 (twelve) months of service, the server will be entitled to vacation in the

    following proportion:

    I - 30 (thirty) consecutive days when there is no shortage of 5 (five)


    II - 24 (twenty-four) calendar days when you have had from 6 (six) to 14 (fourteen)


    III - 18 (eighteen) days, when you have had from 15 (fifteen) to 23 (twenty-three) faults;

    IV - 12 (twelve) days, when 24 (twenty-four) has had 32 (thirty-two) days.

    Paragraph 1 - Vacations will be taken on consecutive days, according to the scale

    organized by the head of the division.

    Can I? As far as I know from CLT is it possible?…
    I thank you.

  281. Hi Larissa,

    In fact, you start counting 19 / 12 same day, including Saturday and Sunday. Holidays not counted in calendar days, not useful.


  282. Hi Marcia,

    On vacation, you receive the salary + 1 / 3. Depending on the holiday start date, you end up receiving the salary from the previous month + vacation. However, this does not always happen that way.


  283. Good morning, I work in a company where I am entitled to 30 holiday days at the end of the year, collective vacations. I worked until 19 / 12 on a Friday, starting from 22 / 12 on Monday, is that it?

  284. Good night I need your help on the holidays I get two more 1 / 3 + salaries - so I'm going to take a vacation in January and in January I get the salary of December and I get the salary of the holidays + 1 / 3 that is referring to the month of January What is the holiday season that helps me understand this? Please wait for your answer.

  285. When an employee is on vacation he can work for a colleague in the same company.

  286. Olar! My thick 11 had unexcused absences throughout the year and all duly cashed in payroll. On vacation, in addition to shortening the days, which is the correct before the law, discounted the 11 missing holiday value and did not make the calculation including overtime. Is this procedure correct?

  287. How long can I dismiss an employee who has just returned from maternity leave?

  288. Okay, but she's coming back now in January, can I give the next vacation in February?

  289. I do not think that's it. You are required to leave one month prior (if the holidays are for 30 days) before the expiration of the second. That is, the employer has the right to give his 30 holidays days from 22 day May 2015. So that when you return from vacation has not passed the legal period.

  290. Good afternoon!
    In the text above it mentions “after acquired, the vacation must, as a rule, be taken only once in calendar days within the 12 months following the acquisition, under penalty of being paid in double”. In my case, my admission date was 06/01/2014, what is the maximum date that my vacation period should start?

  291. Hi Vanessa,

    The voucher is not mandatory during the holiday period, so it will depend on the company policy or collective agreements.


  292. Hi Luciana,

    You have a year after acquiring the vacation to enjoy it. If this has not happened, the company is jumbled with you and you should get them out asap!


  293. an employee came back from vacation today 16 / 01 / 2015 being that she has 2 years of signed portfolio, when can I have to take a vacation again to be able to stay in day with her, in relation to the holidays?

  294. On holidays do not carry my food voucher card since I get a day worked is correct? The amount can be discounted Sundays and holidays when worked the month.

  295. Hi, good afternoon. I have a doubt. With 1 year. And my patrao said that I'm going to have vacations. He said that I have 45 faults. But none of these faults I put attested. And every time I missed it, I took it for granted.
    Can I miss my vacation?


  297. Hi Karlo,

    It's OK? There are actually two distinct payments in your question:

    1) Extra Hours: Must be paid every month. You should seek to regularize this as soon as possible.
    2) Holidays: The company is on time to grant you your holiday so it's all right. Your regular payment will only get you 30 / 02 day, but the company has to pay your holiday up to 2 days before you start it, so until 07 / 02 / 2015 day.


  298. my second vacation in July of 2014, the company
    paid me in a compulsory way in May, but I only went there in August, I did
    to work in May, I have proof of passage and hotel reservation, a
    company's move to not indemnify me from double holidays, I
    to resort?

  299. Good morning,
    My salary is 1.100,00, if I sell 15 days of my vacation, what will be my amount to receive in the end?


