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Blue PowerPoint Themes

Blue PowerPoint Themes

If you need a PowerPoint-ready presentation, 100% editable, and that will make a big impact on your listeners, you should now know some themes for PowerPoint Blues.

1-Presentation SWOT Analysis in Easy PowerPoint

Blue PowerPoint Themes

This presentation SWOT PowerPoint Analysis Easy, it is ideal to show to the internal and external collaborators of a given Organization, about the strategy of the SWOT matrix (or in Portuguese, FOFA), that makes a balance between the strength and the weakness of the business environment, as well such as Opportunity and Threat.

This formula was developed in the 60 decade, at Stanford University, and has become the main strategy adopted by large corporations with regard to entrepreneurship tactics.

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It is made up of 16 editable slides, containing graphics and fonts that can be changed to color, shape and size.

2 - Company Profile - Company Profile

Blue PowerPoint Themes

This corporate presentation is a compendium of ready-made, objective, and determined slides to convey the Organization's message to your prospects. One knows how important it is to make a presentation with ease and intelligence, so that it attracts attention, and arouses the interest of those who are listening.

The slides contained in this presentation will look even better if adapted in the PowerPoint Company Profile theme. They are 16 slides, for you to edit in the best possible way, doubling your chances of loyalty and increase the customers in your business.

3-Presentation of Strategic Planning - Go Fast 

Blue PowerPoint Themes

The purpose of this presentation is to assist managers, analysts and consultants to show in detail all the plans and strategies defined to reach a larger number of clients.

Reviewing the strategies and methods used daily requires time, intelligence and courage, and especially if a result has not been achieved. 28 slides are editable, containing graphics, images, texts and tables, where a company's Mission, Vision and Values ​​can be placed, as well as competitors' information and the Action Plan to be adopted.

4-Product Pricing Presentation

Blue PowerPoint Themes

To effectively present all of a company's products and sales prices, this set of slides is ideal. You can add details of raw materials used in production, costs, break-even and competition in the industry.

It is necessary to take into account the marketing strategy used, the seasonality, the demand and the lack in a certain market niche. 18 slides are fully editable, complete and assertive for your company.

5-Presentation of Organizational Charts

 Blue PowerPoint Themes

In this presentation, you will find 14 editable slides, ideal for employees in the Human Resources area of ​​the company, as they can describe the structure of the Organization, placing each member in their visual sector. It also has organizational chart formats, and employee profiles, bringing more clarity about the team.

Make sure you get up, in your upcoming business or student presentations, impacting your listeners, with the right information, that will elevate your career to another professional level. Enjoy!

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