Free image banks for your presentation in ppt

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This post is dedicated for those who want good indications of free stock images. With them, it will be possible to make ppt presentations or keynote with high quality images. I will explain to you what I like about them and show you step by step to find the best images.

Having impactful images is one of the most important tips for any ppt. I had talked about this in the post how to make a professional power point presentation. But relying on paid picture banks can be expensive and unworkable in some cases. If this is yours, it's worth keeping an eye on these free stock image options:

First free stock pictures I used

Let's start with the stock of images I used before going deeper into the subject of presentations and slides ready.

1. Compfight

Compfight it was one of the first free image banks I used. It is all based on searches on Flickr and allows you to search in a simple and objective way. For best results, it is worth using the “tags only” and “commercial licenses” filter of the creative commons. Look:


Despite having results in Portuguese, there is a much greater variety of images for searches in English. In the case above, I searched for the word “computer” and checked the tags only and commercial filters in the sidebar. One note is that the results of the first two lines are from paid images from Shutterstock.

2. Google Images and Creative Commons Search

Another universal image bank you may have used is the Google Images. I have no doubt that this is one of the simplest and easiest tools to use. The problem is that you will not always be allowed to use the photos you find. The concern with copyright is very important, especially if you are using these images for commercial purposes.


In this case, a good alternative is to Creative Commons search. For those who do not know, Creative Commons is a license that allows the use of certain works without so many restrictions. As there are different levels and categories of use, it is worth checking which ones fit your desire. A legal differentiation of this search engine is the use of different free image banks according to your choice. Look:


3. Pikwizard

Another bank of images I have most recently PikWizard, which has more than 100.000 free images, of which about 20.000 you only find there. What I think is cooler in each photo you already have the option to make design adjustments, which can make it easier to use in social networks and in many other cases.

Free image banks for your presentation in ppt

Free Image Bank Search by Color

When I started making more presentations, I ended up looking for new options for free stock images. One of the features I like most is the color search. That way, in addition to the keywords you can think of tonal schemes. Just to give an example, the Itaú is champion in making commercials using the colors orange and blue, have you noticed?

free stock image

But let's get to it:

4. Multicolr Search Lab

I really like the Multicolr Search Lab in relation to the possibilities of colors. This is certainly one of the most complete image banks in a variety of colors. See a search for 100 coloration green:


And cool of it is that you can merge several different colors (on the right side). That way, you can select more colors (in the example I put two), regulate the percentage of each of the colors and even use tags:


The only problem is the tags. Every time I try to use it does not look like the search is so smart, but anyway it is still a good option.

5. pixabay

Although I have never used the Pixabay Often, it seems to me to be one of the best free image banks. The site is well organized and easy to use.


Soon in the first field of search you can personalize what you want. You have options for media type, image orientation, category, size, and color.


According to the result of the above search I received these image options without even using a keyword or tag. This is one of the best refinements and algorithm for photo search I've ever experienced.


6. Pexels

Another excellent option is the Pexels. The quality level of most images is very high. Take a look at a simple search for the word "computer":

free stock-banks-of-pexels

A single defect of this and some other free image banks is the fact that they use primarily the English language. Even those with automatic translation into other languages ​​(such as Portuguese) tend to have better results with English.

In the case of Pexels, in addition to the normal search, if you go to the top menu and choose the browse option, you will be able to see other features. Here below I have an example of the color search:

free stock-wallpapers-pexels-by-color

7. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt is another image bank that has good quality photos, color searches and some advanced features. What I like most about them is the "Google" style of the search home page. Simple and easy to use.


8. Free Images

To close the free stock images that have searched by color, it is worth quoting Free Images. Although their layout may not be the best in the world, they have a number of cool options in advanced search (left menu). Also, it has some advertisements in the right block that you can close if you want.


Some of the advanced search options are loading dates for the site, color, orientation, relevancy and even by photographer, if you like any in particular.

Other stock photos available.

To close our list, it is worth citing three more interesting options:

9. Unplash

Unplash there are some things that are different from the other free image banks that differentiate you and make your mention right here. The first thing is the item groups in tags. When searching for “computer” it returns me just below the search field some image group options:

free stock-banks-unplash

One other cool thing about them is the signature of the newsletter, which sends a set of photos daily to inspire you.

10. Morgue File

Morgue File has a well organized search system and shows the results on a very cool grid. It allows you to view popular, recent and downloaded images in the menu on the right. One cool thing about it is that you do not have to register to download, just accept the terms of use.


11. Every Stock Photo

To close the indications, it is worth putting one of the free images banks, the Every Stock Photo does a thorough search across several image directories to get you the most relevant results. If you are looking for a specific type of photo, you can find it here.


Where to use these images

All these images can be used in power point or keynote presentations, in posts, documents or any other purpose that makes sense to you. If you are interested in good old ppt, but do not have as much design skill or lack time, I recommend that you ready slide templates.


This was a very objective and hopefully functional post. If you have suggestions of other free image banks that save you when you need it, share with us here in the comments.

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