  301. Good night my girlfriend's girlfriend gave her a vacation but she did not sign anything and he said that he did not have the money to pay for her vacation he can do it. thank you leandro

  302. As I understand it, your normal work day includes Saturday, right? I think that would be an exception. Anyway, I think in this case it would be better to consult a labor lawyer, because your case is very specific!

  303. The second normative precedent I received from a friend says so.
    What is this precedent for?


    The beginning of the holidays, collective or individual, can not coincide with Saturday, Sunday, holiday or day of compensation of weekly rest.

  304. Hi Luana,

    Since you have not yet completed a year of home, you have not received or spent your vacation yet. From 19 / 07 / 2015 day, you will be entitled to 30 holiday days to be taken in the next 12 months.

    Was that your doubt?


  305. Good afternoon!

    Work from Monday to Saturday. The company started my vacation on Saturday. Is correct?

  306. Hi Junior,

    You should have taken the total of your first vacation up to 01 / 11 / 2013, meaning the company needs to give you this vacation. In addition, you've earned more 30 days on 01 / 11 / 2014 days. So you have more 30 days to enjoy until 01 / 11 / 2015. You have to talk to them immediately about those first 15 days that have already run out of time, okay?


  307. I started working on 19 / 07 / 2014, I took a collective vacation in 19 / 12 / 2014 to 05 / 01 / 2015. Before taking out I received the equivalent of 13º. And the salary for days worked from Nov / Dec. I'm going to change my city, I'm going to work until 21 / 01 / 2015. What are my rights?

  308. Good afternoon, Leandro,

    Take my doubts, I already registered in the portfolio for more than two years, I only received 15 days when my first vacation won, so now that I have more 30 days adding up with those 15 of a total of 45 days, so far the company did not say anything about it, remembering that my admission was 01 / 11 / 2012 day and so far only took 15 days.
    They even have when to give me vacations, and how many days I have the right to take.

    Thank you.

  309. Hello, good afternoon, I would like to ask a question, I was going to go on vacation in early January and I just came in 07 / 01 / 15, will I receive for those days worked? If I went, would he pay me before or after I came back on vacation?

  310. Thanks, I was in doubt, because I was informed that I will only receive it now in 20 / 02, so the doubt, then I will open my eyes.

  311. The holidays I received 19 / 12 day, I mean the payment of my salary as the day's 20 and 05 / 02 day's salary?

  312. Good afternoon!
    I took holidays from 30 days on paper being 22 / 12 / 14 to 20 / 01 / 15, and I only enjoyed 14 days, when will I receive my next payment?

  313. Hello, a doubt: in the case of the military, the same rules remain? For example: A soldier recruits to be admitted on 01/08/2013 and stays until 01/08/2014 (example), take a vacation in December 2014 and leave the armed forces on 01/02/2015 ... The vacation (enjoyed in December) would be related to the year 2014 ?! remaining the year 2013 ?! … Or would the holidays be related to the acquisition period from 08/2013 to 08/2014, leaving the period until 08/2014 to 02/2015 ?! atts

  314. Hello, there are 6 months working in a day care center, this year end 2014 we had a recess of the 19 day of December and we returned 05 of January of 2015. Note: We do not sign and receive anything related to collective vacations.
    So far so good. When we return to work the boss said q these recess days she can cash in on our individual vacation.
    Can she discount that same day?

  315. But what about the December salary, the correct one is to receive proportional to the days worked or integral? I received another vacation amount as well.

  316. Leandro I wanted to know tbm was so they said that I falsified the certificate only I did nothing to the doctor n put the cid only when I left the office n looked at the certificate I put in the bag there the night I was taken in my service and I saw that n had to go there to put there was a man there at the reception and saw and asked what I had said and he asked me and dust all day or you want today and tomorrow already happened this other times and she accepted but there is sending everything world though for just cause

  317. Hi, I took my vacation and did not receive the vacation value, how should I proceed in this case?

  318. Hi Priscila,

    In fact, you purchased your second vacation on 05 / 04 / 2014. So, you can get it out with the 05 / 04 / 2015 deadline, okay?


