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Ppt (or pptx) is the extension used by Power Point for your files. This is a great tool for creating ready slides with effects, transitions and animations, ideal to make a good presentation.

The problem is that after spending a lot of time doing your presentation, you may have the interest of having your file in a leaner and easier-to-read format. It is in these moments that knowing how to convert ppt to pdf can help you a lot.

Or pdf is the acronym for portable document format (portable document format). This is a format created by Adobe so that a file is viewed regardless of the program that originated it.

It is possible to convert ppt to pdf in two main ways. The first and simplest is by Power Point itself. There you can record a version of your document in pdf. Another alternative is to use online sites that do this conversion. Throughout the text I will show 5 options that I tested and that worked very well.

How to convert ppt to pdf in PowerPoint

In this case, you need to have finished making your power point presentation. I say this, because PDF is not a document that you can update, once created it will remain static. The only alternative (very simple, by the way) is to delete the old pdf file and generate a new one.

Let's imagine that you have finalized your presentation and you are happy 100 with it, but you need to transform your ppt to pdf.


To do this you will have to take two very simple steps. The first is to enter the File tab in the upper right corner of your Power Point. Look:


In the new window that opens you can take the second step. Just go in the save as option, give a name to the file, choose the PDF option (* pdf) and hit the save button. That way, the file that was converted from ppt to pdf will be saved in the folder where the presentation file was. If you want to put this document in a new folder, just click on the Search option.


Ready! In a simple and objective way you generated a pdf file from the slides of your ppt presentation. See the example of our open test file as pdf:


How to convert ppt to pdf online (on websites)

If you do not like using power point features, converting ppt to pdf online is a good alternative. To help you with this task, I listed below 5 sites and I'll give you step by step use of each of them:

1 - Smallpdf

O Smallpdf was my favorite. Well clean site with great usability, moreover, it does not ask for any type of registration.


After entering the site just follow this step by step:

  • Choose PPT to PDF option
  • Select ppt file for upload
  • Wait for conversion
  • Download pdf file

The cool thing about this site is that it gives you options for already uploading the file to the dropbox or google drive. As you can see in the image above, besides the ppt to pdf converter they have several other features.

2 - I love pdf

O I Love PDF is another option with simple and objective design. As soon as you enter the site, in the right corner you will see the POWERPOINT option for PDF. Clicking on it will bring you to this screen:


From here just select the ppt file, click the convert button to PDF and download the file. They also give you the option of giving and sharing on social networks.

3 - Doc 2 Pdf

O DOC 2 PDF is another good alternative. As soon as you enter the site, the top has a series of icons. Just choose the red PPT in PDF. Again the process will not change much. See in the image below that on the left side you can choose a file and download soon thereafter.


If you want to send it to someone else, it also gives you that alternative.

4 - Nitro

Of these 5 alternatives, I found the Nitro the worst option. Its functionality is very simple too, but it only converts from ppt to pdf if you register your email with them. Far from being the end of the world, but with other options, it ended up falling a bit in my concept.


The cool of this converter is the possibility of working with word, excel, powerpoint and pdf files from both sides. That is, you can both convert from ppt to pdf as pdf to ppt.

5 - Pdf Converter

To close, we have the PDF Converter, which is well known. In this case, you do not have to choose the type of conversion, just select a file that already identifies the content and does the conversion to pdf right there.


Then just download the file in pdf and use however you want.

Make the most of ready-made presentations

All the tips I gave up here serve very well for those who already have a presentation made. If this is not your case, I have two recommendations for you:

I hope the tips of this post have helped you and if you have questions or suggestions for tools to make ppt to pdf is just put here in the comments.

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