Red PowerPoint Themes

Red PowerPoint Themes
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PowerPoint is an important tool for creating student and business presentations. Modernity today, allows users to use themes that are ready in the program, based on themes.

Red PowerPoint Themes

Red PowerPoint Themes

1. Mental Map Presentation

Red PowerPoint Themes

This presentation features 25 editable slides, which are ideal for showing the results of topics, brainstorm, and information architecture of a particular site, for an organization. It has graphics, images, texts and colors adaptable to the users' needs.

2. Introductions to New Business

Red PowerPoint Themes

This template is ideal for anyone who is starting a business, and needs to structure their idea. They are 5 presentation models, in a single package, they are:

  • Presentation Pitch Startup (presentation slides lasting from 3 to 5 minutes, with the purpose of arousing the interest of the investor or client);
  • Presentation for Investors;
  • Presentation SWOT Analysis Easy;
  • Presentation for Companies - Company Profile;
  • Timeline Presentation;

3. Online Marketing PPT Presentation

Red PowerPoint ThemesThe slides that make up this presentation are intended for agencies and digital marketing areas, willing to demonstrate their strategies to customers, or to employees of the company.

4. Presentation of Marketing Plan in PowerPoint PPT

Red PowerPoint ThemesThis presentation is intended to give visual support by demonstrating it to managers, investors, or clients of a company, in a very complete way. Self-employed Consultants, agencies in marketing consulting projects, managers and sales staff can use this tool.

5. Sales Funnel Presentation

Red PowerPoint ThemesThis presentation is perfect for Sales Directors, Managers and Supervisors, who need to constantly demonstrate business results. The sales funnel contains a graphical representation of all negotiation steps, where prospects, leads and other customers go through until the deal is closed.

Throughout a sales process, some contacts may drop out of the deal, which forces the presentation bottleneck. They are 18 slides varied, 100% editable, where the user can choose the graphics in funnel format that they please to him, aiding the analysis of each step constructed.

Every person or company has a need that must be understood and healed. A sale of products and services alone does not satisfy the customer in the long run. What really works, is to use empathy, to provide a complete service to the citizen, presenting you with solutions to your problem.

All this is possible to demonstrate, and apply to each of these PowerPoint presentations, making the customer loyalty, the investor continues to give credibility to the company, and the business continues to grow.

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