  319. Hi I made a year on 1/10/14 and I want my vacation in June…
    I have the right to ask in the month that I want ????

  320. Dears, good morning.
    The employer where I rendered services sent me to leave the fair on 28 / 12 day, that is, at the weekend, I did not communicate with 30 days in advance, he did not give me any document to sign, he did not post on my CTPS the period of the holidays, did not make the payment under CLT art 137 and 145, and still did not pay me anything and also gave a real discount of R $ 134 claiming to be a fair advance granted before the deadline. I was admitted to 01 / 10 / 2013, that is, I believe I am in a period which has already acquired the right to the holidays, which could be given at any time. You could clarify a little more about this.



  322. Hi Elisangela,

    You have purchased your holiday by completing one year of business, that is, on 22's June 2014 day. Your employer has 1 year to give you this vacation. So, until 22 Jun of 2015, okay?


  323. I started working on 22 on June 2013, so far I have not had vacations, how long does the employer have to give the first vacation?

  324. Thank you for clarifying my doubt, good afternoon.


    In 26 December 2014 08: 55, Disqus wrote:

  325. Hi I was sent away for just cause I was going to do a year 20 day of January of 2015 I have the right to propose vacations

  326. Hello good afternoon. I started working on 05 / 03 / 13 and on 5 / 03 / 14 I completed my first vacation period to enjoy during 2015. I can try to find out how I get in HR, or I hope to get in touch.

  327. Hi Carla,

    The situation of her husband is irregular in several ways. Of course, the law protects him, since, clearly having an employment relationship, he should be receiving all the benefits of CLT. That is, you can sue her in the labor courts.

    However, he agreed to another situation with the boss, for reasons that I do not know. In this case, you should talk and seek a settlement. My suggestion is that you seek a way to formalize the working relationship.


  328. Hi Olzany,

    It's OK? Holiday pay is equivalent to the employee's monthly remuneration on the date of the concession, plus the 1 / 3 surcharge.

    The payment of vacation pay must be made up to two days before the beginning of the same. In this way, the worker will receive the period corresponding to the vacation in advance.


  329. Renan,

    From what I understand, you work in December for just the first three days, do not you? The other days were relative to November.


  330. Hi Iara,

    Theoretically, you should utilize your vacation within the period of enjoyment, meaning your employer has that right. However, this is usually circumvented by talking to him, okay?


  331. Hello, good morning I marked my holidays 6 months before tirala, but the company 2 weeks before said that it could not leave in the marked period and already I made my plans. My doubt is, there is a deadline for the company to cancel the benefit.

  332. Hi, I work at a college and this last month of December I received only proportional to 22 days, because the college went on collective vacations from the 23 day. This is correct?

  333. Hi Alex,

    From what I checked, you will actually get a reduction of 6 days on vacation, okay? The working day counts equally, even with a shorter journey.


  334. Hi in October 2014 I did a year at the company q work and received only 1/3 of holidays I still have 14 days to receive…. only q was stopped for lack of service for 10 days he can discount from the 2014 holidays or the 2015 holidays…. and when I still have to receive the 14 days left. THX

  335. Hello Leandro, good evening, I have a question, could you help me please, I'd like to go on holiday on 15 / 12 day and I got half the coupon and half the payment on 30 day, I'm entitled to cash on 15 / 01 , would it be half as well or will it be the whole valley ??

  336. Hello good afternoon.

    I work in a college and had the end of year recess from the day 23 / 12 until the 06 / 01 day. The salary for the month of December was reduced and was proportional to the amount of 22 days. Is this reduction correct? I'm an 40h employee of the company.

