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If you have a serious and minimally organized business, you are concerned about whether you are achieving your goals. One of the best way to do this is with a results presentation in periodic power point. The time period for each presentation can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual according to the need of your company. What matters is knowing exactly what results you want to present and for whom.

In this post I will show you exactly what content to use, what can not be missing in your ppt and other types of powerpoint themes which can help you in practice. If you need a Power Point ready, I recommend that you biz design presentation, which unites elegance and simplicity and is the basis for a good presentation of results.

Power point results presentation: what content to use

Let's start by telling who you can target your presentation of results. I usually see two broader stakeholders:

  • Internal Public - may include employees, managers and areas of the company
  • External Public - may include clients, partners, investors and advisers

According to your target audience, you can choose to show different information about your business. This choice will direct the types of slides and results that will be presented.

Items that cannot be missing from the results ppt:

I like to divide a presentation of results into some parts:

  • General results
  • Results by product
  • Results by region or area
  • Graphs of results

Let's see what you can put in your presentation in each of them:

General results

One of the most natural ways of presenting any kind of result is going from the more general to the more specific. So starting with general results slides can be great for your presentation. Some important items are:

  • Main numbers and results of the business - this slide must adapt to the period of analysis used (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual).


  • Achieved value - here you can put the value that your company has reached the market, the desired value, the amount of capital accumulated throughout the year or even estimates of results of your industry compared to your company.


  • Growth result - you may want to show percentage or gross figures how much your business has grown from one period to another. The most common is to use the monthly or annual variation in these cases.
  • Result over time - this is an excellent slide for you to show achievements and results of your company over time. In the example of the minimalist presentation below, we have the division for years.


A very common thing is to use general slide results for areas of your company. So you show exactly which are the main indicators that matter for each specific area. Some ppts that will have other slide templates are:

Results by product or service

After an analysis of indicators and more general figures of your company, it is worth to be more specific. One type of presentation of results that you should keep an eye on is that of your products and services. For that I separated some slides that I find interesting:

  • Target sales reached - Knowing the percentage of sales by product, service or region can show you where to act and make changes. Take the example of our minimalist presentation below:


  • Customer testimonials - Another good slide is the testimonials, where you can show the perceived result of your customers in relation to your product or service.


  • Result by seller - Demonstrate which vendors are making better use visually.

Results by region or geographic area

Still in the specific analyzes, another one that I like a lot in a presentation of results is the part of evaluation of regions. This type of result is essential for companies that perform at regional, national or international level. Understanding which sites have the most sales can direct efforts and investments. Items that can not be missed:

  • Analysis by region - In the example of our minimalist presentation, we use a specific region of Brazil. In this case, we are comparing the results achieved in each of the states.


  • State survey - Another interesting slide to use in a results presentation focused on geographic analysis is the indication of which states have your company's operations. This can show the capillarity and growth of your business.


Regardless of the number of cities, states or countries that will appear in your presentation of results, the most important is to express that presence clearly and visually.

Graphs of results

Our last set of results slides are the charts. Perhaps they are the part of the presentation with a greater potential for clarification. I say this because graphics are able to show trends, participation and the overall result in a simple and visual way.

Some graphics that are particularly good for showing results are:

  • Monthly graphs - showing clearly what happens to an indicator from one month to the other throughout the year is essential. This can tell you if the path your company is pursuing is being positive or not.


  • Comparative charts - this comparison can be between regions, products, vendors or any other indicator that makes sense for your business. In the end, this is a way to clearly understand who or what is better or worse. Here's an example of our minimalist presentation.


  • Projection charts - this is another really cool slide for any presentation of results. After all, it is not enough to know what happened, trying to anticipate what is going to happen is an extremely important moment in planning.


There are still other graphics that can be used like the one of pizza, of area, of line, etc. The most important thing here is to make sure that you are clearly demonstrating your results to the public of interest in question.

Other presentations for companies

If you were interested in presenting your results, you may want to use other slide templates in your business. If this is the case, I recommend this list:

Each one has a different objective and can help you if the moment you ask.

A good tip for you to present your results

If you want to spend little time and have an incredible result presentation, I recommend you use our Minimalist presentation ready for use. All the slides I've shown throughout this post have been taken from it. See your cover:


With this presentation in hand, your only job is to modify the texts and images to a more authorial content that represents your company.

If you like to play Power Point and want to make your presentation of results, I indicate our post about how to make a professional powerpoint presentation. If you have any questions, suggestions or tips just write here in the comments!

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