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LIGHT is the world's largest spreadsheet e-commerce. After successfully selling our own spreadsheets, we decided to turn our site into a marketplace. Let's say you've made a spreadsheet to solve a personal problem or a company. It should now be stored in the folders on your computer.

By registering it in the LUZ marketplace, we will be able to sell it, to stay with 50% of commission. You'll monetize your spreadsheets and help people. To start, register below:


How does the process work?

      1. You sign up as a Planer on the button just below
      2. You send your completed spreadsheets
      3. We approved the worksheets and started announcing them
      4. You relax and receive money every month, just helping users in case of doubts and resolving bugs (if any) 🙂

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See now some common Questions from Planers

What worksheets are accepted?

We accept any spreadsheet, be it business or personal, with macro / VBA or just formulas and functions that have some level of automation and intelligence. In general, the spreadsheets on our site have 3 areas of use:

a) Configuration and Registry
b) Use / Key Activity of the Worksheet
c) Reports and Automatic Charts

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How much $$$ will I earn?

We currently have excel developers earning more than $ 1.000,00 per month. Your return will depend on several factors such as spreadsheet quality, demand, speed of support, among others. We will do everything possible to assist in the process by creating blog posts, sending in our email marketing, giving support to chat sales and more! The commission is 50% of the sales value of the worksheet.

How do I track my sales?

By registering one of your spreadsheets in LUZ, you will have access to a dashboard to track your product performance (visits, demos and sales), as well as a detailed report with each order in your spreadsheets. In addition, you also receive an automatic email every time one of your spreadsheets is sold.

How do I get my share?

Payments are made all day 05 the following month via Paypal.

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Why is the commission 50%?

After registering your worksheet on our website, you will no longer have any work, just wait and receive your commissions. However, we do have infrastructure costs, to keep the site up, and marketing, to attract visitors, plus the cost of taxes.