  337. Good Morning!! complete 2 years without holidays from 3 days what my rights?

  338. My husband works in a company where the salary through a conversation between employer and employer has been closed if he does overtime or not he gets the same value. That is why this year he took a vacation and the boss paid only the salary, and did not hit 1 / 3, which would be the holiday pay, claiming that his salary was closed. But regardless of whether or not salary closed this is not a right, would not it be required to pay?

  339. I wonder if it's okay to get vacation money only after you've finished your vacation?

  340. Yes on my paycheck I received the equivalent of 3 working days I suppose the three days in December, being that I worked 14 days (20 / 11 to 03 / 12) should not receive this 14 since the point period is from 20 / 11 to 19 / 12

  341. Good afternoon. I started working on 02 / 01 / 14 and on 02 / 01 / 15 I completed my first vacation period to enjoy during 2015. I partitioned my vacation in one 10 period and another 20 days. My question is this: can I take my 20 holiday days in late December / 2015 and come back in mid-January / 2016, ie go back out of 2015 which is my enjoyment period? Thank you!

  342. Hello good day!
    My name is Deraildes, and this year end (2014) is the company where I worked as a collective vacation, has new employees of three (03), two (02) and even one (01) month of work, we thought we would get all the same cash holiday value but some received real 170, other 250 and so on, the company informed us that the value is relative to working time is this correct?

  343. Good evening Leandro, first of all I wanted to thank for the post, it helped a lot to clarify many doubts, but my doubt is this: In the case of the company paying less than the employee is entitled, it is also worth her rule to be forced to return double the value of vacation? Or does it just correct the error and deposit the remaining value?
    obs (I'm already 8 vacation days and so far I have not received the remaining amount that would be $ 245,00)

  344. Good afternoon, Leandro. I work 220 monthly hours and a weekday of 44 hrs (8 hours per day from Monday to Friday and 4 on Saturday). I missed 6 Saturdays in a period of 12 months, as Saturday and half of the hours worked on a normal day would like to know if these 6 faults are going to cause me to miss 6 days of my vacation (reducing from 30 to 24) or being only 4 hrs working on Saturday 6 Saturdays would count as 3 only faults.

  345. Good afternoon,

    Working 4 hours on Saturday I missed 6 Saturdays in the 12 months period, does the unjustified shortage on this day imply in the reduction of my vacation or the account for reducing the shortage on the day worked by 8 hours?

  346. Good afternoon
    I sold 1 / 3 from my vacation; or the pecuniary allowance.
    In the receipt, came that I will enjoy in the period from 05 / 01 to 19 / 01. Payment also came right. My doubt is; I get paid, these days I'm going to work? (from 20 to 31 / 01)?
    Thank you

  347. Good Afternoon,

    I have a question regarding my vacation.

    I just want to take 10 days off from my vacation, starting from 18 / 02 / 2015 is counting 10 days running, my mini vacation would end on 27 / 02 / 2015, which is a Friday.
    Well, the question is whether Saturday (28 / 02) and Sunday (01 / 03) would count in my vacation.

    I am awaiting.

    Thank you.

  348. Good afternoon! an employee where I work will leave on vacation, and asked me to cover her vacation, except that she is from the afternoon period I am from the morning period can I deny going to the afternoon?

  349. My boss said that he has until a year and two months after the expiration of my vacation .. to give me vacations .. Is this true ??

  350. I would like to know if there is any
    I can cancel my 30 vacation days before the holiday and book for another date

  351. Hello, I would like an information I entered from the day of 03 / 12 / 2014 are 02 / 01 / 2015 being that the period period of the month of December in my company is from 20 / 11 to 19 / 12 and before entering do I work from 20 / 11 to 03 / 12 Do I have to receive this amount from those days worked on the day of the payment of the month December?

  352. How would the payment be if I work on duty, as follows:
    12 (twelve), hours of day, and 12 (twelve), hours of night, during daytime
    it is normal and at night, it is extra.
    I'm doing holiday coverage.

  353. Hi Dominique,

    Sorry, but it's a little confusing. Under the law, you can sell up to 20 days of your vacation. It seems like this has been done, right? If so, you're really entitled to 10 vacation days only in this period.


