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When presenting a PowerPoint project in a company, or college, it is increasingly common to use a ready-made theme of the program, rather than having to create a totally new one.

Just choose a theme that has more to do with your project, the target audience and the area of ​​professional action. Check out now the best PowerPoint presentation options, for your studies, your own business or for large companies.

Modern PowerPoint Themes

1-Presentation for Investors

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This model is ideal for those who need something more elaborate when presenting to potential investors of the company, or to show the results of that investment.

2-Marketing Plan Presentation

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This presentation model is ideal to accurately disclose a company's sales results, achieve its goals and objectives.

3-Power Project Presentation

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This compiled slide is 100% editable, and complete to present the new projects of a sector or team, within the company.

4-Sales presentation for consultants

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This presentation was created, aimed at serving the public of consultants, who need to constantly sell their products to customers, investors and disseminate the results of the team.

5-Presentation of Strategic Planning

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This presentation is very complete, as it has a space to add the Mission, Vision and Values ​​of the company, Competitor Analysis, Strategic Map, Action Plans and among other fields.

6-Presentation SWOT Analysis in PowerPoint

Modern PowerPoint Themes

This form of presentation is based on the perfect internal balance of the company, with the external environment, as well as opportunities and threats.

7-Pandora PowerPoint Presentation Results

Modern PowerPoint Themes

Pandora is a separate presentation by categories, such as: Overview, Retrospective, Strategy and Finance. It already comes with fonts and images to add important information, as well as, animated graphics of pizza, column, tables, spider webs, among others.

8-Presentation of ISO 9001

Modern PowerPoint Themes

The acronym ISO comes from the English word, with the following meaning: International Organization for Standardization - or translating into Portuguese, World Organization of Standardization.

The ISO 9001 standard confers the company the title that corresponds to the fulfillment of the requirements and technical standards, pertinent to an activity that the company exercises in the market.

Therefore, the presentation of ISO 9001 is ideally suited to gather all the standards in a single program, so that managers and consultants can comprehensively visualize their effectiveness in the sectors of the organization.

The importance of making a good PowerPoint presentation goes far beyond the chosen template. The content to be written and programmed must be coherent and flashy.

As society modernizes, you need to find new ways to communicate with people so that time is optimized, and financial resources.

After each presentation, create a small written document with the most relevant information so that people can always turn to when they need to ask questions, for example, by reinforcing the ideas set out there.

On each slide, do not put more than six words, use professional photos from authorized image banks, and do not need to print the slides to your presentation listeners as they generally do not work outside the scope of the organization.

Be careful when adding soundtrack to the presentation as it can bring some kind of positive or negative emotion, which can impact the final impression you get from the meeting.

The idea is to promote the results achieved in the sectors of the organization in order to align the new goals to be achieved. The more you practice in creating presentations, the more success you'll have to reach your goals in the short, medium and long term.

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