Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

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I've already mentioned in other posts how you can use Power Point to make all kinds of slides, from product presentations to presentations of results. I even showed the 10 slide templates that I find most useful and that can help you in different business moments.

All of these examples and posts I've written consider two important things. The first is that you have Office installed on your computer and, as a consequence, PowerPoint. The second, that you were doing presentations in ppt alone, without help from anyone and with little or no collaboration.

If this is not your case or if you are looking for ways to slide online, I recommend two very useful tools: o PowerPoint Online and Google Presentations. Which of the two to use will depend on your taste and practice. It's worth testing both and deciding later. For now, I'll tell you about the overall benefits that using an online tool to assemble presentations gives you. Then I'll show you how to use each one of them.

Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

General advantages of online slide making

The first thing you should ask yourself is what do you gain by using online tools to make presentations. Whether it's worth it or not, it's up to you to decide. Let's see some of the benefits of making slide online.

  • Online - this first one may seem a bit obvious, but one of the great advantages is to use the program directly in your browser, 100% online, from anywhere and anytime.
  • Auto save feature - Another cool advantage of both PowerPoint Online and Google Slides is the ability to save your work automatically almost every time you change. That is, it ends that risk of by some problem with your computer you lose the work of hours.


  • No use of additional software - no extra software is required. All you need is the PowerPoint Online or Google Slides pages.
  • Free - in addition to those advantages I've listed using online powerpoint or google presentations, there's one last that pleases Greeks and Trojans. You will not have any cost.

Collaborative advantages of making online slide

In addition to these first advantages, perhaps the great benefit lies in the collaboration between people, in different places. Look:

  • Simple Sharing - inviting others to review or edit your online slide is as simple as pressing the share button at the top of the browser.


  • Actual collaboration - sharing allows all users (with permission) to work on the same document at the same time, in real time. There is no problem with conflicting versions that can arise when you share a file through Dropbox, for example.
  • Comments - Whenever there is a divergence and employees do not want to change an item directly on the online slide, it is possible to comment and discuss an item first. See the apparent comment in the lower right corner of the image below. To insert a just go on the insert tab and choose the comment option.


  • Default control - just as you can choose who to share your online presentation with, it is also possible to define which person to have according to your interest. The simple possibilities are just viewing or editing.

At the end of the day, although I don't use the online slide often, it can help you with more collaboration (which generates more opinions and improvements to your online ppt) and less losses (automatic saving, exchanges, filed in the cloud).

Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

Now that I've shown you in a general way why using an online slide might be good, it's worth getting in on how to use online powerpoint and Google presentations.

1. Powerpoint Online

If you want to create presentations with powerpoint online, you can follow a very simple step-by-step.


  • Log in with a Microsoft account. If you do not have it, you can easily create following the indications of the site.


  • Look for templates or use a ready presentation that you have. If you prefer to use a presentation of yours, click on the link to "upload a presentation" in the upper right corner. First I tried to use the full version of company presentation template, which is about 50MB.


  • Be careful because PowerPoint Online only supports files up to 5 MB. If you try an online slide with a larger size, you will receive the message below:


  • Knowing this, use smaller versions of a file that interests you. In my case, I have taken a version of 4MB from multi-use presentation. When you do this, the file is saved to your account and is ready to be used.


2. Google Presentations

If you want to create your slides with Google Slides, just follow this step by step.

  • Go to the Google Slides page and sign in with a Google account.


After you log in, you will be on the presentations page. Here you can choose some template you've already used, submit an online slide template (in Google Slides format) or start a new blank template.


  • Start a blank presentation. You can use Google themes (right corner), make zero or import a slide template into ppt.


  • Import a ready-made slide template. To do this, just click on file and choose the import slides option.


Upload any presentation in ppt that you have. In my case, I have chosen a short version of the company presentation template.


When you do this, all the slides in that file appear on the import screen and you can choose which ones to use. In the image below you can see that I selected them all.


  • You see that in doing this process, all the slides chosen are available to you in your online slide that is in Google Slides.


The only problem with doing this import of a file in ppt is that some slides may lose some of the formatting. See the example of one of the online slides of the company presentation template.


In this example, the spacing between the font lines got larger than it should have and the image gained a gray vertical line that should not be there.

Learn when to use online slides:

I hope that the tips on how to make a slide online and the step by step on how to create presentations with PowerPoint Online or Google Presentations have helped you. I think it's worth you to understand that you don't always need to use the online version. Sometimes using the standard version of the power point can be sufficient.

Slide online with PowerPoint Online or Google Slides

Although you have not focused on problems that may occur, when using online options you may experience problems if your internet connection is not the best. Furthermore, as I said, an imported presentation for these two options is not always exactly as it was previously.

And finally, if you need inspiration or models ready for use, I advise you to take a look at our theme site for powerpoint presentations.

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