  354. Hello! I have been legally on holiday since the day 02 / 01 / 2015, but I made an agreement with the company to take only 10 days, from 10 / 01 day to 20 / 01 day. The days of my weekly breaks are every Tuesday, just 20 day. I was informed that as I sold my vacation, I have no right to leave. Is that right? Do I have to work without rest?

  355. Hello,

    During the holidays, is it the company's option to pay food stamps or not?

    Thank you

  356. Hello, good night. I have a question, I started working on 02 / 12 day, and 21 day the company entered into a collective vacation but I did not receive anything. I went searching but did not succeed. But in another company the same thing happened with a colleague of mine, and he has received collective vacations and the company has paid him normally. Do you know what the law says?

  357. good afternoon!!!! my vacation would be 02 / 09 / 2014 to 01 / 09 / 2014 and I made an agreement to take 12 / 2014 on 05 / 12 / 2014 on a Friday. the company reported that I would have to go back 05 / 01 / 2015 day; Is this true?

  358. How would I get the vacation payment if I take 15 days and then 15 more? Assuming I get $ 2500,00 how would that payment include the 13?

  359. Hi Danielly,

    You can take vacations in the 12 months following the purchase of the same. That is, you have 4 more months to use the vacation earned in the first year of hiring, okay? However, it is up to the employer to decide the timing of these, yes.


  360. Hello, good afternoon, I have a year and eight months of company and I have not taken vacations, but I asked for February, they informed me that I do not know if they will be able to give me in February. My doubt and the company has to give the first fairs pro funionario after how long has the official been working?

  361. Hi Samanta,

    It's OK? Theoretically, you can only take vacations after 12 months, but I believe that in common agreement have no problem to be before. I did not understand exactly what the problem was. Can you explain it better?


  362. Hello I have only 9 months of portfolio in the company and I took collective vacations now at the end of the year 15 days, however on leaving I signed the 30 days of vacations and I received also. Upon returning to work my boss told me to come back and enjoy the 15 days that I have left.
    That's right ?? I do not have 12 months worked yet ?? Can you help me !!!!

  363. Hi Tanya,

    so far has not with the company know of this certificate of her husband, because he was not presented.

    As the vacation period has already started, there is a possibility that he will not be canceled and his spouse will “lose” his days at home due to the attested certificate, since he will be concurrent with the vacation period.

  364. Hi Vanuza,

    I do not know how to sign papers, but usually the company needs to pay the additional vacation (1 / 3 of their salary) before the start of the holiday period. It may be that the company has some policy and goes to pay along with their salary or something. Worth to confirm with them.

  365. Hi, good afternoon, rafael, I'm vanuza, leaving on the 26 / 12 / 14 day, so the company said more so far, I did not sign any paper and I did not receive any money, did the company act correct?

  366. My husband was getting medical treatment and 29 / 12 day took 15 days certificate and referral to ins, except that the company gave him vacations with date of the 03 / 01 day and deposited the money, he did not present the certificate for company because he had than to make a trip, it is possible to cancel this vacation, being that the certificate is before the day of concession

  367. Hi Itamar, I'm not an expert on specific cases like yours, but I'll try to explain how vacations work by default:

    If you go on vacation on a Friday (you didn't work on that Friday, only on Thursday), Saturday and Sunday count as vacation days. If you work on Friday, then you only go on vacation on Monday ("earning" the extra weekend days on your vacation).

    In your case, apparently there was some problem with the scheduling. As you will be working, in theory, it could not be given as a vacation because you will still be working for the company. In that case, I recommend that you talk to HR because it may have been an oversight / mistake regarding your work schedule. If it has not been, at least to understand how your pay will be, as each company can take a different stand in such cases.

    Just to clarify, in general, the value of the night's additional hour is 100% above the value / hour of your salary.

