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33 ways to view ideas

33 Ways to View Ideas

Whenever I prepare a powerpoint presentation or a pitch for investors, I think of the best ways to graphically display my ideas ....
how to succeed at a startup

How to succeed with a startup?

Startup is a type of company created for rapid growth. Because of this feature, it is fashionable among entrepreneurs and investors. A Serie...
How to Sell Anything?

How to Sell Anything?

Today's infographic shows simple tips to be used in any sales process, especially in complex sales, in which the cycle of ...
how to be wise as an entrepreneur

How to be wise as an Entrepreneur?

This infographic shows, from phrases of famous entrepreneurs, how to be a wiser businessman. See also: what is entrepreneurship? To use this infographic in ...
How to create anything

How to Create Anything

The purpose of this infographic is to break the image that one needs to be a creative genius to create anything. The creation does not start from ...
It's never too late to start a business.

It's never too late to start

The purpose of this infographic is to break the fallacy that one should start a business early or better not even start. The empirical example shows ...
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The 10 main features of the entrepreneurial mindset

Article written by LUZ columnist Leandro Rasia, responsible for SenseCoaching. Being an entrepreneur is no simple task. Even more in Brazil, where difficulties arise ...
print me

How to Print Your MEI Guide

See also: All about MEI - Individual Microentrepreneur Every month the Individual Microentrepreneur must pay a tax called DAS-MEI (Simplified Collection Document), which works ...
How to switch from MEI to ME

How to Switch from MEI to ME

See also: All about MEI - Individual Microentrepreneur How to switch from Microentrepreneur to Microenterprise Being an individual microentrepreneur (MEI) is a great help for small entrepreneurs because ...
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