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personal finance worksheet

How to Use a Personal Finance Worksheet

Personal Finance Worksheet A personal finance worksheet, as the name says, is for those people who want to control their own budget.

5 Steps for You to be the FACE of Financial Management

The great truth of financial management is that you can not do everything at the same time. More than that, nobody is born knowing and ...
bills to pay

How to track your company's accounts payable

What is Accounts Payable Control A Accounts Payable Control serves to write down and project all of a company's expenses, from ...

How to use an Excel worksheet in Excel

Whether you want it or not, any manager in virtually any management area needs to know how to control costs. We are more concerned with costs, because this ...

How to Structure a Management Account Plan for Service Companies

When to do it: Structuring your company's managerial chart of accounts is the first step in implementing a professional financial management system. Per...
cash regime vs regime of competition

The Difference Between Cash Regime and Regime of Competence

One of the most important theories regarding cash flow is to see your business through two perspectives: the scheme of ...
Contribution Margin Calculation

Contribution Margin: what is and how to calculate

The contribution margin is the portion of the price of a product after deducting the direct costs as raw material. That's enough to pay ...
Internet Banking

5 Features of a Perfect Internet Banking

All those who do the financial management of their companies, like me, know that banks are the source of 80% of our stress. That...
Separate personal finances from company finances!

Separate personal finances from company finances!

We have already talked about the importance of not mixing the finances of the company with the finances of the entrepreneur. Today I will tell you more about this separation ...
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