  368. Dear Rafael, I have a question: I work in a system of scale, system 4X2X4 (four days, two nights and four breaks). My holidays have been scheduled for 18 / 04 / 15 day and this day coincides with the beginning of my free period. The company's policy is to schedule holidays for the start of the new work period after the break. My question is: on the night scale, the time is from 23: 00h to 06: 00h the next day. With the hit made by the boss, my vacations start exactly on the day of departure for the day off. That is, at 00: 00h of day 18 / 04. However, I will still be working for more 06 hours until I give the normal exit time (06: 00h). Is such a procedure allowed? And if so, how is the release of the nightly extra for those hours when I should be on vacation, but I'll still be working? Can you give me a problem? Sorry for the size of the text. Thank you in advance for your attention. A great 2015 !!!

  369. Hi, Nizael, how are you?

    I'm not sure if with the area of ​​security guards, security guards and porters change something, but in general holidays are mandatory and need to be used between 12 and 23 months of work, ie after 12 months of work you can already take a holiday and at the latest until the 23rd month you must use your right.

    Remembering that holidays are a period of 30 days (you can sell 10 days at most if you want) and can be used in installments, ie 10 to 15 days today and 10 to 15 days in another period ok?

  370. Hello, how long an employee working in the security area can go without a vacation. because I have heard that it is 1 year and 9 months. Is this true ? ex: caretaker and concierge agent

  371. Hi Flavia, everything good?

    If the company is on collective vacations, this employee should also be part of the collective vacations. So his vacation starts before the collective vacation, to coincide with this and end before it is a calendar error that probably occurred when he was given the vacation for him.

    As the company is on vacation, it does not make sense for it to return before the full return of the company. I think the situation should be treated with HR and it will probably be discounted from 3 days of the next holiday period.

  372. An employee took 30 days of vacation, and his return would be today 02 / 01, however the company is in collective vacation so returning in 05 / 01, he has to return today or only second?

  373. Hi Emerson,

    in fact it would not be the day and a half, would be just the holiday days themselves. In general companies can not account for holidays as days 25 and day 1 this vacation, but it is worth you check with your HR which procedure took for holiday issues always change sector to setore according to pre defined relationships with unions and etc.

  374. good afternoon would not it be right to disregard the holidays as a holiday? for example I have 9 days to take vacations from the day 22 / 12 then it is considered the day return 31 / 12, however as the company closes day 24 / 12 apo's the 12: 00 hrs and returns on the 26 / 12, this 1 day and a half would not be subsidized?

  375. Hi Vanusa, as these details vary from company to company, I can not say with 100% of certainty what he has already received and what he will still be entitled to. Generally speaking, on 01 / 12 day he should have received the full December salary plus 1 / 3 of the salary for the holiday bonus, and on 02 / 01 / 2015 he should normally receive salary for January. I think this is the right one, but it is worth suggesting that he talk to the HR of his company to make sure of all his rights

  376. Hi Giselle, the idea is that you receive the wages and the advance on 5 yes, but worth checking with your company if they will do it exactly like that.

  377. I'm taking a vacation from 02 to 31 for January of 2015. Will my vacation be with the new minimum wage?

  378. My spouse went on holiday 01 day / 12 / 2014 and back day 04 / 01 / 2015 only the payroll of the company closes day 16 and the payment of it and done every day first day of the month as he went on holiday after the closing he has something to receive now in payment

  379. Hi, I usually get 5 and 20 the day, so 5 day when I go on vacation I get the full salary plus the holidays?
    thank you


  381. Hi, Dioze, everything good?

    The correct thing is that you get the holiday advance (1 / 3 of your salary) on the day you are going on holiday, but it is worth talking to your company HR as they are intending to pay, as each company has a politics and it's hard to know what's planned out there

  382. Hello, I would like to know the following, I'm going to go on vacation. I got the 30 days, I get something before leaving on vacation.

