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how to do extra night calculation

Understand how the Night Extra is calculated

Calculating the nightly surcharge is simpler than it looks and with online calculators it is even easier to do it. It's important to know ...
performance assessment and performance management - the thinker

Performance assessment and performance management: what's the difference?

What is Performance Evaluation? Organizations seek to achieve collective goals and are made up of people who seek to achieve personal goals. In order to...
People Management Policy

People Management Policy: What It Is and Key Topics

The importance of the people management policy for companies At the present time, the work relations experience a different moment: the worker / employee is very ...
What human resources does

After all, what does a Human Resources professional do?

On the street, people were passing by ... Madrugada. All still dark ... The wind whipped their faces: cold rain churned their epidermis. And yet,...
Customer Service Training

Errors that can be solved with customer service training

There is only one definition that is valid for the purpose of a business: Create a consumer. Peter Drucker The main way to attract a customer is with a ...
knowledge management

Knowledge Management: from theory to practice

What is knowledge management? Knowledge Management, also known by the term Knowledge Management, refers to an enterprise management system, in which ...
Productivity Payroll Control

How to Make Payment Control for Productivity in Excel

In all areas of business activity, small, medium or large, the key to growth is the quantitative and qualitative control ...
people management processes

Everything you need to know about people management processes

For every work, there is a science of this work, and what can be done by the machine is not to be done by man. (Frederick W. Taylor) The ...
Employee Development Plan - Human Resources

Employee Development Plan: What It Is and How To Create

The most important asset for companies today is human capital. Several researches point out that developing your employees is the best way ...
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