Where Can Be Your Business Headquarters

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Written by Frederico Fernandes da LA Contab.


I often get questions about where I can put the headquarters (or branch) of the company.

I transcribe doubts that I have received from clients about the address of the company and the social contract, and the guidance on each of them.

 1) "Can I put the company in my house?"

The viability to use a site by a company depends on the type triad of the property - activity of the social contract - zoning law of the city.

In general, municipalities accept the following conditions:

  1. Business activity (even over the internet) - can in commercial property and homes (backyard), and never in apartments;
  2. Provision of Services - may be in the residence of one of the partners, provided there is no constant movement of people or annoyance to the neighborhood;
  3. Industry and the like - only in specific regions of the city.

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, this research can be done through the internet by the site http://www0.rio.rj.gov.br/alvaraja/index.php?pg=consulta&tp=ext


2) “One question: the store we had in mind ended up being lost. Do you think it is feasible to open this company with my home address and then transfer the address? What is the cost involved and the average opening time vs. transfer ?? ”

It would not be feasible. Changing a business address is the same time and cost of starting a new business. And in this case, also could not legalize a trading company in an apartment.

3) "Can I put the array and branch office in the same address?"

Never. Each unit must have its own address. It can be on the same street or even in the same commercial building, but never at the same address.


4) "The lease contract requests the data of the company that does not yet exist and the company needs the lease to be legalized. How do I resolve this? "

This case is usually resolved as follows:

1 - the lease agreement is made on behalf of the partners. In this contract is written a clause that allows the transfer of the lease (contract additive) to the company that will be legalized by the partners;

2 - The lease agreement is added to the other documents for the legalization of the company;

3 - the company is legalized;

4 - the partners forward the copy of the contract and CNPJ of the new company to the owner of the property make the contract additive.

This is often the case with leasing stores in shopping malls.

5) "I live in rented property. Can I still put my service company in this apartment? "

The City Hall does not object to this. But it is important that you check your lease and see if there is any prohibitive mention.


6) "My store has entrance through two streets. Can I choose any of the addresses to put in the social contract? "

No. You have to use the address exactly as it appears on the IPTU card of the property. The City Hall does not release the license if the address is different.


7) "Can I put the company in my parents' house?"

You can as long as you prove that you reside with them. Often this is done by filing a proof of residence (not worth banking correspondence) or a statement from one of the parents who certifies your residence on the spot.

Hugs and good deals.

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  1. Hi Aline, I think it is important for you to understand the charges and taxes that must be paid in each country. In the case of sending this money via remittances, it is also important to account for how much is lost from taxes in these international monetary transactions. Other factors that should enter into the account are consumer market, freight costs and transportation of medicines, validity of them in this process, etc.

  2. Hi Sandro, it is worth talking to an accountant, but I imagine it is not a problem to use the address of this space as a business address.

  3. I sublet a space and two different companies operate in the entire space (I sublet 50% of the space), in my case I have a sublease contract and the other rental company, I can call this space that this company of mine ……
    THIRST ……… ??????

  4. Hello! I'm a student of foreign trade. I am doing a project to set up the new headquarters of a pharmaceutical industry. At first I think of establishing headquarters in Israel, Brazil or Denmark. could you give me some tips for choosing the country?

  5. Hi John, as this is a specific case, I imagine it will only resolve by talking to those in charge of the system or the city hall itself.

  6. I have the following question about regularization of Sales Booth (Construtora):
    We are a construction company and we have a development under construction in the interior of São Paulo. The headquarters are in SP and we have opened a branch in the town of the subdivision with the address of the work. But we decided not to open the booth at the building's address, but in the center of the city.
    We rent a place in this city (interior) and we ask the authorization with the fireman where it was deferred.
    However, the inland city hall uses the Fast Track Company system.
    It is a good system, but it has the following divergence:
    When I make the request, it pulls the address of the work and not that of the lease and gives disagreement as if it had not been authorized by the fireman.
    How do I regularize?

  7. It's good afternoon

    I am making a change of address for a company that has a status in the state - Canceled, my order was rejected - reason. Stable physical conditions unsuitable for activ. requested. I tried to talk to the inspector and nothing. As I understand it, the trading company cannot be used in rooms, but in stores. can you tell me if it proceeds? and what is the legal basis. I'm in Minas Gerais.



  8. Hi Darivaldo, I'm not an expert on the subject, so I advise you to talk to an accountant about these details

  9. The place is rented by us (a pizzeria). This place is a restaurant, which at certain times of day, gives us space for the production of our pizzas. In this case, how is the seat set? And how is the best way to note this peculiarity in a contract where this is relevant?

  10. I would like to know if I can rent my cnpj and if there is a specific contract

  11. Good morning,

    Can an affiliate be located in the business room next to your parent's room?

  12. Hello, I need a loan to buy a land and put up a gym, but I do not have the money to buy the land and the owner only sells sightings, I would like to know if I can get a loan from the northeast bank, I already have CNPJ working as a freelancer, but now I want to open my gym

  13. Good afternoon,
    I have a travel agency that works in a rented room (including the address in the social contract), our service is only online and by phone, and now, we deliver the room and we want to use our residence as headquarters. to change the social contract, just change the address or need to include (indicate) any other information because it is my home address?
    Thank you,

  14. Good afternoon, I am opening a commercial pension in a backyard house, but the city hall has demanded that the social contract be that one of the partners is living there. Do I only need the social contract partners to cite this information or do I have a clause that will have to be included? thankful

  15. Hi, thank you for the help you have given us. I intend to use the garage of my house for the operation of a Tapestry, with upholstery reform and manufacture of sofas tailored. This is cool? I live in São Bernardo do Campo, SP. Thank you.,

  16. good day,

    I have an advertising company in my apartment, can I put my address in the social contract? I live in the city of são caetano do sul -p.

    thank you

  17. Hello Mario,

    The financing agreement already serves as proof of right over the property.

    In general, prefectures are concerned with verifying whether you will open a business in a property that you are entitled to use.

    It would be important to know in which municipality you want to open the company to respond accurately.

    Espero ter ajudado.

  18. Hello, starting a business at my parents' residence. The documentation for the municipal registration asks for the deed of the property, and the property is still financed by CEF, the deed is not yet in their name ... is there a problem with that? Grateful!


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