  383. Sheltered Rafael by the contact.

    In 29 December 2014 11: 16, Disqus wrote:

  384. Hi Lorena, depends on many things to understand which day you will return:

    1 - If your work regime is CLT, theoretically your vacations are counted on calendar days (Saturday and Sunday have vacation days)
    2 - It is necessary to know if your company counts holiday days on holidays (25th and XNUMXst of January)

    knowing these details you just need to look at the calendar and tell, from the day 22 (counting it), 15 days. By making a quick count, counting on vacation days and skipping holidays, you should go back to 06 / 01 / 2015. But as I said, this item depends on many features that you need to confirm with your company's HR.

  385. Hi Silvia, everything good?

    This will depend on the type of agreement and relaxation of the vacation that your company is making. Generally no employee would be entitled to vacation and if the company gave to some for some reason, it is not required to give to others.

    Another important thing is that companies usually create a schedule of holidays for employees so they do not all go out at the same time and the company collapses.

    As the name itself says, making such a schedule will oblige some to take vacations before others, and usually this is an internal organization of the company. So she may have given a vacation to some now and will give it to the others later. It is worth consulting the HR area to know exactly what the plans are and how your vacation comes into it ok?

  386. Hi Jose,

    unfortunately I am not aware of the labor rights of municipal guards. I imagine that this type of vacation organization is defined with your union, so I suggest that you get in direct contact with your state's municipal guards union - http://www.guardasmunicipais.com.br/associassoes-sindicatos

    Speaking in layman's terms, I imagine they can set a collective holiday period, yes, but it's worth you to check it out directly with whoever works with it on a daily basis, okay?


  387. My holidays started on 22 / 12 / 2014, considering that I was granted 15 holiday days, what date should I return to work? It should be mentioned that my last day worked was 19 / 12 / 2014 day, and that, I only work Monday to Friday. Thanks

  388. Is it correct for holidays for some employees and not for others, since everyone does not have a business year?

  389. Rafael, I am a statutory civil servant, completed on 27/02/2015… 12 months since my inauguration, the public administration is trying to force us to take this vacation in January, as it is a period of school recess and, I work as a municipal guard in schools , in the normal period of classes the scale is 24/72 hours, and in this period of school recess, we only work 12 hours a day working, since they don't give us lunch or dinner, I would like to know from you if they have this right and if am i entitled or just duty to fulfill this vacation?

  390. Hi, Laiane, how are you?

    Generally speaking, during the holiday period you get an additional 1 / 3 during the holidays, outside your normal salary. The correct thing is to do the calculation of the number of working days in the year and to make the ratio that you worked those days.

    With this percentage you can find out how much you should receive. Let's look at an example: Imagine your salary is 3000. So 1 / 3 of that is $ 1000 ok? Now let's calculate the proportional. If you worked 75% of business days, you would be entitled to $ 750.

    I hope I have helped and if you have any questions, just tell me

  391. Good afternoon, I started working on 05 / 03 / 2014, my boss gave me 23 / 12 / 2014 holidays to 12 / 01 / 2015, what percentage I'm going to receive for my vacation, since I only worked 9 months this year ?

    Thank you in advance

  392. Hi, Laércio, is everything okay?

    In theory, by law, their employers should pay 1 / 3 of their vacation pay up to 2 days before they start. Other than that you continue to be entitled to your monthly salary normally.

    You are not required to take vacations without receiving money, but if your business is going through financial problems, it pays to understand if this is a passing state and whether you will receive this amount corrected in the near future when the company's situation improves and the like.

    There's a very interesting post on the subject - http://revista.penseempregos.com.br/noticia/2012/12/como-funciona-o-pagamento-das-ferias-3975569.html

    I hope I have helped, hugs

  393. Good morning… My question is this…
    The company in which I work will give collective vacations in the period from 20 / 12 / 14 to 05 / 01 / 15
    So far so good… But there is a problem, my boss doesn't want me to pay the money for those days off because of financial problems (lack of funds). I want to know if I am obliged to accept holidays without receiving any money. Is it mandatory for me to make a payment? Or she can do that! Give me the days to rest without my paying my share in cash

  394. Hi Junior,

    if you are missing from 23 / 12 until 05 / 01, there are a number of things your employers can do:

    1 - dismiss you for a just cause (due to excessive absences without justification - I don't know what your working period is, but there are at least 4/5 working days in the meantime
    2 - discount those days from your vacation. Remembering that in this case, it would not be counted only the working days, but from the first day that you start to miss
    3 - deduct these days from your salary

    Anyway, speaking of my personal opinion, I believe the type of behavior you are suggesting is extremely unprofessional.

