5 Presentation Templates that every Marketing Professional needs to have

5 Presentation Templates that every Marketing Professional needs to have
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Work at marketing area means charting strategies, goals and plans constantly to gain an increasingly large share of the market for your company.

All marketing professional you need to present and communicate to your team each of the elements that will be part of your plan and the best way to do that is by using a slide show.

But not everyone is easy to work with PowerPoint or at least the ability to draw beautiful and modern presentations that not only help you communicate better, but also convey a prominent image with your team.

Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

For this, there are powerpoint themes ready ones that can be purchased and save a lot of your precious time. Although there are some companies in the market that offer customized presentation creation service, this type of service usually costs between 1.000 and R $ 10.000 and takes some time to complete.

Sites such as Ready Slides give you presentations for a tenth of that value that only requires you to enter data and texts that are aligned with the strategies, plans and goals that you have designed for marketing your company.

Here are some amazing examples of Professional Marketing Presentations which are available for purchase:

1) Presentation of Marketing Plan

Presentation of Marketing Plan

A Presentation of Powerpoint Marketing Plan is a centerpiece that every marketer needs to have to address market analysis, swot analysis, buying personas, 4P's, Media Plan and more!

They are more than 60 slides in which you can customize texts, color, images and all content.

Presentation of Marketing Plan

If you liked, please click here to see more details.

2) CRM Overview

CRM Presentation

A CRM Presentation is another key piece when it comes to marketing responsibilities and strategies. CRM come from the acronym Customer Relationship Management which translates to Customer Relationship Management.

Everything that is done after conquering a customer to keep him or her loyalty must be included in their CRM strategies that range from remembering birthdays to personalizing future purchase experiences.

14 slides are very straight to the point and with everything you need to address:

CRM Presentation

If you know more about this presentation, please click here.

3) Online Marketing Presentation

Online Marketing Presentation

A Online Marketing Presentation is also another element that can not be missed today due to the growing importance of the internet in the life of every marketing professional.

Terms such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and user reviews are some of the elements covered by this presentation that features 13 slides ready for download.

Online Marketing Presentation

See more information about it by clicking here.

4) Presentation of Matrix BCG

Presentation of Matrix BCG

A Presentation of Matrix BCG is also another known for marketers and key to understanding their products and defining portfolio strategies.

A BCG matrix was credited by the Boston Consulting Group to classify products into four groups: Star, Dairy Cow, Interrogation and Pineapple.

There are 11 editable slides that you can download and use quickly:

Presentation of Matrix BCG

Get to know this presentation by clicking here.

5) Presentation of Objectives

Presentation of Objectives

A Presentation of Objectives Fox Goal is also perfect for setting goals and objectives and communicating them to your marketing team.

Marketing is above all delivering results based on measurable and achievable goals and objectives that require accurate detailing.

With 18 slides ready to download, this presentation has everything you need:

Presentation of Objectives

See more details of this presentation by clicking here.

Remember that you can also create your own Professional Marketing Presentations and even mix various concepts to your liking. The important thing is always to communicate well and design strategies that keep your marketing always improving.

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