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When we are talking about presenting products or services there are a multitude of ways to do this. Just so you have an idea, I'll list some that I find interesting:

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Online product or service portfolio
  • Demonstration of use of products or services
  • Printed catalog of products or services
  • among many other forms ...

Throughout this post I will focus on the use of Power Point to reach this result and I will use, as an example, some slides from our minimalist presentation.

Product presentation: when and what content to use

One of the questions you may be asking yourself now is when to use a product or service presentation. The truth is that there is no ready answer. Everything will depend on your motivations, but I can tell you a few more common moments:

  • during a business meeting (explanation for potential customers)
  • in strategic planning (alignment with employees)
  • during a meeting with partners (seeking nominations or opportunities)
  • for visitors to your site (available in ppt or pdf)
  • for new and returning customers (to show complementary products or services)

As I said, where you will use depends solely and exclusively on you and your company. Now let's move on to content that you can (and should) use. For starters, every good power point presentation needs a cover. This is the first impression you will get and it needs to be shocking.

See the sample product cover template we use in our minimalist presentation:

product presentation-our-products1

This is just the beginning. Now you need to think about the content you want to show. I like to divide the product presentation into some types of specific slides:

  • Presentation of products or services
  • Features and functionality
  • Trust and quality
  • Terms & Conditions

Let's look at each of these types of slides and how you can get some of these layouts ready:

Presentation of products or services

After your cover, one of your first slides should be used to show what you have. One of the ways to achieve this result is using a stylized form as in the slide of our minimalist presentation below:

  • Slide with product images - in it you have three products side by side, with their names below and complementary texts if you want to explain anything else. I like this format because it is very visual. It works great for companies that have good quality images of their products or services.

product presentation-3-products1

  • List of services side by side - In that case, you have a similar organization, but instead of the images, you will use icons to symbolize your services or products. This template can be useful when you do not have good quality pictures to use.

product presentation-our-services-21

  • List with a large amount of services - Another time when images may not be so useful is when you have a list with many items. In that case, the pictures would be very small and difficult to understand. Therefore, in the minimalist presentation we use icons to represent the products or services.

product presentation-our-services1

Features and functionality

Starting from the general to the more specific, after showing a list with their products, it makes sense to specify the characteristics and functionalities of them. According to your purpose you can create one or more slides for this. In a specific product presentation, a single slide could be used speaking exclusively of the item you want to explain or sell.

  • Presentation of a product or service - See in the example below that you can highlight a beautiful image of your product, put your name, explanations of the characteristics in text and items of functionality (in the icons).

product-specific-product presentation1

Trust and quality

Just showing and explaining your product may not be enough. Sometimes it is necessary to convince your client, partner or interested person that you can deliver what you are promising. In these cases I really enjoy taking two slides:

  • Examples of recent work - this is the time for you to showcase the most incredible designs or products you have ever done. It is worth showing usage data and information from past experiences.


Nothing better than the clear example of what you have done to prove that you are capable and give confidence to your target audience.

  • TESTIMONIES - still in this line of showing your quality, no one better than your customers to prove that you or your product are good. Therefore, we created this slide in the presentation that shows images (with your customers) and the testimony that they gave to you.


Prices and conditions

Moving to the end of your product presentation, we arrive at this optional slide. I do not consider it mandatory because of the goal you will have. If it's a sales meeting, it becomes essential, but in many cases, you just want to show your product's features and functionality. In such cases, perhaps adopting another pricing strategy may make more sense.

  • Products in table - this is a simple organization where you can list several products, their prices and other characteristics, in the example below we use orders, sales and revenue, since it was for an internal presentation.


Other types of useful presentations

If you are interested in other presentation topics, I recommend this list:

They have different goals and can help you whenever you need them.

Two tips for you to make your product presentation

My first tip is that if you want to showcase this product presentation more easily, you can convert ppt to pdf. That way you have a lighter file and ready to be emailed or downloaded on your website or landing page.

The second tip is how to make this product presentation simple and fast. All the slides I showed throughout this post were taken from the minimalist presentation. This is an excellent slide model for various uses, including for the presentation of products or services. See your cover:


Finally, if you have any suggestions, tips or criticism, just send a message here in the comments that it will be a pleasure to have a good talk about presentations.

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