    I do not know what kind of relationship you have with the company that hired you, but speaking as an entrepreneur (who employs people in LUZ), I talk to people who are part of the company every day and not find It was kind of cool that some of them just disappeared without any justification.

    I hope you make the best choice for your future and your company and if you need to ask more questions, I'm here. Hugs

  395. Galera my vacation starts on 5 / 1 / 2015 day, I'm thinking of missing 23 / 12 / 2014 day and amend until January 5 !! Can they cancel my vacation because I amend?

  396. Hi Pablo,

    as 20 day would be a normal working day (combined with your employer), I believe it is allowed to start your holiday from Saturday even, but as I am not an expert in the field, I can not state with 100% certainty.


  397. good night!
    I have a question, I work from Monday to Friday and two Saturdays a month, I worked yesterday 19 / 12 / 2014 and hj would be my work day and gave me vacations and started counting from the day of hj this is allowed by law or only starts to work from Monday?
    Thank you

  398. Oie I have a doubt I took ten days of leave but I received my normal salary, now at the end of the year the company gave me the vacations and discounted the ten days with my consent since when I took the license I received my normal salary, the question is: Do I still have the right to holiday pay? Or is it only the same ten days?

  399. Hi Ralf, as we said in this post, the meal voucher and the transport voucher are not part of the holiday. So by selling or not selling your vacation, you would not be entitled to this benefit during that period of 10 days.

    I separated another post on the subject - http://reporterbrasil.org.br/2007/12/no-periodo-de-ferias-tenho-direito-a-continuar-recebendo-vale-refeicao-e-vale-transporte/

    If you want, you can consult a labor law specialist, but I do not think you'll get away from this answer I gave you, okay? Hugs and success

  400. Hello, I sell 10 days of my vacation, I went to ask the company ADM on food stamps relating to these 10 days, she said she would have to explain to me personally because it is a complicated matter, ie already hinted that it will not receive the benefit even if I work for 10 days. Do you know how this works? Is the company right to deny such payment?

  401. Hi, Vanessa, how are you?

    the best thing was to talk to an accountant or a lawyer specializing in labor law. I have no specific knowledge of all the details of obligatoriness and discounts linked to a closing period by his sole and exclusive option.

  402. Good morning, my boss traveled and closed the company for 10 days running and I consequently did not work, however my boss said that will discount these 10 days of my vacations, holidays that I have not yet acquired, since I only have 8 months of signed in the company. In this case should I receive my full salary at the end of the month, or should my boss cash these 10 days ??

  403. Good morning… with a week of work my employer gave me a week of vacation, with six months she gave me 19 days and now ki my holidays have expired she said ki owes me only five. ..she said ki anticipated, can she do that?

  404. They bought my vacation without asking me if I wanted to sell to complete I missed during the days that I was on vacation this lack they cashed in my against check they can do it

  405. Hi Flavio,

    Although the worker is entitled to take the vacation acquired, the time of leave is at the discretion of the employer. As explained in the post, the law only requires it to be within the 12 months following the vesting period. There is no right of the worker with regard to the vacation time in addition.


  406. I joined the company in August of 2013, and in January I needed to move away for sickness getting around 2 months away, now in September I will undergo surgery and the recovery period is from 6 to 8 weeks, I would like to take my vacation in January, but I was informed by my supervisor that he will give preference to another official who joined the company in September of 2013, I wonder if what he is doing is correct.

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