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Every time someone will start a new presentation in the powerpoint comes that simple question: which slides do you use to have the best result?

Sometimes it may be that you already have a clear idea and the ability to develop this ppt. In other cases, you may lack that inspiration and only a blank first slide left and you without leaving the place. In such cases, it is worth knowing the Power Point themes ready for use.

I believe this is the main alternative if you are out of creativity or just don't want to create your ppt presentation from scratch. Another good way is to see ready slide templates. There are three ways to find these power point themes:

  • Find the best hotels themes for Powerpoint ready online
  • Find Power Point themes straight from your ppt
  • Find powerpoint templates online

I'll explain how to get into each of these presentations.

Where to find the best power point themes

One last place that can also help you get a flawless presentation is on websites that sell models of ready-made presentations. There are a few options, but the one I most point out is in our powerpoint site. There you will find a number of themes for power point. Look:

Ready-to-use Power Point Themes

On the site, you can see several different options, like these three here:

In addition to these themes, you will find several others, both multi-use and some specific presentations.

Find power point themes directly in ppt

The simplest way is to use the power point themes directly in the tool. The process is very simple and cannot be lost. Simply create a new ppt file. To do this, click on the File tab and choose the New option. This is the image you will see:


In addition to the default white slide, here you can already see a series of powerpoint themes and models. In the above example you can see 12 options. By choosing one of these, you can set your color among the options offered by the pattern. Look:


In that case I chose the same red option. In the new power point presentation that will open, you will usually have a slide with the formatting of the chosen theme. In addition, you will have the slide master with several options of templates accessories to use.


I just explained the step by step to use a specific powerpoint theme. If you want to search for others, there are a few more advanced search forms.

Searching for other ppt theme options

To do this, simply use the search field at the top of the list of presentations. In the example below, I searched the word "business."


This allows you to have power point themes that are more targeted to your goals. You can still use some tags already pre-defined by PPT. In this case, just click on the options arranged in the right side menu:


There is not much mystery. Just choose and take advantage of ready-made templates. Obviously, after choosing, you can make any modification you want without problems or difficulties.

Find power point themes online

If you want to use another way to find power point themes online, you can enter the Office templates site. There you will have a series of templates that you can choose in the same way you did directly in ppt. On the site, the themes and presentations are arranged in this way:


Like the previous standard, you can make filters to find better themes and templates. In the example below I did a search for the word "diagrams".


There will be several options and you can choose the one that most closely matches what you want.

Other sources of inspiration

Sometimes your problem is not with the power point model or themes you are going to use, but with the content you need to leave your 100% presentation. In this case, I recommend that you Free image bank for your presentation.

If you know other sites that can really help people interested in making presentations just put it here in the comments.

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